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MultiVersus Marvin the Martian Moveset & Strategy Guide

Warner Bros.’ Free-to-play platform fighter MultiVersus has recently launched his new character: Marvin the Martian. The iconic antagonist of looney tunes has finally arrived, making him the third character in the franchise to earn a spot on MultiVersus.

Although Marvin the Martian appears as an assassin, he often feels like a mage due to his heavy reliance on projectiles, ability cooldowns, and his general lack of powerful moves in close quarters. Unlike the more recent MultiVersus Characters like gremlinsStripe, Marvin’s unique passive, isn’t anything too complex; he can just walk while he crouches. While it may seem a bit pointless, crouching actually shortens Marvin’s hitbox by a small amount, so it can be useful for dodging low-profile attacks.

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What You Should Know About Marvin the Martian’s Moveset

Marvin the Martian’s moveset relies entirely on making clever use of projectiles to catch opponents off guard. His neutral special is a fascinating move that serves as the foundation for much of Marvin’s game plan. With this, Marvin presses a large button, hitting enemies near him. This also reverses the horizontal direction of all friendly projectiles, which includes your own. This inversion mechanic alone makes Marvin a challenge to play, but players who can master it will be rewarded with extremely satisfying combos.

Marvin has a handful of projectiles to synergize with his neutral special. His neutral attack is a bubble, which only moves if it is fully charged. While quite slow, he can suspend friendly projectiles within it and reflect enemy projectiles. He also has a fair amount of recoil, but it’s hard to land without clever use of reverse to catch opponents off guard. The Up Attack is a vertical projectile, which can slightly aim if Marvin is on the ground. It has a long range to shoot opponents near the top of the stage.

Marvin’s special grounded side is also a projectile, pulling enemies hit towards Marvin to initiate an easy combo. In the air, Marvin’s special side is a forward headbutt that easily combines with aerial attacks. His Up Special is similar to Morty’s, in that it spawns a spaceship platform. The difference is that Marvin’s spaceship fires a heavy projectile rocket at Marvin, dealing heavy damage and knockback. The rocket can be inverted and suspended on Marvin’s bubble projectile.

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Marvin’s special knockdown plants a flag on the ground and applies the specific debuff to any enemy hit. The rest of Marvin’s move set is pretty standard except for his down attack. This is pretty strong, but if he misses and the button is held, Marvin will damage himself, which is a dangerous debuff for such a light character.

Strategies and combos to play as Marvin the Martian

Marvin the Martian Combo multiversus

Unlike many of MultiVersus‘ other Assassins, Marvin doesn’t have much when it comes to true hitstun combos. However, he excels at advanced combo routing, interesting setups, and dodging traps. While this makes him very difficult to learn, it also significantly increases his skill cap. Only players totally dedicated to playing Marvin will be able to extract the full potential of the character, but those lucky few will have a ton of fun playing him.

Marvin’s neutral attack bubble is key – it can be used on neutral, as a setup, or even to reflect enemy projectiles. Unfortunately, the projectile version of the attack has a cooldown, so players will need to keep matchups in mind. Using it against heavy mages in projectiles is very useful. Since the bubble moves slowly, Marvin can run in front of it before it reaches enemies, messing up their timing and possibly starting a free combo. Also, using the investment power of the neutral special effectively is extremely important to confuse and overwhelm opponents.

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Marvin still has some combos that don’t rely on cooldowns, so he’s not completely helpless without his abilities. Opening with a grounded side attack, Marvin can follow up with a neutral special, forward dodge, neutral special, and full side attack combo to rack up a decent amount of damage. That being said, melee fights are definitely not Marvin’s strong suit and should be avoided when possible. Most characters will outrange or armor him through his air attacks.

Ideal partners for Marvin the Martian

Superman crossing his arms in Multiversus

Marvin, like the other Assassins, highly appreciates tankiness like Superman to take the brunt of the opponent’s attacks so he can set his traps and harass opponents with projectiles. Alternatively, Marvin can be paired with other heavy characters like Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny, though that is only recommended for teams with extremely high synergy. Marvin’s reversal can often create negative synergy with allies, sending his high-cooldown projectile off-target.

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