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NBA 2k24 has finally seen the light of day, and with its release, players have been able to create the player of their dreams with its positioning, height, wingspan, and overall distribution characteristics. Players will want to know some builds they can mess around with. So, here is a detailed walkthrough Makes NBA 2k24. That you can try!

Important: Players must follow the builds perfectly to get the most out of them in NBA2K24!

Key takeaways

  • makes Mastering NBA 2k24 can be difficult because it all boils down to positions, wings and attribute distribution.
  • gave Point guard The build will typically focus on making you a 6’3″, 181 lbs player with a 6’6″ wingspan.
  • gave Important attributes That will be the center of attention here three point shot, Mid-range shot, and ball handle.
  • gave High blood pressure NBA 2k24 will make you a 6’6″, 205 lbs character with a 6’8″ wingspan.
  • Key attributes will be the driving dunk, three-point shot, and speed and acceleration.

Makes NBA 2k24.

Below is a summary version of the most important attributes to invest in NBA 2k24 builds:

Makes NBA 2k24. Point guard construction High blood pressure
Driving configuration 77 72
Three point shot 96 92
Speed ​​with the ball 91 83
Ball handle 97 92
Frame defense 60 79
speed 86 86
Acceleration 93 83
vertical 64 78
Stamina 99 96

Point guard construction

NBA 2K24 Point Guard Build
Point guard construction
Attributes statistics
Close shot 52
Driving configuration 77
Dunk driving 0
Standing Sting 0
Post control 0
Mid range shot 81
Three-point shot 96
free throw 71
Accuracy of the pass 77
Ball handle 97
Speed ​​with the ball 91
Internal defense 0
Frame defense 60
theft 0
Block 0
Offensive rebound 0
Defensive rebound 27
speed 86
Acceleration 93
power 27
vertical 64
Stamina 99

To kick things off, one of the first builds you’ll want to try is focusing on becoming a. Point guard built up

  • for you Heightyou want to set it exactly at 6 feet and three inches, no more, no less.
  • for you The weightyou’ll want to make your character exactly 181 lbs.
  • As for you. Wings spread Relatedly, it can be set at 6’6″.

Three point shot

When it comes to you. Attributesone of the first attributes you want to consider is your Three-point shot.

  • For your three-point shot, you want to go ahead and max it out and get it up to 96.

It will also bring you Mid range shot to 81, while your free throws will land somewhere around 71. to sleep Unlimited range seed.


for you Accelerationwould like to focus on you. Speed ​​booster For this seed, you want to set your own. Acceleration Up to 93.

  • This will indirectly increase your overall speed. 78, you benefit a lot. As for you. Speed ​​with the ball Concerned, you should be able to bring it up to 91.

Speed ​​with the ball

As for you. Speed ​​with the ball Concerned, you should be able to bring it up to 91.

As you do this, certain attributes will arise, such as yours speed Being increased to 86 as a bonus.

  • Also, yours Frame defense Will be at 56, and vertical and stamina will be at 56, which is calculated.

Ball handle

Additionally, you want to bring out your following attributes, ball handle, And take it to a maximum of 97.

  • This will increase your Accuracy of the pass to 67, while your driving layup will be increased to 77.

However, if players want to get the most out of it. Makes NBA 2k24. And to achieve each dribble style, they will need to increase their speed with the ball to 92.

Verticality and persistence

Going forward, you’ll want to focus on vertical and capacity features.

  • Endurance: 99
  • Vertical: 64.

In addition, you should also boost your overall Accuracy of the pass Up to 77 and then a little defensive rebound.

High blood pressure

NBA 2K24 Heavyweight Build
High blood pressure
Attributes statistics
Close shot 52
Driving configuration 72
Dunk driving 89
Standing Sting 34
Post control 0
Mid range shot 77
Three-point shot 92
free throw 71
Accuracy of the pass 75
Ball handle 92
Speed ​​with the ball 83
Internal defense 51
Frame defense 79
theft 39
Block 71
Offensive rebound 0
Defensive rebound 60
speed 86
Acceleration 83
power 45
vertical 78
Stamina 96

Moving forward, second NBA 2k24 build What you may want to try is a higher weight build, which will focus on your being. Point guard Again

  • for you Heightyou want to set it exactly 6’6 inches.
  • As for your weight, it will be 205 lbs, while your wingspan will be 6’8 inches.

Dunk driving

Starting things off, you’ll want to focus your attention. Dunk drivingBalanced at a respectable 87

  • Along with other attributes, e.g close shot, will be increased to 47, while your driving layup will be increased to 67.
  • Also, your Standing Sting will be at 32, while your ball handle will be increased to 37.
  • gave power and verticals will be initially increased to 42 and 67 respectively.

For the second level of The posterizeryou might want to get a driving dunk at age 89.

  • If you add your Driving configuration to 72, then it will increase your close shot to 52.

Three-point shot

About your total Three-point shotyou’ll want to max it out and bring it up to 92 to get an unlimited range badge.

  • It will bring Mid-range shot up to 77, While the free throw will be 67 which can then be increased to 71 or 70.

Ball handle

Regarding the ball handle, you’ll want to maximize that as well, bringing it up to 93.

  • gave Accuracy of the pass 63 will be extended, and speed with the ball.
  • gave Close shot And the driving lay-up has also been enhanced and increased to 53 and 73 respectively.
  • The perimeter defense has been extended to 28.
  • As for speed, this will increase it to 58, acceleration to 43, and stamina to 28.

You can also decide to set the ball handle to 92, but this will also decrease the values ​​of the attributes mentioned above.

Frame defense

for you Speed ​​with the ballyou can bring it up to 83.

  • with yourself pass accuracy, You want to increase it to a respectable 75,

And for you Frame defenseyou want to increase it to 79, which will increase your steals to 39 and your defensive rebounds to 34.

  • Your Block should be up to 71, maxing it out, increasing your internal defenses, and increasing it to 51.

And that’s just about it! All the things players need to know. NBA 2k24 makes leader! While you’re here, why not read on? NBA 2k24 Crossplay. leader? In addition, the NBA 2k24 Features The guide is also a must read!

Construction and photo credit: 24 kBandz On YouTube

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