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The Firsts are the legendary mobs in Minecraft Legends that you can add to your Mob army to build an overpowered lineup. Once you awake a First, you can recruit it to your team to fight from your side. The Firsts are far more powerful and much more effective than the regular troops. These legendary troops can prove great assistance in the advanced stages of the game, especially when fighting off sturdy bosses. So, it is crucial to know about the Minecraft Legends First locations and how to unlock them to recruit in the army. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Firsts are the gigantic golems in Minecraft that you can find and recruit in your army to fight off the brawny Piglins. 
  • Minecraft features four different kinds of Firsts that are sleeping in their respective biomes. 
  • You can find the First of Stone in the Meadow Biomes.
  • The First of Diorite can be found in Jagged Peaks, which is also home to Big Beak Mount. 
  • You can find the First of Brick in the Dry Savanna biomes.
  • To find the First of Oak, you need to venture into the Jungle and Badlands biomes.
  • Once you find the Firsts, you can wake them and rally to the banner to command them. 
  • If the First dies during the battle, you can visit the village or any of the Wellhouses to recruit them again in your army. 
Before You Start: You must finish the Night Beacon Quest and complete the “Improvement: Wake The First” before starting your hunt for mighty golems.

Firsts’ Locations In Minecraft Legends

The Firsts can be found in their respective Biomes, but due to the shuffling mechanism in the game, the location of the biome is always randomized and might be at a different spot in your case. However, you can look out in the specific land formations to increase the chances of finding the First. As you will be exploring large-span biomes, make sure to hop onto a Mount, as it will make your explorations much easier and time-saving.

Once you are close enough to the golem, a yellow question mark will appear on the map that will indicate the presence of the First. In this way, you can investigate the respective biomes of each first to find their sleeping dens. 

First Of Stone

Minecraft Legends first locations
First of Stone (Image by eXputer)

The First of Stone is a gigantic beast in Minecraft Legends that possesses the ability to throw massive chunks of debris at enemies. It can be used as a tanking unit for the army and can be placed in the front line-up for effective results in battles.

Whenever you need to charge at the enemy, the First of Stone can help you dominate the opponents. Once you’ve completed the Night Beacon quest and Improvement: Wake The First, you can start looking for the stone golem. 

Where To Find

Unlock the golem
First of stone unlock (Screenshot grab: eXputer)

You can find the First of Stone in the Meadow biomes of Minecraft Legends. Once you are in the area, you have to do some exploration until you spot a yellow question mark on the map. 

To wake the First of Golem, you need the following things.

  • 100x Gold
  • 500x Stone
  • Improvement: Wake The First

The First of Stone has a spawner cost of:

  • 225x Lapis
  • 400x Redstone 

Important: Waking the First of Stone is very convenient for base invasion battles. The golem has overpowered abilities and makes battles much easier for you and your mob army.

First Of Diorite

Minecraft Legends first locations
First of Diorite (Image by eXputer)

The First Of Diorite is a beefy unit that possesses the ability to spawn new troops. You can use this golem as a passive unit and keep it at the rear lineup of the army. As you fight the Piglins, the Diorite will keep spawning little golems that will assist the mobs in fighting off cunning enemies. 

The number of spawning troops is random, but the additional assistance to the army is surely a great way to overwhelm the opponents and catch them off guard.

Where To Find

Unlock the diorite golem
First of Diorite Location (Screenshot grab: eXputer)

You can find the First of Diorite in the Jagged Peaks biome. While you’re looking for the golem, the chances are pretty thick that you might also find the Big Beak mount, as it lives in the same biome. 

To wake up the Diorite from its sleep, you will require the following items. 

The First of Diorite in Minecraft Legends has a spawner cost of:

First Of Brick

Minecraft Legends first locations
First of Brick (Image by eXputer)

The First of Brick is a defensive mob in Minecraft Legends that helps you counter the enemy’s offensive attacks. The mob possesses the ability to build a defensive wall and save your army from any kind of projectiles and ground attacks. The Brick mob can cast a strong shield for the allies that helps them to assemble again and get ready to attack the enemy lineup when they become weaker. 

Where To Find

Unlock the brick golem
First of Brick unlock (Screenshot grab: eXputer)

You can look out for the First Brick in the Dry Savanna biomes of Minecraft Legends. While you are looking for the brick golem, you may also get lucky enough to find the Tiger mount as well.

To wake up the First of Brick, you will need the following items. 

And to spawn First of Brick, you would require the following:

First Of Oak

Minecraft Legends first locations
First of Oak (Screenshot grab: eXputer)

The First of Oak is a ranged-type unit that has the ability to throw projectiles at enemies. The Oak Golem is suitable for offensive players that like to rush on enemy babes to wreck them apart. You can hop on to your mount to lead the army towards the Piglin outpost while the First of Oak supports you from behind by shooting big projectiles from its cannon and eliminating any defensive barracks or power towers of the enemy. 

Where To Find

You can look out for the First of Oak in the Jungle and Badlands biomes, where it will be sleeping randomly in a spot, ready to be unleashed. To wake up the Oak golem, you’ll need the following items. 

The spawner cost for First of Oak is: 

How To Recruit And Revive The Firsts

Once you wake up a First, you can rally it with the banner and command it, just like the other mobs. You can always see the location of the First on the map, which will help you track it down or approach it when needed. Using the right Fists in battle and tracking them down during the battles to use them according to the situation will greatly improve your army’s efficiency. 

If a First dies in the battle, you will be notified that the mob is down. To revive the golem back, you just have to make a visit to the Wellhouse or the Village. There you can find the dead golems that can be rallied to the banner again. 

Tips And Tricks For Using Firsts

The First can significantly change the outcomes of the battles and help you in critical situations if used correctly. So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you in using these legendary creatures more wisely. 

  • To recruit a First in the battle, you need to be aware of their abilities so you can use them according to your needs, so keep in mind the following: First of Stone throws debris at targets, First of Diorite spawns golems, First of Brick turns into a defensive wall, and First of Oak shoots explosive projectiles on the enemies. 
  • While recruiting the Firsts, you do not need to worry about the spawn army space as the First do not occupy any slots. 
  • Each First has large hit points and can take many hits as compared to your mob army, so it is always optimal to use them during offensive moves to use them as tanks. 
  • First can act as a good distraction. While the enemies are focused on destroying the big Golem, you can rush onto their bases to destroy piglin structures

Minecraft Legends Firsts are overpowered mobs that you can use in advanced battles and invasion attacks. Each First offers a unique ability that you can use according to your situation. Making appropriate use of the Firsts will help to counter the enemies more effectively. 

Collecting all the Firsts is a great addition to your army. To recruit back the dead Firsts, you can build more Wellhouses and use fast travel to make things more efficient for you. Now that you know all the Minecraft Legends First locations, you should also check out how to switch teams on any platform, including NintendoPS4PS5Xbox series, and PC. Lastly, don’t forget to learn how to turn off the Narrator in the game, as it can be pretty annoying sometimes. 


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