My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List (All Quirks Ranked 2023)



There are 21 quirks in My Hero Mania for now, so it could be hard to choose one. However, you don’t have to worry about that, as I have decided to organize a My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List for you. In this tier list, I will rank every single quirk available in My Hero Mania so you can pick the best one accordingly. I will rank the quirks from the S-D tier according to their worth. So, let’s start with our tier list right away.

The new update of My Hero Mania brings more code, and those codes are always available on the official discord channel of My Hero Mania. This tier list is based on the latest update.

Key Takeaways

  • Explosive One for All is the best quirk in My Hero Mania without any catch.
  • Cremation is the second-best quirk in My Hero Mania due to its strength and cool-down.
  • In A-Tier Electrification, Explosion, and Dark Shadow are the best quirks to use.
  • I liked using the quirks from S and A-Tier the most, as they were pretty fun to play with.
  • Ice and Air Cannon are the best quirks in the B-Tier.
  • C and D-Tier quirks are not worth using as they will get overpowered by the upper-tier quirks.
  • Super Regeneration is the second worst, as it does nothing except heal.
  • Invisibility is the worst quirk in My Hero Mania, as it does absolutely nothing except make the character invisible. However, the items are still visible, which means the character can still be seen.
Tier Quirks
S Cremation, Explosive OFA, Fierce Wings, Half Hot Half Cold, Hell Flame, Overhaul, Shooting Style
A Dark Shadow, Electrification, Engine, Explosion, One For All, Permeation
B Ice, Phoenix, Air Cannon
C Shock Absorption, Super Strength, Zero Gravity
D Super Regeneration, Invisibility

As the ranking has been done now, let’s see more about every quirk below:

Quirks Chance To Get Type
Explosive One For All Evolved Quirk
Cremation 1% Legendary
Fierce Wings 1% Legendary
Half Hot Half Cold 1% Legendary
Hell Flame 1% Legendary
Overhaul 1% Legendary
One for All Shoot Style Evolved Qurik
Electrification 10% Epic
Dark Shadow 10% Epic
Engine 34% Rare
Explosion 10% Epic
One For All 1% Legendary
Permeation 10% Epic
Super Regeneration 55% Common
Ice 55% Common
Phoenix 10% Epic
Zero Gravity 34% Rare
Super Strength 55% Common
Shock Absorption 55% Common
Invisibility 55% Common
Air Cannon 34% Rare

S Tier

S Tier Characters

S Tier quirks are undoubtedly the best quirks in My Hero Mania. I tried the quirks ourselves and ranked them in S Tier due to their insane abilities. It is ideal to use the quirks from S-Tier as they are the best ones in My Hero Mania. They are unrivaled in speed, power, and combos.

Explosive One For All

Explosive One For All is the quirk Bakugo got in a non-cannon My Hero Academia movie. This quirk is undoubtedly the best quirk in My Hero Mania. This quirk can be obtained when the explosion has reached mastery 200 and One For All mastery 200, and it costs $500,000. After this, I just talked to Mighty and got the quirk.


  • Explosive One For All has the perfect long and short range.
  • The quirk also has perfect mobility, and the damage is insane too.
  • Explosive OFA has shorter cooldowns.
  • Full cowl reduces the energy drain by half, and it costs $80,000.


  • There are no cons to Explosive One For All, which is it is the best quirk in My Hero Mania.


Cremation is Dabi’s quirk in My Hero Academia. It is a fire-based quirk that is famous for its strength and cool-down. The quirk is best for killing NPCs.


  • Cremation has the perfect long-range and short-range.
  • The damage of this quirk is also quite good.
  • The abilities have a low cooldown, especially the Prominance Flash, which has pretty high damage.
  • You can deal more damage if the opponent walks into the blue field.
  • Cremation can overpower Shoot Style.


  • The startup of Blue Filed gives enemies an opening to attack you.
  • Cremation doesn’t have good mobility.

Fierce Wings

Fierce Wings is one of the coolest in Quirk in My Hero Academia. Hawks uses this quirk, and it is best for PVP and PVE. It might not be the best one, but it’s really fun to use in My Hero Mania.


  • Just like the previous 2 quirks, Fierce Wings also has the perfect short and long-range.
  • The mobility of Fierce Wings is exceptional.
  • The moves are flammable, which makes it easy to create combos.


  • The damage is a little less for an S-Tier quirk in My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List.

Half Hot Half Cold

Half Hot Half Cold is a legendary quirk that is used by Shoto Todoroki in the anime. Many moves of this quirk are similar to Hellflame and Ice, as it is a combination of both of them.


  • The long and short range is pretty good.
  • You can freeze the opponents with this quirk which is pretty handy.
  • The 5th skill can break the block of the opponent.


  • Skill numbers 1, 2, and 3 can be blocked.
  • The 5th skill cannot be blocked, but it leaves you frozen during the attack.
  • After using 4th skill, you can’t use another skill for 1s.

 Hell Flame

Hell Flame is a powerful quirk that is used by Enji Todoroki in the anime. Hell Flame is the best choice for PVP and fighting with the NPCs. 


  • Hell Flame has the perfect short range.
  • The damage dealt by Hell Flame is extremely high.
  • It can inflict the burn effect.


  • The mobility is quite low.
  • The Long-range of Hell Flame is not perfect.
  • The quirk has a long cool-down, which can be a problem during counterattacks.


Overhaul is a legendary quirk owned by Overhaul, also known as Chisaki. This quirk allows us to manipulate the structure of both living and nonliving things. In My Hero Mania, the quirk can be used from close to mid-range, and it has some great skills.


  • The damage of Overhaul is extremely high.
  • Overhaul features a regeneration move which is a great help in My Hero Mania. 
  • Overhaul allows us to stun the opponents constantly.
  • The AoE moves can stop the combos made by opponents.
  • Overhaul can do some great counters.


  • Most of the attacks of Overhaul are close-ranged, which gives a disadvantage against long-ranged enemies.
  • Overhaul is a little complicated to use.
  • The knockback is way too much, which gives the long-range users the to use that to their advantage.

One For All Deku (Shoot Style)

In the anime, shoot style is not exactly a quirk. Midoriya developed this unique style while training for the Provisional Hero License Exam. To get this quirk, I needed to get Engine to mastery 150, One for All to mastery 200, and $500,000.


  • The short range of shoot style is perfect.
  • The mobility is also perfect.
  • Shoot style has great maneuverability, and it is extremely combo-friendly.


  • Shoot-style moves are limited to close range, so you would have trouble against long-ranged quirk users such as Hell Flame and Overhaul.
  • Shoot Style lacks in damage too.

A Tier

A Tier Characters

A-Tier quirks are also great, but they are not as good as the ones in S-Tier. Still, the quirks are pretty fun to use, and I had a great time using them. The quirks in A-Tier might not be as great as the ones in S-Tier, but they are worth using.


Electrification is an epic quirk whose user is Denki Kaminari in the anime. This quirk is considered one of the best in My Hero Mania, but it does not do well against the best ones.


  • The short range of Electrification is perfect.
  • With this quirk, I could target multiple enemies at once.


  • The damage is not that great. 
  • For a lighting-type quirk, it lacks the range.

Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow is an epic quirk that lets us have a dark soul. The user of this quirk in the anime is Tokoyami Fumikage. I had fun playing with this quirk due to the dark soul (Dark Shadow).


  • Dark Shadow is a great quirk for close combats.
  • It also gives a health boost, which is quite helpful.


  • The mobility and damage of Dark Shadow are pretty low.
  • The moves have long cooldowns.
  • Dark Shadow lacks long-range moves.


Engine is a rare quirk used by Tenya Lida. It gives engines on the legs, which let us move fast.


  • Engine has a good short-range and great long-range.
  • The speed boost is quite useful, which is why a rare quirk from My Hero Mania is in the A Tier of our My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List. 
  • You can use the speed boost for evasive maneuvers.


  • It drains too much energy.
  • Engine does not have much damage.


Explosion is an epic quirk that is owned by Bakuga in the anime. With this quirk, you will be able to wreak havoc in My Hero Mania with the explosion. An explosion is one of the quirks in My Hero Mania, with many good options.


  • Explosion is a flight-capable quirk.
  • There are some spammable moves included in the move set.
  • Howitizer Impact, a move from this quirk, has great damage.


  • Howitizer Impact is difficult to aim, and it has a large preliminary motion.
  • The combos are a little hard to understand.

One for All

One for All is a legendary quirk that is owned by Midoriya Izuku in the anime. The quirk was given from All Might to Deku as he didn’t have a quirk. This quirk has been possessed by so many hosts, but it seems like Deku is going to be the last one.


  • One for All has great knockback.
  • The long and short-range of OFA are quite good.


  • Most attacks of One for All can be blocked or dodged.
  • The damage is considerably low for a legendary quirk, and that is why I have ranked this in the A-Tier of My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List.
  • The mobility of One for All is not that great too.


Permeation is an epic quirk that is used by Mirio Togata. This quirk allows us to pass through anything when the effect is activated.


  • Permeation has great long and short-range attacks.
  • It is pretty much unrivaled in the PVP arena.


  • Permeation is not the best quirk against the NPCs.
  • The damage of this quirk is quite low.

B Tier

B Tier Characters

B-tier quirks are not bad, but they are not good as well. The quirks in B-tier are pretty fun to use, but they can’t compete with the quirks in a higher tier. So, I recommend using the quirks from the higher tier. 


Ice is a common quirk that Todoroki’s family and Geten have in the anime. This quirk lets us create a wall of ice at will, which is kinda cool but not really that much helpful.


  • The range of Ice is pretty good.
  • With this quirk, you will be able to assist players with high firepower by freezing the enemies.


  • Ice doesn’t have good damage and mobility.
  • Ice is only good for assisting, as the offensive potential of this quirk is very low.


Phoenix is an epic quirk, and it is owned by Masato Kaneyama. He appeared in a spinoff series of My Hero Academia which is known as The Hero Academy. The phoenix quirk has fire-related abilities.


  • Phoenix can heal the friends in the team.
  • It looks cool.


  • The range of this quirk is not impressive.
  • The mobility and damage are below average too.
  • The overall quirk is not worth using as the skills are hard to aim at the enemies.

Air Cannon 

Air Cannon is a rare quirk that is used by All for One and Tomura Shiguraki. This quirk allows us to shoot air strikes.


  • It has some good short and long-range attacks.
  • This quirk gives us free vertical movement.
  • The air cannon has a spammable move.
  • Air cannon is good for boss raids.


  • The damage and mobility are not great. Otherwise, it would have been in the upper tier of our My Hero Mania Qurik Tier List.

C Tier

C Tier Characters

The quirks in C-Tier are not the worst ones in My Hero Mania, but they are not really worth using as they are below average. C-Tier quirks can be used for fun, but to dominate the battlefield, upper-tier quirks take the throne.

Shock Absorption

Shock Absorption is a common quirk that is used by Nomu in anime. This quirk allows us to absorb damage and release it. There’s nothing too great about this quirk, as it is below average.


  • Shock Absorption is useful for wall slamming.


  • There is not much use for this quirk.
  • It does not have damage, mobility, and range.

Super Strength

Super Strength is a common quirk that most people in the anime have. This quirk allows us to increase our physical strength, as the name suggests.


  • Super Strength has good short-range attacks.
  • The combos are easy to use.


  • The cooldown of Super Strength is too long, which prevents us from doing continuous attacks.
  • The damage isn’t much, and the mobility is also zero.
  • There are no long-range attacks that give most opponents a significant advantage.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a rare quirk that is used by Uravity in My Hero Academia. This quirk won’t do much, but it’s better than most of the low-tier quirks.


This quirk offers some good short-range and AoE attacks.

Zero Gravity is pretty easy to use.


  • I think Zero Gravity is unfit for the PVP battles, as its attacks can be easily dodged.
  • The damage is not quite good, plus there’s not much mobility.
  • There are not many long-range attacks.

D Tier

D Tier Characters

D Tier quirks are hands down the worst quirks in My Hero Mania. These quirks are not worth even using for fun. So, I recommend not using them as they are pretty boring and do 0 damage.

Super Regeneration

Super Regeneration is a common quirk that allows healing on the battlefield rapidly. In the anime, Nomu has this quirk. Moreover, the healing is scaled on the strength stat.


  • Super regeneration heals other players’ hp.


  • This quirk does nothing except heal.
  • There are no combos, no attacks, no mobility, no power, just healing.


Invisibility is used by Toru Hagakure in the anime. This quirk makes the user invisible all the time as it bends the light around the user’s body, which makes them invisible.


  • There is no advantage to this quirk.


  • Even in an invisible state, players could see us as the items are still visible.
  • There are no long and short-range attacks. 
  • There is no damage and no mobility at all. 
  • Invisibility is the worst quirk in the My Hero Mania Quirk Tier List.

My Hero Mania Tier List Ranking Criteria

All the quirks in My Hero Mania have been ranked from S-D Tier in our tier list. I have played My Hero Mania myself and then made the tier list according to every quirk’s abilities. There might be some personal preference, but that doesn’t change the fact that the quirks are ranked according to their worth.

That’s almost everything to know about the best quirks in My Hero Mania. This tier list will help to choose the best quirk in My Hero Mania and dominate the lobby. Everyone has their own preference, so if anyone would want to select any quirk, they can, but it is ideal to just select from S or A tier. Moreover, follow this subreddit to learn more about Roblox games.

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