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MK: Almost 20 years after his last appearance in Armageddon, late Returning in Mortal Kombat 1 with a refreshed moveset and abilities.Before this, she was only playable during Mortal Kombat. 3D era, So it’s understandable that most players won’t recognize it. However, Natara has quickly earned a high pick rate in MK1 thanks to her impressive performance. Air combos And polite Range

Key takeaways

  • Natara is a mortal combat. Role known for high selection rate Due to strong aerial combos and decent ranged attacks but low HP.
  • He is a vampire by Vaeturnus helps the realm and Quan Chi. He then freed his people from the sun’s poison.
  • MK1 has most of Natara’s moves. High and overhead attacksAllows for air combos.
  • Natara has 28 basic attacks, 8 special moves, 2 Casualtiesand 6 brutality 1 in Mortal Kombat.

Who is Natara in Mortal Kombat 1?

After the Mortal Kombat 11 story reboot, Nitara is a Vaeturnian, a type of natural born vampire in MK1, and now follows Quan Chi.

Extended mk1
Natara in MK1’s story mode (screenshot by eXputer)

Natara remained loyal to Quan Chi when his magic helped to remove the poison spread over the sun Vaturnus, the circle of his house. As such, she is primarily a part of the villain group in Mortal Kombat 1, supporting the other mainline. The villain Like General Shaw And Shang Song In destabilizing the terrestrial and outer worlds.

  • However, her main justification for these actions is that she intends to save her starving people. Outworld And feast on local people.

Natara’s move in Mortal Kombat 1

Before starting: The commands listed below are for PS5 controls and when Natara faces the right direction. When facing left, the ‘left’ and ‘right’ dpad controls are reversed.

Here is the full list of Natara’s basic attacks when she is facing right:

NAME Command loss Block type
dirty paw Square 20.00 high
never grow old Square, triangle 30.00 the middle
never die Square, triangle, square, triangle N/A N/A
Feeding is essential. Square, triangle, circle 70.00 the middle
Broken nails Right + Square 50.00 the middle
Easy prey Right + square, triangle 70.00 Overhead
Less scratch Down + square 20.00 the middle
Blood strike Triangle 30.00 high
Bloodsucker Triangle, triangle 50.00 the middle
Flying Colors Triangle, triangle, square 50.00 the middle
lungs Leech Left + Triangle 50.00 Overhead
Drawing blood Left + triangle, circle 70.00 high
Deep scratch Down + Triangle 140.00 high
Hex Kick x 50.00 high
Hell’s Dive X, circle 70.00 less
heel strike Down + X 20.00 less
Bloodhouse Circle 70.00 high
The Death Spiral Left + circle 77.50 less
Bleeding Right + Circle 50.00 high
To tenderize Right + Circle, X, Circle N/A N/A
Deep sweep Down + circle 30.00 less

As seen, most are one-button attacks like Blood House and Hex Kick. high Attacks This makes Natara remarkably effective at sustaining. Pressurebut opponents can counterattack by dodging these moves underneath them. less attacks

Netra basic attacks
List of Nitara’s basic attacks (photo by eXputer)

After her basic moves, you can expand your combos with Natara’s aerial attacks, which you can perform after the launcher attack in MK1:

NAME Command loss Block type
Deep slash Top right + square 50.00 the middle
Feast of Blood Top right + square, triangle 70.00 Overhead
Final flutter Top Right + Square, Triangle, Circle 70.00 Overhead
Scratch the bottom Top right + triangle 50.00 the middle
A broken wing Top right + triangle, circle 70.00 Overhead
last breath Top Right + Triangle, Circle, Triangle 90.00 Overhead
Side heel Top Right + (X or Circle) 70.00 the middle

Special moves

Compared to basic attacks, special moves in MK1 are more difficult because of what they present. More damage But make you Weak When an opponent blocks one of these attacks. As such, you should only use certain special moves during combo strings to maximize your damage output.

Nitara's special moves
List of Nitara’s Special Moves (Image Source: eXputer)

Important: For Nitara, you can use R2/RB to ‘enhance’ her special moves, which makes them faster and gives extra abilities, but costs a bar meter.

Here is the complete list of Natara’s special moves in Mortal Kombat 1:

NAME Command loss Block type
dirty blood Left + Right + Square 80.00 high
Instant taste Left + Right + Triangle 100.00 high
Blind faith Down + Left + Triangle 60.00 Unblocked
Bloody Bolt Left + Right + X 110.00 the middle
(Closed) Bloody Bolt Left + Right + X, Left 110.00 the middle
(Far) Bloody Bolt Left + Right + X, Right 110.00 the middle
Dark bed Down + Left + Circle 60.00 the middle
Blood sacrifice Down + Right + Circle N/A N/A

Nitara Combos in MK1

Nitara mainly focuses on efficient. Aerial combos And many more High attack starters. Additionally, she doesn’t suffer as badly from MK1’s extreme damage scaling mechanic as the others. letters Like Raiden or Hawk.

Extended mk1
Gameplay of Natara (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
Important: When choosing a suitable one Cameo fighter in Mortal Kombat 1 For Natara, I would suggest going for Serena as her awesome locking ability is great for extending combos.

Overhead starters

You’ll find some of the best overhead starting combos for Natara from the list below.

Combo no moves loss Hits
1 (Anti-Air) Bloodhouse + Leap of Faith (Enhanced) + Broken Wings + Deep Bed (Enhanced) + Bloodhouse + Instant Taste (Enhanced) + Move + Broken Wings + Instant Taste 507.57 19
2 (Overhead) Blood Strike + Blood Soaker + Dirty Claw + Jump + Deep Bed + Never Grow Old + Cameo Assist + Jump Forward + Blood Feast + Instant Taste (Improved) 315.85 17
3 (Overhead) Blood Strike + Blood Soaker + Dirty Claw + Jump + Deep Bed + Blood House + Instant Taste (Improved) + Jump Forward + Broken Wings + Dash Forward + Blood Strike + Tenderize 306.90 16

High/mid starters

Here is a list of some of the best mid-starting and high-starting combos for Natara that you can use to get used to the character:

Combo no moves loss Hits
1 Never Grow Old + Never Grow Old + Jumps + Broken Wings + Side Heel + Feeding + Dash Forward + Blood Strike + Leap of Faith + Downward Scratch 325.68 12
2 (in the corner) Flying Colors + Leap of Faith + Deep Bed + Bloodhouse + Instant Taste (Improved) + Move Forward + Final Wave + Blood Sacrifice 360.22 13
3 Flying Colors + Leap of Faith + Deep Bed + Bloodhouse + Instant Taste (Improved) + Go Ahead + Broken Wings + Instant Taste 366.82 15

Death of Natara in MK1

Like most characters, Natara has access to 2 lethal variations in Mortal Kombat 1. Apart from that, she can also perform. 6 Various atrocities, which can be carried out within a certain range and after certain information.

Delayed death
Nitara’s Primary Fatality (Screenshot Grab: Xporter)

Here are all the details about Natara’s kills, including their names, inputs, and execution ranges:

NAME Command Range to perform
Vaeternus KomBAT Down + down + back, square the middle
Second fatality Back + Down + Back, circle Middle or far

If you’re looking for a suitable cameo fighter for Natara, consider checking out. Darius in MK1, covering its gameplay and concurrent lore. To access more gameplay mechanics, here’s how to unlock. The second death of the scorpion. And consider reading. Hanzo Hasashi in Mortal Kombat 1exploring his reformed origins after being Scorpion since the beginning of the MK franchise.


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