Minecraft Legends Golems (Locations, Types, Stats)



There are many mobs and creates in Minecraft Legends that can help you fight against the hordes of Piglins that are trying to take over the Overworld. None of them come close to how effective the Minecraft Legends Golems are in taking down enemies.

Golems will remain a crucial part of your army, regardless of what kind of situation you’re in. Whether you’re trying to break down a base, ambush a bunch of enemies, or fight the Piglins head-on, Golems will be a constant to help back you up. But there are many types of Golems and different methods for unlocking them, which we’ll be discussing in detail.

Important: You should assess the strengths and weaknesses of your Golems before deploying them into battle. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing precious resources which are needed to spawn them. 

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Legends Golems are a type of mob that the player can control to fight against the Piglins
  • There are two types of Golems that the player can use.
  • The first type is the regular Golems which have four further types
    1. Cobblestone Golem: useful for melee combat.
    2. Plank Golem: specialized in ranged attacks.
    3. Grindstone Golem: a speedy stunner.
    4. Mossy Golem: a support unit, capable of healing others.
  • The other type is the First Of Golems, which are essentially legendary Golems
  • They can be found throughout the overworld and must be “awakened” before they can become part of your army.
  • Before you wake them up, you must build the “Wake the First” Improvement.
  • You will need to pay a waking-up fee (usually gold and some other resource) to activate the First of Golems.
  • The First of Golems include:
    1. First of Diorite: capable of summoning miniature golems for combat.
    2. First of Oak: long-ranged archer.
    3. First of Brick: defensive golem, capable of creating a shield for protection.
    4. First of Stone: demolitionist who throws boulders as structures.
  • It is important to use all 8 types of Golems in your army to have a good chance of defeating any horde of Piglins.

What Are Golems In Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft, Golems are the protectors of villagers. They are usually only one type of Golem, and that is the Iron Golem. But in Minecraft Legends, Golems are quite different. Although they serve the same purpose, to protect, they have many different types.

  • Using a specific set of blocks and resources, you can summon all types of Golems to help aid you in battle.
  • There are two main types of Golems, which are then further categorized into their own different variants.
  • The first is the regular types of Golems.
    • These are Golems that you’ll get access to quite early on in the game.
    • In fact, you’ll get to work with one of them during the tutorial section.
    • Acquiring them will require you to create Improvements which will help you unlock them.
  • The second type of Golems is the legendary Golems, also known as the First of Golems.
    • These are much stronger than your regular Golems but are also harder to unlock.
    • Although you’ll also need to create an Improvement to unlock the Legendary Golems, you’ll also need to carry out extra steps where you find the Golems in the Overworld and wake them up.
  • Each Golem type and how to unlock it will be discussed below in more detail.

As you progress through the game, your battles will become more challenging, and you’ll need strong forces to help you overcome various challenges. That is why you must try to unlock all of the Golems as soon as possible.

Regular Golems

Starting off with the regular Golems, they’re quite effective and usually will be your go-to Golems for any army due to their low cost and their wide utility. In fact, an army built solely on all four types of Regular Golems will give you access to offense, defense, long-range, and even a healer. Here’s a quick summary of each Golem Type, with details about them listed below.

Golem Type Spawner Cost Spawning Cost Description
Cobblestone Wood x1, Lapis x1, Flame of Creation Wood x25, Stone x25 Close-quarters melee combat specialist
Plank Wood x1, Lapis x1, Flame of Creation Wood x25, Stone x25 Ranged attacker, launching powerful ranged attacks
Grindstone Iron x1, Lapis x1, Flame of Creation Wood x25, Stone x25, Iron x5 Speedy melee combat unit, effective against ranged opponents
Mossy Iron x1, Lapis x1, Flame of Creation Wood x25, Stone x25, Iron x5 Support unit with unique healing capabilities

Cobblestone Golem

minecraft legends golem
Cobblestone Golem (image by eXputer)

The Cobblestone Golem will be your main Golem which you’ll use for getting up close and personal with your enemies. In fact, it is one of the two Golems that are already available to you at the start of the game, so you don’t have to worry about unlocking it.

  • The Cobblestone Golem in Minecraft Legends is a powerful unit that can be summoned by players to assist them in battles.
  • As a melee attacker, it excels in close-quarters combat and can take down structures with ease.
  • These hardy units are capable of serving as formidable frontline fighters and can take on waves of enemies with ease.
  • When deploying these golems, it is essential to summon a minimum of five to make sure they can deal significant damage at once.

With multiple golems, the enemy lines can be shattered in a matter of seconds, clearing the way for other units to move forward. To summon a Cobblestone Golem, players need to build a cobblestone Golem spawner which requires the following materials:

  • Stone x1
  • Lapis x1
  • Flame of Creation

And to summon the Cobblestone Golem, you’ll need to further use some of your resources. Here’s what you’ll need to summon a single Cobblestone Golem:

Once the Cobblestone Golem is summoned, it becomes a loyal ally that will fight for the player until it is either destroyed or the Piglins are defeated.

  • Players can use the Cobblestone Golem’s strength to their advantage by having it charge into battle, drawing attention away from other units like ranged attackers.
  • One of the best features of Cobblestone Golems is their ability to knock enemies into the air, making them ideal for clearing paths.
  • Enemies are easily disoriented and knocked back by the golems, which creates an opportunity to press the attack and exploit the resulting opening.
  • Stone Golems also excel at distracting enemies with high health pools.
  • With their strength and resilience, they are an excellent distraction for tougher enemies while other units deal damage from a distance.

While the Cobblestone Golem is a formidable opponent, it is not invincible, and players need to keep an eye on its health. If it takes too much damage, it will be destroyed, and the player will need to summon a new one. Additionally, you can use other Golems, such as the Plank Golems, to aid the Cobblestone Golems.

Plank Golems

Plank Golem Spawner (screenshot by eXputer)

Plank Golems are one of the two standard golems that are unlocked by default at the start of the campaign. They are ranged attackers that launch powerful ranged attacks against Piglin units but are quite vulnerable to direct hits. Plank Golems are passive units that can help players in battles by shooting rapidly at close range. To summon a Plank Golem, players need to create a spawner using the following:

  • Wood x1
  • Lapis x1
  • Flame of Creation

And similar to the Cobblestone Golem, you can spawn the Plank Golem from the spawner using the following materials:

Plank Golems can be used in conjunction with other golems, such as the Cobblestone Golem, to take down enemies more effectively.

  • Since Plank Golems are ranged attackers, they are best used to keep enemies at bay while the Cobblestone Golem moves in for the kill.
  • Plank Golems can shoot rapidly at close range, making them ideal for taking down enemies that are clustered together.

When using Plank Golems, players should have them fight in the back while other melee-based mobs are in the front.

  • This strategy allows Plank Golems to attack from a distance and support the melee units by providing cover fire.
  • Additionally, players should move the Plank Golems in numbers to maximize their effectiveness.

Compared to other golems, Plank Golems have a lower cost, making them a more affordable option.

  • Despite their usefulness, Plank Golems are quite vulnerable to direct hits, which means players need to be cautious and not let them get too close to enemies.
  • If a situation calls for it, players shouldn’t be afraid to sacrifice Plank Golems.
  • Sacrificing them can be a strategic move that creates an opening for other units to take down an enemy, for example, while Plank Golems keep other enemies busy.

It’s worth noting that Plank Golems are not the only ranged unit in Minecraft Legends; in case you’re looking for an alternative or a support group for Plank Golems, you should consider the Skeletons.

  • Skeletons are much more powerful ranged units than Plank Golems, though they don’t attack nearly as fast.
  • These units stand at the edge of a fight and fire arrow volleys into enemy lines.
  • Skeletons are mid-high-range units with low health and are effective from a range, even if their frame can’t withstand heavy blows.

Grindstone Golem

Grindstone golem in minecraft legends
Grindstone Golem spawner (screenshot by us)

The Grindstone Golem in Minecraft Legends is a speedy melee combat unit that can pack a punch in battle and can be considered as your cavalry.

  • You can unlock the Grindstone Golem by constructing the Gather Iron Improvement, which requires you to upgrade your base before they can get the materials needed to build the Grindstone Golem.

But once you’ve got access to the spawner, you’ll require the following materials to craft it:

  • Iron x1
  • Lapis x1
  • Flame of Creation

And to spawn the Grindstone golems through the spawner, you will require the following:

In battles, Grindstone Golems can be particularly effective against ranged opponents since they can quickly close the distance and block opposing strikes because of their speed. However, they are vulnerable to ranged attacks since they need to get close to their enemies to deal damage.

  • To make the most out of the Grindstone Golem’s capabilities, players can have them fight off enemies while the other mobs destroy buildings.
  • Players should try using their stunning blows to take out Lava Launchers, Portal Guards, and Pigmadillos. When charging into a fight, players can have the Grindstone Golem lead the charge to take down enemies quickly.
  • When attacking a base, it’s recommended to have at least five Grindstone Golems in the army to ensure that they can take down enemies quickly and efficiently.

Mossy Golem

minecraft legends golem how to get
Mossy Golem Spawner (image by us)

Mossy Golems in Minecraft Legends are a special type of support unit that boasts unique healing capabilities. These golems use the healing waters of the Well of Fate to heal both the hero and their allies. When an ally, such as a golem or player, is damaged, they go to them and start spraying water in a circular motion, healing anyone within its radius.

Unlocking the Mossy Golem spawner follows the same procedure as that of the Grindstone Golem (you’ll need to get the Gather Iron Improvement). Once you’ve unlocked the spawner, you can craft it using the following:

  • Iron x1
  • Lapis x1
  • Flame of Creation

And similar to the Grindstone Golem, you can spawn individual Golems using the following:

Their healing abilities make them a highly valuable addition to any player’s army, especially when paired with frontline units like the Grindstone Golem, which can keep enemies at bay while players heal up.

  • However, players should only have a few Mossy Golems out on the battlefield, as their healing ability has a long recharge time which is proportional to the number of Golems in the field
  • They do not have any way to protect themselves from an attack.

In terms of strengths and weaknesses, the Mossy Golem is a support unit that is fairly resilient.

  • They are not capable of fighting Piglins themselves, but their healing abilities make them arguably the best unit in the entire game.
  • That is especially true when battling against poisonous Piglins from the Horde of the Spore faction, and it’s incredibly valuable in all other fights, too.
  • When commanding your troops, it’s best to have Mossy Golems right behind the front lines, so they can quickly move in and start healing when needed.

First Of Golems

The next type of Golems that we have are the First of Golems. These are also considered as Legendary Golems and are much stronger than your regular Golems. These Golems are referred to as “The Firsts” due to the fact that they played a role in shaping the world. They eventually fell into a huge slumber, but their bodies can still be found around the world. Once you wake them up, you can add them to your ranks to help you against hordes of Piglins.

It is worth mentioning that these Golems are unique but worry not if they die during any battle. Because if they do get inflicted with fatal injuries, they will spawn back at your village, allowing you to use them in your next venture. Here is a summary of all the First of Golems with details entailed below.

Golem Type Wake Up Cost Spawner Cost Description
First of Diorite Coal x125, Gold x100 Lapis x225, Coal x400 Summons miniature golems for combat support
First of Oak Wood x500, Gold x100 Lapis x225, Diamonds x400 Long-range archer with exceptional damage
First of Brick Iron x125, Gold x100 Lapis x225, Iron x400 Creates a shield to protect against ranged attacks
First of Stone Stone x500, Gold x100 Lapis x225, Redstone x400 Siege engine that throws boulders at structures

How To Wake Up The Firsts

Before you can add the legendary Golems to your army, you need to find and wake them up first. For that purpose, you’ll first need to make the Wake The First Improvement at the Well of Fate (requires 100 Prismarine and 100 Stone). Then, all you need to do is travel the world and look for the sleeping Golems. Usually, they’ll be found where there is a question mark on the map. Approach them and pay a one-time fee (usually gold) to wake them up. After a cutscene, they’ll become available to you.

Important: It is hard to specify the exact locations for each Golem due to the fact that the world is procedurally generated. But, we can give general guidance on where you are likely to find the First of Golems.

First Of Diorite

first of golem minecraft legends
First of Diorite Golem cutscene (screenshot by us)

The First of Diorite in Minecraft Legends is a legendary golem that can summon other golems to help fight by your side. It is a valuable addition to any player’s army, especially when paired with the First of Stone on the front lines, as it can save you a trip to the spawner.

  • One of the unique features of the First of Diorite is its ability to summon additional miniature golems to fight alongside players.
  • These miniature golems can provide additional support during combat, making the First of Diorite a valuable asset in the game.
  • Unfortunately, it is a randomly generated ability, so players will know what they are getting once the Golem appears.
  • It’s important to position the First of Diorite on the edge of the fight to avoid it being surrounded while it’s spawning the miniature golems.

To find the First of Diorite, players must head to the Jagged Peaks biome and use the following to awaken it:

The First of Diorite in Minecraft Legends has a spawner cost of:

The First of Diorite is a mini-assistant to you, helping you unleash more mobs into the battlefield. To ensure that the enemy base is constantly under pressure, it’s recommended to keep the First of Diorite at a safe distance from the front lines during combat so that it can continue to spawn golems without interruption.

You can also use the First of Diorite as a mobile defense next to Power Towers. But it’s important to keep the First of Diorite in sight and with support. Otherwise, it is likely to get surrounded by the enemy and eventually destroyed.

First Of Oak

first of oak golem minecraft legends
First of Oak Golem (screenshot by us)

The First of Oak is a ranged warrior in Minecraft Legends that excels at dealing exceptional single-target damage with its arrow attacks from a distance, making it an excellent anti-infantry unit.

  • It is also noted to have the best range of any unit or structure, outranging even Skeleton archers.
  • However, it performs poorly in melee range and has no close-range attack, making it essential to keep it away from the front during combat.

To obtain the First of Oak in Minecraft Legends, players need to find it in Badlands biomes and use the following to wake it up:

And once you’ve got a spawner, then the cost to spawn the First of Oak is:

The First of Oak Golem will be your long-range supporter as it shoots at enemies from a safe distance while you lead your mobs straight into the hellfire.

  • It is an excellent unit for assaulting a base or defending one due to its range and exceptional single-target damage.
  • It can one-shot many elite Piglin mobs and heavily wound miniboss-tier ones like the Lava Launcher.
  • However, it gets overwhelmed in melee combat and has no melee attack. It is essential to avoid leaving the First of Oak unprotected, as it has relatively lower health and does not require many hits to be destroyed.
  • Therefore, it is best to keep it on the edge of the fight, as it is typically the first of the golems to go down if surrounded.

The First of Oak in Minecraft Legends is a valuable addition to the player’s army, especially when paired with other golems, such as the Grindstone Golem or the Mossy Golem, which can protect it from enemy attacks and heal it during combat. With the right strategy and support, the First of Oak can be a valuable asset in battles against Piglin Hordes in Minecraft Legends.

First Of Brick

First of Brick Golem (captured by us)

The First of Brick Golem in Minecraft Legends is a defensive golem that specializes in creating a shield to protect the player’s mobs against enemy attacks. The Golem can be a valuable ally during prolonged pushes into the Piglin Stronghold, as it can provide adequate protection to other offensive golems like the First of Diorite.

The First of Brick is usually present in the Dry Savannah Biomes. It requires the following to be woken up:

And to create a spawner for the First of Brick, you would require the following:

One of the primary abilities of the First of Brick is to spawn a protective barrier/shield which is capable of deflecting any incoming sources of damage (especially ranged attacks).

  • The shield is particularly useful when dealing with enemies that have a high projectile output.
  • However, players should note that finding the First of Brick can be challenging, as it blends in with the environment fairly well.
  • That is why you’re better off trying to locate it through the map.
  • Aim for the sites with a question mark in the general biome in which First of Brick is found (Dry Savannah), and you’ll likely find the Golem.

The Golem’s defensive abilities make it an essential component of any player’s army in Minecraft Legends. With the First of Brick by their side, players can push deeper into the Piglin Stronghold and take on miniboss-tier enemies.

First Of Stone

First of Stone Golem (image by eXputer)

The First of Stone is a sturdy and robust Minecraft Legends golem that serves as a personal catapult and siege specialist, specifically designed to dismantle Piglin structures by hurling massive stone boulders at them. While your other mobs handle the foot soldiers, the First of Stone is perfect for destroying defensive towers with its ability to throw large boulders, making it an ideal siege engine against Piglin outposts.

These golems can be found in the Meadow biomes of the game world. If you’re trying to add the First of Stone to your arsenal, you’ll need to use the following:

The First of Stone’s Spawner cost is:

They are a valuable addition to the player’s army as they can deal heavy damage to structures with their powerful ranged boulder attacks.

  • As a siege engine, it shoots boulders from a distance, making it a valuable asset for players during attacks.
  • Its ranged attacks are ideal for taking out Piglin structures and defensive towers while other troops handle enemy foot soldiers.


With that, you know everything about the Minecraft Legends Golems. They’re useful soldiers that can help you out in almost any combat situation. The regular golems will certainly remain as your go-to mobs whenever faced with any threat. 

However, when you get access to the First of Golems, you’ll certainly appreciate the power that they bring and their ability to turn the tide of almost any battle. It is also vital for you to assess each situation and summon each golem according to their strengths and weaknesses. 

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