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Mobs aren’t the only enemies you can fight in Minecraft Legends

It’s been a while since we first got a glimpse of Minecraft’s new action-strategy game, first unveiled on October 15. Now a new trailer for the official version of Minecraft. Youtube The channel has showcased what Mojang calls the “chaotic fun” of Minecraft Legends multiplayer. And you can not only fight Piglins and other mobs!

The multiplayer reveal shows a lot about how player versus player (PvP) will work in Minecraft Legends. For one, it’s up to eight players, with two teams of four facing off against each other on the blue and orange teams. Players will take their controlled mobs and swarm opposing players, destroying buildings and capturing resource points.

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The main objective of the game is to defend your base. But what your base looks like and the buildings it contains are completely up to you. You can use your progress from the game’s main campaign to field better units and items, and level up the buildings in your base. Also, PvP takes the procedural generation that Minecraft is famous for and uses it in these multiplayer matches. Resources will be randomly distributed across the arenas, so no match will be the same as the last.

The preview also shows that this is still a game about building and strategy. Allays will gather resources for you and from there they will provide you with materials to build new structures. But in each game, you will have to decide what to prioritize. Will it be a game to run diamonds for a better team? Or one where you focus on stone and wood for better defenses?

Overall, it feels like Mojang really put a lot of love and thoughtful ideas into multiplayer. In the video, it was emphasized that the mindset was not to create a perfectly balanced PvP experience, but rather to focus on chaos and counterplay. Minecraft has had plenty of multiplayer game modes over the years, with PvP combat, the Hunger Games, and other modes all rising and falling in popularity. But with Legends, Mojang seems to have created a PvP mode that definitely looks like Minecraft, but with a unique format. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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