Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

Miorine Fights for Suletta On the Political Stage

Walking away from heated duels, Mobile Suit Gundam: Mercury’s Witch Episode 7 trades in Mobile Suit combat for heated verbal and social conflicts. Aerial’s future looks bleak as the Benerit Group and its associates unite against the dangers Gundams pose to their pilots. Unfortunately, while Suletta has been highly successful on the battlefield, she is ill-prepared and too clumsy to handle the overwhelming nature of Benerit Group politics.

Loyalties are called into question when certain characters share fleeting interactions, suggesting deeper connections or stories. Motivations and humanity are also called into question as divisions within the Benerit Group put the technological alliance to the test. As Delling Rembran displays a surprising moment of generosity, other leading members of Benerit Group Houses let their darker intentions surface.

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Miorine becomes the heroine of the day

Turning the battlefield from intense dueling arenas to a pretentious business meeting challenges Suletta more than any physical altercation. This change of scenery puts Miorine in the spotlight, as she is forced to save her partner from the aggressive trade policy that seeks to dismantle Aerial. Miorine proves more than capable of withstanding the intense pressure from the Benerit Group as she manipulates her father for the benefit of Suletta and Aerial. In addition, she shows proficiency in social and business awareness.

Turning their future relationship on its head, Miorine is the hero of the day and saves Suletta from imminent danger. Suletta’s panic and confusion at the aggressive attempt to take Aerial and the convenient disappearance of her mother left her with no options. The bond between Miorine and Suletta helps strengthen Miorine’s drive and pride, pushing her to new limits by manipulating her father and rebelling against the Benerit Group.

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Prospera’s absence is too convenient


While Peil Technologies verbally attacks Suletta, her mother Prospera verbally confronts another member of the Benerit Group, Jeturk Heavy Machinery. Both groups have the same goal: to corner either member of the Mercury family and gain control or destroy their Gundam. The perfect timing of Prospera’s distraction while Suletta finds herself overwhelmed is too perfect to be a coincidence.

The branches of the Benerit Group are working together for shared goals while pursuing their greedy endeavors. In an attempt to swing its weight around the corner, the Gundam that insulted his two tech initiatives, Peil Technologies and Jeturk Heavy Machinery, forms a temporary alliance. Expecting the Mercury’s power to fall on their Gundam, they disregard Miorine’s pride and desire to change her reality. However, Prospera sees Miorine’s potential encouraging her to help Suletta in everything.

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Delling’s humanity affects all sides of the conflict


Caught off guard by Miorine’s bravery and unwillingness to back down, the tentative alliance between Peil and Jeturk is further shaken by Delling Rembran’s handling of the situation. While Delling initially rebuffs her daughter’s attempt to disrupt the plan to eliminate another Gundam, his humanity eventually rises to the surface. In the face of his daughter’s strength and stubbornness, he is likely to see a bit of himself and his wife, which fragments his icy exterior and allows a tinge of empathy to seep through.

This little moment of humanity changes the whole situation. Miorine’s natural leadership calls on the best aspects of her father and blocks whatever sinister plans Peil and Jeturk are manifesting. Delling remains a cold and fierce businessman, but shows a tinge of weakness towards his companions as he passively accepts the preservation of a Gundam. Little moments from an influential individual like Rembran will spill over into the following episodes as the Benerit Group continues to descend into chaos.

Suletta takes the reins as a reluctant hero fighting off members of the dueling committee in an innocent attempt to turn Asticassia School of Technology into a more tolerant environment. Unfortunately, her lack of social skills leaves her completely at a loss when verbally assaulted by scheming individuals looking to take Aerial. In this moment of despair, Miorine demonstrates her place as a leader and influential figure. The company that Miorine establishes to protect Suletta and Aerial is the firm foundation needed to launch large-scale changes.

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