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My Hero Academia Chapter 373: How Dangerous Is Kurogiri?

The Final War Arc my hero academia it has always been an uphill battle for the heroes side. Not only are they up against some of the most powerful villains in history, but they’ve had to rely on complicated strategies to gain the upper hand. If they lose the advantages they have, the consequences could be dire.

One big way things could go wrong for the Heroes is if Kurogiri is released. Unfortunately, Chapter 373, “Fireworks”, saw the worst case scenario emerge, though not in the way anyone expected. Depending on how things play out in the future, it could be very bad for Heroes, very good, or a bit of both.

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What can Kurogiri do in his current state?

Kurogiri was being held as a prisoner at the Central Hospital. Spinner led a large crowd of violent mutant protesters in a raid on a hospital to free the villain. His followers finally faltered, but he was still able to reach the room where his potential ally was being held.

Spinner successfully reactivated Kurogiri using one of the severed hands that Tomura Shigaraki used to use. At the same time, however, Present Mic, who knew Kurogiri when he was still Oboro Shirakumo, tried to call his old friend to answer. As a result, when “Kurogiri” awoke, he assumed the properties of both the villain side of him and the former hero side of him.

It’s hard to say what exactly is happening to Kurogiri. On one hand, he emits black mist and claims to be Tomura Shigaraki’s protector. On the other hand, some of his facial features and, according to fan translators, his speech patterns, resemble the man he was before he became a Nomu. This suggests that, in a way, both Spinner and Present Mic will be able to communicate with the person they are expecting.

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If Kurogiri breaks free, he can easily use his Warp Gate Quirk to transport himself and others to the different battlefields. He could easily find the leaders of the Paranormal Liberation Front like All For One and Dabi and gather them all in one place. He could even round up some of the other imprisoned villains like Gigantomachia and Shigaraki; at the very least, he could transport the villains to his locations to help them escape. In this way, Kurogiri would completely ruin the Heroes’ plan to separate these villains and eliminate them one by one. From here, they would have to improvise a lot to find a way to win.

For now, Kurogiri’s personality seems to be dominant. However, it is possible that the more Present Mic presses it, the more Shirakumo will emerge. If that happens, then the former Hero-in-Training could use his new abilities and maybe even his old ones to turn the tide in the Heroes’ favor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Present Mic will be able to get the old friend out of him completely until after has caused all sorts of trouble for the Heroes.

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