NBA 2K24: Best Free Throw Animations and Players


Choosing the best free throw animation in NBA 2K24 is important if you want to score. Maximum points during matches. Like other shooting techniques, free throws are highly influenced. Animations You choose between MyTeam and MyCareer. So, to get the best results, NBA 2K24 must pick the best free throw animations for both players and players. The current general And next generation.

Key takeaways

  • In NBA 2K24, players can allow free throws. Score More than your opponents.
  • one of the Main occupation Free throws mean that players can gain the upper hand during a match if your player has more. Free throw attribute.
  • gave Only con A free throw in NBA 2K24 means that if players make the wrong choice. movement And the player, the opposing team can take. Lead
  • Some of the best free throw animations include Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Free Throw 17, and Jamal Murray

Best NBA 2K24 Free Throw Animations

Below is a list of some of the best free throw animations you can use. NBA 2K23.

Free throw player position The team
Stephen Curry Point guard Golden State Warriors
Clay Thompson Shooting guard Golden State Warriors
Jamal Murray Point guard, shooting guard Denver Nuggets
JR Smith Shooting guard, small forward Cleveland Cavaliers
Michael Jordan Shooting guard, small forward All-time Chicago Bulls

1. Stephen Curry

NBA 2K24 is undoubtedly the number one place for free throw animations. Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry – (Photo via eXputer)

Belonging to the Golden State Warriors team, highly qualified Point guard Is the free throw attribute. 93. All you need to do is time the animation correctly if you want your free throws to perform optimally. You can make a free throw after the opposing team commits a foul.

2. Klay Thompson

Shooting guard and small forward Golden State Warriors is an attribute of 88 When it comes to free throws.

Klay Thompson – (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

They are definitely a great choice for beginners to use in them. makesEspecially in MyCareer.

3. Jamal Murray

From Denver Nuggets The team, Jamal Murray, also has a great free throw animation to consider.

Jamal Murray – (Screenshot taken via eXputer)

gave Point guard And shooting guard can help you score a lot of points if you use it. movement the right way

4. JR Smith

JR Smith – (Photo courtesy of Xporter)

Shooting guard and small forward Cleveland Cavaliers stands at a total score of 79 And NBA 2K24 has one of the best free throw animations.

5. Michael Jordan

If you want a powerful result, I highly recommend choosing Michael Jordan’s free throw animation in NBA 2K24.

Michael Jordan – (grab screenshot: eXputer)

gave Shooting guard And ever smaller forward Chicago Bulls He has an overall rating of 99 and is definitely one of the most powerful free throw players.

Excellent free throw attribute

Now that I’ve discussed the best free throw animations, selecting strong players to execute free throws in NBA 2K24 is also important.

Attributes – (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

Below is a list of free throw players with their positions and rankings:

the player position The team Free throw attribute rating Overall rating
Luke Kennard Shooting guard, small forward Memphis Grizzlies 94 77
Danilo Gallinari Power forward, small forward Washington Wizards 93 77
Tyler Hero Shooting guard, point guard Miami Heat 93 83
Seth Curry Point guard, shooting guard Dallas Mavericks 93 76
Kevin Durant Power forward, small forward Sons of the Phoenix 92 96
Stephen Curry Point guard, shooting guard Golden State Warriors 92 96
Damian Lillard Point guard Portland Trail Blazers 92 94
Wiltko Cancer Power forward, small forward Denver Nuggets 92 73
You Jerome Point guard, shooting guard Cleveland Cavaliers 92 74
Shai Gilgeous Alexander Point guard, shooting guard Oklahoma City Thunder 91 93
Kerry Irving Shooting guard, point guard Dallas Mavericks 91 90
Trey Murphy Power forward, small forward New Orleans Pelicans 91 79

My thoughts

Free throws are definitely the most important part of the match, where you will have the chance to score maximum points. Personally, I feel that Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan There are excellent free throw animations, especially if you are just starting out in NBA 2K24. They will definitely help you gain the upper hand during the match because of their high free throw attribute rating.

With that, I conclude my guide on the best read-through animations and players in NBA 2K24. While you’re at it, don’t forget to read the guide. The center builds. And Best Dribble Moves in NBA 2K24. You can also check out the guide on All. Contact Dunk requirements. And How to claim League Pass in NBA 2K24


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