NBA 2K24 became the second lowest rated game on Steam.



Highlights of the story

  • NBA 2K24 has launched on Steam with extremely negative reviews, making it the second least developed game on the platform.
  • PC users are especially critical because the PC port is based on last-gen variations of the game.
  • Overwatch 2 has managed to maintain its number one spot for now.

NBA 2K24 seemingly flew under the radar of most gaming outlets when it came out last week. But that hasn’t stopped it from getting a ton of backlash from fans. While the core gameplay remains a highlight, much of the dialogue has been shifted in a completely different direction. And as is the case with many other topics these days, it is. Microtransactions And Poor gameplay.

The game’s fixation on using microtransactions, as well as its new badge system, make it incredibly grinding and Unprofitable experience. This caused great outrage from the fans. But there is another big reason why the title is being disliked. Especially PC users. Turns out, the PC version of NBA 2K24 is based on the last generation. PS4 and Xbox One game variants.

As a result, the PC port doesn’t include any of the bells and whistles found in the PS5 and Xbox Series X Version ie, the Improved graphical fidelity. Reviewers feel it’s a loss for PC fans.Especially considering how the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been out for almost three years. This pretty much sets them up as current generation consoles.

Steam reviews for NBA 2K24
steam Reviews for NBA 2K24

As such, choosing to lump a PC port with last-gen consoles is all the more troubling. Fans have chosen to voice their disagreement on Steam, where NBA 2K24 currently resides. Too much negativity Reviews A fan said They should have known the game was “useless” when they launched without a gameplay trailer. It also doesn’t help that the port has been. Suffering from crashing issues.

Out of 2800 total reviews of the game, Only 11 percent are positive.. This means that NBA 2K24 is almost 2,500 negative reviews at this point. According to Steam250a popular tracking site, is currently NBA 2K24. Second worst rated Steam game. is the only other game with the worst rating on the platform. Overwatch 2. The sequel to the Blizzard Hero shooter was recently added to Steam in August.

At least in the case of Overwatch 2, most of the criticism Born of Chinese athletes, who criticized Poor blizzard infrastructure. While NBA 2K24 has had its share of Chinese reviews, most of the criticism seems to focus on the game itself. That said, despite the negativity, some players have continued to praise the game. Even as far as calling it. Gameplay “Almost Perfect”.

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