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Modern Warfare 2 Signal 50 sniper finest class setup and how one can unlock the Signal 50

The Signal 50 is a sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 2.

It’s a high-damage sniper rifle – the one one within the Modern Warfare 2 beta – outfitted with a variable zoom scope. Though the customisation choices are restricted, with perks you may create a Signal 50 class to make the most of what’s accessible.

As for when to make use of it – you may wish to arrange store someplace cosy, prepared to look at these lengthy vary sightlines, and we advocate bigger maps in modes similar to ‘Invasion’, Modern Warfare 2’s new 20v20 mode.

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How to unlock the Signal 50 sniper within the Modern Warfare 2 beta

The Signal 50 is unlocked by merely reaching stage 20 within the Modern Warfare 2 beta. Play matches, full targets and web kills to earn XP and climb your method to 20!

From then on, you’ll equip and use the Signal 50 in your personal customized loadouts. That mentioned, the extent of customisation is moderately restricted…

How do Signal 50 attachments work within the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

In the Modern Warfare 2 beta, the Signal 50 has no attachments that may be unlocked or manually outfitted, nevertheless it does come pre-built with a variable zoom scope.

If you are trying to strive the Signal 50 with attachments, it seems the one manner is to pick out the default ‘Lone Survivor – Sentinel’ loadout throughout matches – right here, it is enhanced with 4 attachments on the sniper, together with an prolonged journal.

You’re nonetheless free to customize your personal private playstyle, nevertheless, because of a alternative of perks and gear to finest accompany the Signal 50 sniper.

Modern Warfare 2 Signal 50 finest class setup, perks, and gear

Since the Signal 50 is a high-powered sniper rifle, good for long-distance encounters, it is very efficient in modes that characteristic bigger maps, similar to Invasion.

Whether taking part in in core 6v6 modes or one thing like Invasion nevertheless, sticking to the shadows and conserving a low profile will probably be your finest guess.

As such, we’re selecting a set of perks and gear to assist maintain you on the downlow while you pop heads from a secure distance.

Here are the really useful perks and gear to make the perfect Signal 50 class setup in Modern Warfare 2’s beta:

  • Base Perk 1: Overkill
  • Base Perk 2: Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Focus / Resupply / Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost / High Alert
  • Secondary: Lachmann Sub / M16
  • Lethal: Claymore
  • Tactical: Smoke Grenade / Decoy Grenade
  • Field Upgrade: Portable Radar / Tactical Insertion

Perk customisation has modified in Modern Warfare 2, however the fundamentals of equipping them stay the identical – to begin, create a customized ‘Perk Package’.

For the bottom perks, we advocate Overkill and Tracker.

Overkill means that you can take a second major weapon, offering backup ought to it’s important to transfer location or fend off oncoming enemies.

Tracker is nice for stealthy playstyles – enemies depart behind a footprint path, while your kill markers are hidden from the enemy group.

For your bonus perk, there’s a number of good picks – our preliminary shout could be Focus, decreasing intention down sights (ADS) flinch and increasing the maintain breath-duration of your sniper.

If you need flexibility nevertheless, Resupply or Fast Hands are the higher decisions.

The former enables you to spawn with an extra Lethal grenade – nice for establishing stronger defences – and makes it so your gear recharges after 25 seconds, offering an countless provide of deadly and tactical grenades.

Fast Hands alternatively – no pun supposed – reduces weapon swap occasions, moderately noticeable for the Signal 50 contemplating its hefty weight, and a bonus with Overkill.

When it involves your ‘Ultimate Perk’, Ghost is a superb choose if stealth is your desire, since it’s going to disguise you from enemy UAVs, Portable Radars and Heartbeat Sensors, permitting you to maintain a low profile.

Alternatively, if you happen to’re trying to keep conscious, High Alert is what you need, alerting you on display screen when noticed by an enemy.

In phrases of secondary, since we chosen Overkill, we’ll be selecting a major weapon – for 6v6 sport modes, the Lachmann Sub is a superb choose for its close-range effectiveness.

If taking part in ‘Invasion’ nevertheless, because the maps are expansive, you may wish to carry one thing a bit extra appropriate as you traverse and alter positions.

The M16, outfitted with the Hybrid Firepoint optic that means that you can swap between a 4x scope and crimson dot sight (unlocked by levelling the Lachmann-762 to stage 14), acts as an excellent backup to the Signal 50.

Since our loadout’s emphasis is on discovering a specific spot to snipe from, our deadly suggestion is one which’ll have your again lined.

The Claymore is a strong choose for its proximity-based detonation – it would not unlock till stage 27 nevertheless, so we advocate utilizing the Proximity Mine till then.

In the Tactical slot, you may be desirous to bolster the stealthy facet of the category.

Smoke Grenades are choose right here, significantly for Invasion, making a cloud of smoke that’ll assist cowl your strategy.

Decoy Grenades are value a strive too – albeit area of interest – since they’ll draw enemies out by creating distracting, false radar blips, doubtlessly opening up an elimination for you.

As for the sector improve, you may’t go flawed with a Portable Radar at your place to maintain a watch out for any incoming opponents.

However, the Tactical Insertion is useful to have – particularly for bigger modes – because it means that you can mark a location for the place you may subsequent spawn, good if you happen to’ve discovered an efficient sniper’s nest.

Without attachments, it is troublesome to totally lean into one distinct playstyle for the Signal 50 through the beta.

However, with our suggestions and no matter you could wish to mess around with, there’s nonetheless some flexibility, particularly helpful when there’s a number of modes to check it out in.

Enjoy the remainder of the Modern Warfare 2 beta – and if you happen to’re after different weapons to mess around with, we additionally advocate the M4 and FSS Hurricane.

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