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Namor Actor Tenoch Huerta Is Honored to Be Compared to Jason Momoa

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Actor Tenoch Huerta continues to receive praise for his portrayal of Namor in the film and has been compared to another star known for playing an underwater hero.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Huerta talked about people comparing him to Jason Momoa, known for playing Aquaman in the DCU. He said that he was honored to be mentioned alongside Momoa and praised his work as well as his off-camera personality. “[I’m] honored to be compared to that guy. He is a wonderful actor, a fantastic human being. He’s a Hollywood movie star and I get compared to him,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Oh my God, Mom! Breast! They’re talking about me and Jason! He is fantastic! I’m lovin ‘it.”

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namor is not aquaman

The original comic book incarnations of Namor and Aquaman are quite similar given that they were both Atlantean kings with underwater superpowers, with Namor created in 1939, two years before Aquaman. However, Namor reigns over Talokan in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever instead of Atlantis and is an anti-hero, unlike Aquaman. Although he welcomed the comparison, Huerta pointed out the many differences between them. “It’s like trying to compare Shazam and Superman, or, I don’t know, Thanos and another villain just because they’re villains, you know? For me, it’s like, okay, they’re two superheroes, they come from the water. And that’s it.” he said. “One is Mayan, Mesoamerican, and the other is Atlantean, from a Greek myth, but they are different cultures, different origins… even different powers, you know?”

With that said, Huerta praised Momoa again. “To me, they’re different characters. But if you compare me and Jason, oh! It’s an honor,” Huerta said. “That guy is so handsome! Come on!” He also agreed with the interviewer who said that Namor could bring Aquaman into a fight. Momoa starred in 2017 League of Justice and 2018 aquaman and will appear in the next aquaman and the lost kingdomwhose release is scheduled for Christmas Day 2023.

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Namor was introduced into the Black Panther sequel as a Wakandan antagonist who eventually becomes an ally of the fictional West African nation. Huerta’s role has earned him unprecedented acclaim, and the film’s ending could set up a long-term MCU future for Namor. While the future of the leader Talokanil in the Black Panther film franchise seems secure, Huerta has said that he would like a Namor solo film.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It is currently showing in North American theaters.

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