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Minecraft Legends‘ Wellhouses are one of the first major structures you can build in the game. Despite their modest requirements, they can prove to be highly beneficial by adding some quality-of-life features like fast traveling and setting up spawn points to encourage further exploration. So if you’re looking to set up a strong foundation in the early-game phase, you should immediately start building one.

Key Takeaways

  • Wellhouses are primarily used as Fast Travel structures in Minecraft Legends and are often placed in each of Minecraft Legends’ biomes.
  • Players can fast-travel between these buildings by opening the map and clicking the Fast Travel button.
  • And like beds in Minecraft, they can also act as respawning points, so players can construct them near Homesteads and piglin hubs to get a tactical advantage.
  • To build a Wellhouse, players will first have to unlock the Improvement: Gather Iron structure, after which they’ll need the following resources:
    1. 250 Wood Blocks: Found in the Meadow, Fatelands, Jungle, and Forest.
    2. 250 Stone Blocks: Mainly residing in the Fatelands Meadow, Tundra, Dry Savanna, and Jagged Peak.
    3. 75 Iron Blocks: Located mostly in the Fatelands, Forest, and Dry Savanna.
    4. 50 Prismarines: Dropped after destroying piglin structures or obtained as Resource Rewards after a successful raid.
  • Once players have collected all the aforementioned resources, they can use the Songbook to place the Wellhouse on any flat plain.

How To Craft A Wellhouse In Minecraft Legends?

  • You can start crafting Wellhouses once you place your first improvement, Gather Iron, next to the Well of Fate.
  • Improvements are key structures that allow you to gather new resources in Minecraft Legends.
  • And as the name suggests, the recently unlocked Gather Iron improvement now lets you collect Iron Blocks scattered across the map, which is a necessary resource for making Wellhouses.
gather iron structure
Improvement: Gather Iron Monument unlocked (Image taken by eXputer)
    • After placing the monument, open your Songbook and head to the Player Building Melodies tab, where you’ll find the Wellhouse alongside its recipe, which includes collecting:
      1. 250 Wood Blocks
      2. 250 Stone Blocks
      3. 75 Iron Blocks
      4. 50 Prismarines
    • Once you’ve gathered all the following resources, open the aforementioned Player Building Melodies menu in the Songbook again, click on the Wellhouse, and assign it to any slot on your hotbar.
    • Finally, select the Wellhouse and place it on a flat piece of land to summon a Yellow Allay that’ll build the structure for you.
wellhouse minecraft legends
The Wellhouse (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Important: You can view how much of each resource you’ve accumulated in the bottom-left corner of the screen, making it easier to track your gathering progress.

Crafting Material Locations 

To garner the ingredients for making a Wellhouse, you first need to explore your surroundings in search of the materials you’re looking for. You can collect materials from the environment by selecting a certain block from the Resourcing Melodies and putting its corresponding gathering chest on the ground. Placing the gathering chest will summon a Blue Allay that’ll collect all traces of that specific resource in the highlighted nearby area.

Blue Allay minecraft legends
Blue Allay collecting Iron Blocks (Image Source: eXputer)

Important: You can initially summon upto 5 Blue Allays and 5 Yellow Allays at a time which makes collecting resources and building structures much less time-consuming.

Wood Blocks

  • You can obtain wood blocks by placing your gathering chest next to any type of tree.
  • Once placed, wait for the Blue Allay to fully decompose the tree and automatically get the loot afterward.
  • Fortunately, you’ll find an abundance of trees near the Well of Fate past the circular lake.
  • They’re also commonly found among green in-game biomes like the Meadow, Fatelands, Jungle, and the Forest.
  • Furthermore, you can collect anywhere between 20 to 70 wood blocks per tree, making wood blocks the easiest ingredient to collect for the Wellhouse.
wood resource
Wood Block (Image by eXputer)

Stone Blocks

  • Stone blocks are another readily available resource in Minecraft Legends, which you can gather off rocky formations like the stone plateaus and walls surrounding the Well of Fate. 
  • Although they’re primarily located in the Fatelands, you can also find them in other biomes such as the Meadow, Tundra, Dry Savanna, and Jagged Peaks.
Stone Block (Image Credits: eXputer)

Iron Blocks

  • Compared to the previous two resources, iron is significantly more challenging to come by.
  • These blocks are exclusively found coupled with other stone blocks in the Forest biome near Lakesides.
  • However, you might come across a small group of iron deposits in different regions of the map, such as the Fatelands and the Dry Savanna as well, although they’re much rarer to come by in those regions.
Iron Block (Screenshot by eXputer)


  • Prismarines are the only ingredient for a Wellhouse you can’t find via Resourcing Melodies.
  • Instead, they’re mainly dropped from destroying piglin structures like the Nether Spreaders, Blaze Rod Towers, and Piglin Pits found in their outposts and bases.
  • You can only damage these structures by the mobs you summon via mob spawners and keep developing with Lapis.
  • In this regard, the stone golems are your best option for quickly taking down hostile infrastructure, which is why you should ideally use the Cobblestone Golem Spawner when raiding enemy hubs for Prismarines.
Prismarines minecraft legends
Prismarine Shards (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Important: Another conventional way of getting Prismarines is by receiving them as resource rewards after successfully completing a piglin raid.

How To Use Wellhouses In Minecraft Legends?

  • Minecraft Legends’ Wellhouses serve as both Fast-Travel as well as Spawn points.
  • You can set up as many of these structures as you want, which lets you reach distant locations almost instantaneously. 
  • To fast travel, open the map, select any Wellhouse you want to travel to and click on the “Fast Travel” option at the bottom right.
fast travel key
The Fast Travel option on the map (Image Credits: eXputer)
    • You can preferably construct a Wellhouse in each biome so you can visit distinct parts of the map for their unique resources on the go.
    • And besides fast traveling, these structures can save you from redoing tedious runbacks to challenging encounters like your first piglin base raid by acting as a respawning point.
    • So if you’re struggling against a specific battle, you can also place the Wellhouse outside the enemy’s territory and jump right back into battle if you die.
piglin enemy encounter
Piglin Territory (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    • For more combat-oriented strategies, you can put these buildings near mob Homesteads including Zombies, Creepers, and Skeletons so you can quickly fast travel to and recruit them whenever you need.
homesteads minecraft legends
Mob Homesteads (Screenshot by eXputer)
    • All the Wellhouses you place in the world will be marked on both your compass and your map to locate them easily.
    • And if you decide to remove one, Minecraft Legends will automatically return the resources that you had used for setting it up in the first place.

Important: It’s worth mentioning a few restrictions when constructing these Wellhouses, as you can’t place them directly on piglin territory or too close to either each other or the Well of Fate.

Final Remarks

That wraps up our guide on how you can build and effectively use Minecraft Legends’ Wellhouse. As seen, these basic structures establish vital in-game mechanics, which ultimately make exploration and various enemy encounters more accessible. 

For making your hero even stronger with better defense, consider reading about all the types of Power Towers in Minecraft Legends. If you want to curate your build specifically for co-op, here’s a Subreddit Post that highlights the current PvP meta. And if you’re still considering buying the game, check out the Minecraft Legends editions and comparisons to make the right purchase!

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