NBA 2K24: All NEW Features And Changes



NBA 2K24 is just around the corner with some amazing new features. The NBA 2K franchise has focused on its gameplay experience a lot. Many NBA 2K24 features have been introduced, and they have also introduced some new moves and styles. You can also expect an extra focus on newer platforms like PlayStation 5 and Xbox X and S series.

Key Takeaways

  • There are multiple new features introduced in the NBA 2k24.
  • The ProPLAY is the biggest feature of NBA 2k24 as of now!
  • Some of the features have returned from old games and into the new NBA 2k24.
  • NBA 2K24 gives a tribute to Kobe Bryant by having a game mode to relive his game moments.
  • Cross-Play has also been introduced this year. 

NBA 2K24 New Features

As we know, the NBA has introduced some amazing features in the newest rendition of 2k.

Following are the newest features and changes introduced so far:

Features Explanation
ProPLAY Feature used to replicate real NBA footage to the Gameplay .
Overhaulded Badge System Used to make the gameplay easier and allow the player to build MyPlayer.
Return Of Reputation Points helps you buy your gear, jerseys, or shoes.
Cross-Play Allows the user to play together regardless on what platform they are playing.
WNBA Features This based on the MyPlayer mode and is used in Upgrading it.
New Animations Animations have been introduced to make the game look more realistic.
Improved AI AI has been improved to make the ameplay better.
Mamba Moments A game mode added to relive the moments of Kobe Bryant.
My NBA Eras NBA eras have been introduced to play the matches and leagues of some of the greatest players of all time.
Season Pass Rewards Rewards claimed from the season pass, You an upgrade it too.
NBA Soundtrack New Soundtracks have been added to increase the vibes and improve the gameplay

1. The ProPLAY

ProPLAY Feature In NBA2k4
ProPLAY Feature In NBA 2K4

NBA franchise has introduced the most interesting feature in NBA 2K24, the ProPLAY. The ProPLAY is a new technology used by the NBA 2K24 to create more realistic and better gameplay. It works by converting the real NBA footage or the exact movement of NBA players with proper accuracy to animation in the gameplay of NBA 2K24.

You can understand the concept of ProPLAY with the following example:

If you watch James Harden playing the real NBA game and making a jump shot in real life, ProPLAY will be able to recreate the exact shot and moments with the same body language, timings, and release points. Due to this, the player would have a better and more realistic gameplay experience.

The developers have also used ProPLAY to improve their animations in NBA 2K24. The ProPLAY feature will now make the animation look more natural and reflect the movements of real NBA players much better.

At last, we can say the ProPLAY is a great feature introduced by the NBA franchise and is a major advancement in the development of NBA 2K games.

Some of the specific benefits of ProPLAY are listed below:

More Realistic Gameplay

ProPLAY will be able to replicate the exact movements of the real NBA players to NBA 2K24, which allows the animation to be more natural and lifelike.

Animation Will Be Improved

The animations in the NBA 2K24 will be smoother and more natural, which will help to reflect the basketball players better.

Responsive Control

ProPlay will allow players to make their controls more responsive in NBA 2K24, which will help them execute their moves and plays more quickly.

2. OverHauled Badge System

OverHauled Badges Feature In NBA 2K24
NBA 2K24: OverHauled Badges

Finally, the badge system has been overhauled by the NBA 2K as an amazing feature. Every badge has been redesigned to be effective. It will allow the player to build their MyPlayer with better things.

Here are some of the key changes that NBA 2K has made in NBA 2K24 on the badge system:

  • The new 2K24 contains 77 badges, allowing the player to have more options while building MyPlayer more uniquely.
  • Every badge has been redesigned to become more effective, meaning each badge will have a larger effect on the player’s performance.
  • You can earn badges in various ways, like completing the challenges, playing games, or earning REP points.
  • Badges can now be upgraded up to level five from level three. These will help the players to customize their player in MyPlayer.

Some Examples of the new badges of NBA 2K24 are as follows:

  1. Post Spin Technician: The badge will allow players to execute post-spin moves easily.
  2. Deadeye Ace: The Deadeye Ace’s badge makes defending your jump shot from the defender difficult.
  3. Steady Shooter: With the badge, you can reduce the effect of your shot percentage when you are being defended from very close.
  4. Lob City Finisher: The badge will be useful for you to make your lob passes finish easily.

The new Overhauled badge system makes NBA 2K24 more challenging and rewarding. It is also important because players need badges to upgrade or improve their MyPlayer.

3. Return Of Reputation (REP) Points

Rep Points System New
NBA 2k24: REP System

Finally, REP points are returning back from NBA 2K24. These REP points are used to buy clothing and Unlock new gear and accessories for you in MyPlayer.

Following are some of the ways to earn these REP points:

Playing Games

By just playing 2k24, you can easily earn REP points, and you don’t need to win or lose that game.

Completing Challenges

You can complete certain challenges to earn these REP points; the challenges could vary from scoring specific points in a game to playing a certain amount of games.

Achieving Milestones

You will also earn these REP Points when you reach a certain milestone, for example, winning your first championship.

REP points are a simple and very easy way to earn for the hard work they have been doing and the dedication they have given. The REP Points also increase your progress in 2k24.

Here are some specific benefits of REP Points:

  • You will get REP points as a reward for your hard work by playing games and completing multiple challenges.
  • With the help of REP Points, you can unlock multiple gears, clothes, and accessories for your MyPlayer.
  • You can unlock gears using the REP points, which will help boost your stats to customize your MyPlayer.
  • Rep Points is a really good feature that is brought back by the NBA 2K24.

4. Cross-Play

NBA 2K24: Crossplay Feature

Cross-play is a great feature which is introduced in NBA 2K24. The feature allows the player to play with each other through different platforms. NBA 2K24 players can now cross-play with each other from Playstation 5 and Xbox series X and S.

NBA 2K players have been waiting for the feature for a long time because it allows them to play with their friends regardless of what console they are playing from. They can play together with each other in multiplayer modes.

You can enable Cross-play only if you have an internet connection and an active 2K account. You only have to join cross-play multiplayer game mode by selecting the cross-play option.

The following are some benefits that Cross-play will provide you:

  • With the help of cross-play, you can easily find a game for yourself.
  • Cross-play allows the player to play with their friends from any platform.
  • Cross-play increases the number of players available for multiplayer mode.

5. WNBA Features

WNBA Feature In NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 has introduced many new WNBA elements as of now. Some of them are given as follows:

New WNBA Player

You can create an NBA player from the bottom, and you have to take him to his career. Your story will start as a college player, and you have to work your way to the WNBA. You will be given every choice, like the college choice, the team, and your path to stardom.

WNBA Story Mode

In the WNBA mode, you would have to tell the story of a young WNBA player. You will face challenges on and outside the court, too, but you must work hard to make your way to the top.

Improved WNBA Team

The Las Vegas Aces and The Seattle Storm will be added to the team list in NBA 2K24. These two teams are said to be the most successful teams.

The WNBA Cosmetics

NBA 2K24 includes new cosmetics, shoes, jerseys, and accessories. Using these, you can customize your player according to your desires.

Enhanced WNBA Gameplay

The Gameplay will be improved to reflect the style of play better. It means more passing balls, movements, and teamwork will be seen.

6. New Animations

Animations Feature In NBA 2K24
NBA 2K24: Animations

There are many new animations introduced in NBA 2K24. These animations will make it look more real and better looking. These animations are so surreal that the player would feel completely immersed in the gameplay.  It will also provide the player with opportunities to score more.


Several new Jumpshots have been introduced in the new NBA 2K24. Some signature jumps of the best players of the NBA have also been added. These jump shots help make the matchups and plays feel more realistic. It will give the player more opportunities to score.


Some New ones have also been added in NBA 2K24. Some dunks include those that have never been seen in any video game. Dunks is a great way for players to show off their skills.

Dribble Moves

Some new Dribbling moves are added in NBA 2K24. Dribbling moves are a great way to score points. It is a great way to break down the defender.

Signature Moves

Some unique signature moves of some of the greatest NBA players have also been added. These signature moves will give you extra points to score and give the player more opportunities to score.

These animations are a great step forward for the NBA 2K24. It will help make more realistic and immersive gameplay, and as the NBA games move ahead, they will keep improving. 

7. Improved AI

Teamwork ability In NBA
NBA 2K24: AI Advancements

NBA 2K has also worked on their AI this time. The AI helps the player during gameplay and makes 2k24 even more interesting.

Some Improved AI features are as follows:

  • Improved Decision-Making: The AI in NBA 2K24 is improved as it analyses the match and makes decisions according to the analysis. It means it will pass only when the player has an opportunity, or there is an open man, or they will be able to dribble better. It will also help in the defending position.
  • Better Teamwork: Teamwork done by the AI will be much better. Other teammates will help the player who is surrounded.
  • More Aggressive Defence: The new AI will be able to defend more aggressively. They will be more likely to defend shots and force turnovers. 
  • Different Playstyles: Different and improved playstyles will be used by the AI. The AI will use different playstyles and strategies according to the situation.

8. Mamba Moments

Mamba Moments In Game
NBA 2K24: Mamba Moments

Mamba Moments is another new game mode introduced by NBA 2K24. The game mode will allow players to relive some of the greatest matches and moments of the legend Kobe Bryant.

Some of the most amazing features and benefits of the mode are as follows:

  • Mamba Moments mode will contain a variety of challenges, like scoring 81 points against the Toronto Raptors.
  • Players will be rewarded items for completing the challenges, like accessories, shoes, jerseys, or new gear.
  • NBA has introduced a leadership board so that you can compete with your friends.
  • Mamba moment is a great way to celebrate Kobe Bryant’s legacy.

9. MyNBA Eras

MyNBA features of NBA2k24

NBA has made a huge addition to MyNBA Eras so that players can relive the moments of some of the greatest players of all time. 2K franchise has included five new and different eras this time to learn and understand how they played the leagues.

These Five different eras include:

  • Magic vs. Bird Era
  • Jordan Era
  • Kobe Era
  • Lebron Era
  • Modern Era

Magic Vs. Bird Era

The Magic vs. Bird Era will take you to the early 1980s era. The Era includes two of the most famous NBA players, Magic Johnson of Showtime Lakers and Larry Bird from the Boston Celtics. There will be 23 teams, including two team which does not exist now, Seattle SuperSonics and Kansas City King. The Referees of the era will be less strict towards aggressive players. You would have to complete challenges to earn rewards.

Jordan Era

The Era includes the moments of the legendary Micheal Jordan. Jordan’s era will take you to the beginning of the 1990s when his career was at its peak. You will play a league in the era, which will include 27 teams. The players will be given multiple challenges to earn reward points.

The Kobe Era

The Kobe Era features the legend Kobe Bryant. The Era started at the beginning of 2002. You will notice multiple changes in the era, like different jerseys, courts, and logos. You will be able to earn rewards by completing challenges, and the best thing is that you can also play with all the great players of that era.

LeBron Era

The newly added LeBron Era features the great LeBron James era, which is from 2010. It is about his journey of leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and joining the Miami Heat. The era is also a great opportunity to earn reward points by completing the challenges given.

Modern Era

The Modern Era is based on players of the new generation. The Era begins after the year 2010. You can also notice that the players like Kobe Bryant are aging and transforming. The fan reactions, jerseys, and logos have changed a lot. Like every Era, it is also a great opportunity to earn reward points and progress in your journey. Many new players will also join the league, some of them will be the most famous ones nowadays.

10. Season Pass Rewards

Season Reward in NBA 24
NBA 2K24: Season Pass Rewards

Season pass has been in NBA games multiple times. It provides bonuses and rewards based on achievement and progress the player makes. NBA 2k24 season pass consists of two-tier, Hall of Fame and Pro. It will increase the amount of rewards that will be given to the player.


The basic season pass is free of cost, but the pro tier will cost you about $9.99, and the Hall of Fame tier will cost you a bit more, which is $19.99.

Rewards of Upgraded Season Pass

Players who will buy the upgrade season pass will also get some really amazing rewards, which are as follows.

  • Pro tier: It will immediately provide four season pass rewards and 40 extra premium points.
  • Hall Of Fame: It will provide 40 extra premium points, Four season pass rewards, which will be received at the point, and one additional point. 15% XP boosts and Pass Perks level 10 level will be skipped.

11. NBA SoundTrack

To provide the players with perfect vibes, the NBA has added some new soundtracks. The SoundTrack is a Hip-Hop/Rap genre that plays an important role in basketball culture. There are 50+ new songs introduced by the NBA. Some of them are as follows:

Artist Song
Baby Keem hooligan
JP the Wavy,Awich, and Yzerr Gila GIla
Haiti Babii My Time
Connie Diiamond Crazy
Ice Spice In Ha Mood
Hit-Boy, and Avelino 2 Certified
Kodak Black Walk
Jex Nwalor Stand Out
Larry June and The Alchemist Breakfast in Moanco
Lil Wayne Kobe Bryant
Lil Uzi Vert Wanna Rock
Nardo Wick,Future, and LIl Baby Me or Sum
P-LO,E-40, and LaRussel Again
Rick Ross Hustlin
Skrillex, Fred Game, and Flowdan Rumble
Smino and J.Cole 90 Proof
Steve Lacey Bad Habbit
swaVey FOLD
Young Boy Never Broken agian Black
Armani White GOATED

These were all the new features introduced by NBA 2K24. All the extra features help make NBA 2K24 look more realistic, better, and more interesting for the player. 

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