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MMPR Teases a Whole New Type of Power Ranger

BOOM! Studios’ latest spin on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise is set to introduce a whole new type of color-coded superhero.

BOOM! Studios is set to introduce a whole new type of Power Ranger in 2023.

BOOM! Studios officially announced a new series in their upcoming ongoing book, Power Rangers Universe, ranger academy by Maria Ingrande Mora (brittle remedy, The immeasurable depth of you) and artist Jo Mi-Gyeong (Eve, beastlands). An extended first look at the series will debut on Ranger Academy 2023 Special FCBDwhich is also from Mora and Mi-Gyeong and promises fans a “special sneak peek at the upcoming series with a first look at some new characters and familiar faces.”

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ranger academy2023 release date places next series along with other highly anticipated entries in the franchise. These include Power Rangers Cosmic Furythat will see the cast of dinosaur fury returns in a brand new look for the 30th season of the main series. various originals Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The cast members will also return in 2023 for the franchise’s monumental 30th anniversary special.

These entries in the main series will be followed by Netflix’s own iteration of the franchise, which is led by The end of the fucking world creator Jonathan Entwistle and What’s up with Pam co-creator and showrunner Jenny Klein. Gabe Marano, eOne’s Executive Vice President of US Scripted Television, said of the latter: “Building this partnership with Jenny, whose talent and passion transcends genres, is an exciting time for us. We believe her distinctive vision makes her perfect for helping us develop Hasbro’s extensive library of intellectual property as well as original projects, and we’re thrilled to have her on board.”

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What happened in the BOOM! MMPR series?

The current BOOM! The Studios’ comic book continuity has seen the eponymous heroes face off against all sorts of original and recurring threats. In addition to introductions to fan-favorite concepts and characters like the Omega Rangers, Lord Drakkon, and the ancient Death Ranger, BOOM! studies Forest ranger The universe has given unexpected new twists to classic villains like Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, the latter of whom made her recent reintroduction as the menacing Mistress Vile.

Ranger Academy 2023 Special FCBD is written by Maria Ingrande Mora, with art by Jo Mi-Gyeong and cover art by Miguel Mercado. The issue will be available for free at participating comic shops on May 6 from the BOOM! Studies. ranger academy will follow later in 2023.

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