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Besides just defending yourself and trying to take down hordes of Piglins, Minecraft Legends is about building structures and building them efficiently in order to aid you with your tasks. The Minecraft Legends melodies are a crucial mechanic that helps out with said building.

These melodies are capable of commanding your Allays in order to help you out with tedious tasks. In a way, they’re used to automate processes that would otherwise consume your time, allowing you to free up time to focus on other important aspects of the game.

Important: Unlocking melodies is closely tied with building Improvements, so you’re going to need to prioritize which Melodies you want first in accordance with the resources you have for specific Improvements.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Legends introduces the concept of Melodies, which are crucial mechanics that automate tasks by commanding Allays to perform specific actions such as gathering resources, building structures, and fighting enemies.
  • Players can unlock new Melodies through mainly two methods; building Improvements or liberating mobs. 
  • The best Melodies are classified into four categories: 
    1. Resourcing Melodies: Automate resource gathering by commanding Allays to collect essential materials.
    2. Combat Melodies: Summon powerful mobs and units to aid in battles against enemies.
    3. Building Melodies: Construct defensive and offensive structures to strengthen and protect your base.
    4. Improvement and Host Melodies: Enhance your base’s functionality and unlock new resources, structures, and units.

Resourcing Melodies

    1. Gather Iron Melody: Automates iron collection by commanding Allays, essential for structures, units, and upgrades.
    2. Gather Redstone Melody: Directs Allays to collect Redstone, vital for building Redstone Launchers, spawning zombies, and crafting battle drums.
    3. Cure Netherrack Melody: Removes Netherrack’s disease, allowing building on once-corrupted land and preventing Piglins from thriving.

Combat Melodies

    1. Cobblestone Golem Spawner Melody: Summons powerful Cobblestone Golems, effective against buildings and enemy units.
    2. Mossy Golem Spawner Melody: Spawns Mossy Golems, essential healer units that keep your army alive and remove debuffs.
    3. First Golem Spawner Melody: Unleashes powerful First Golems, legendary mobs that can turn the tide of any battle.

Building Melodies

    1. Ramp Melody: Constructs ramps for crossing hazardous terrain and adding verticality to bases.
    2. Redstone Launcher Melody: Builds Redstone Launchers that hurl TNT at enemies, dealing significant damage from afar.
    3. Masonry Melody: Upgrades wooden structures to stone, increasing their durability and fortifying defenses.
    4. Stun Tower Melody: Erects Stun Towers that periodically stun enemies, launching them away and complementing ranged defenses. 

Improvement Melodies

    1. Power Towers Melody: Unlocks access to Power Towers, the strongest defensive structures with unique abilities and uses.
    2. Build the Firsts Melody: Grants the ability to spawn First Golems, legendary units with immense strength for dominating battles.
  • Unlocking and strategically using the best Melodies will significantly improve players’ efficiency and effectiveness in Minecraft Legends.

What Are Melodies In Minecraft Legends

Melodies are perhaps one of the most crucial mechanics in Minecraft Legends, as they can help you create a smooth workflow and get things done more efficiently. Essentially, Melodies allow you to command your helpers, known as Allays, to carry out certain tasks. Depending on the type of Melody, your helpers can gather resources, build structures, and even combat enemies on your behalf.

Diving into the lore, the melody concept is tied to the legendary lute that you’re given. The “melodies” that you play on it are what guide the Allays. However, you won’t have every single useful Melody at the start of the game and will need to go out and unlock them on your own, which we’ll discuss in detail below.

How To Unlock More Melodies

When you start out your journey in Minecraft Legends, you’ll be given access to a few basic Melodies, such as harvesting Wood, Stone, and other basic crafting melodies, such as creating walls, ramps, etc. But there are many more melodies to be unlocked, which can make your life much easier. Acquiring every single Melody is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. Here are a few methods that you can use to unlock more melodies.

Building Improvements

minecraft legends melodies
Improvements at Well of Fate (screenshot by us)

Unlocking Melodies is directly interlinked with another mechanic of the game; Improvements.

  • Improvements are structures that you build at the Well of Fate.
  • They are capable of unlocking different types of resources and upgrades.
  • They can also increase the number of units around you.

Usually, whenever you create an Improvement, it tends to unlock some sort of Melody tied with it.

  • For example, let’s say you create an Improvement structure related to harvesting a certain type of resource, for instance, Iron.
  • Then you’ll also unlock a melody for harvesting that resource, allowing you to command the Allays to do it for you.

Furthermore, you might also get access to melodies for building structures that are related to that resource. Taking the same example, if you made an Improvement for Iron, then you can get access to the Melody for constructing the Masonry, a structure that requires Iron and is used for upgrading towers and walls.

Liberating Mobs

first of brick golem in minecraft legends
Liberating the First of Brick Golem (captured by us)

Another type of Melody that you’ll come across is one which is tied to creating spawners that can be used to summon mobs to aid you in your battles. However, unlocking these melodies has a slightly different approach.

  • During the tutorial section, you’ll get a glimpse of how various mobs have been imprisoned by the Piglins.
  • After the tutorial, you can actually visit these capture sites and help out the mobs by driving away the Piglins.
  • Once you rescue the imprisoned mobs, you can guide them to attack nearby Piglin portals to liberate the area completely.
  • Following all of these steps will allow you to get access to the specific mob spawner type and its Melody.
  • Ideally, you want to prioritize liberating mobs as quickly as possible, as a variety of mob spawners, such as zombies, creepers, and skeletons, can increase your chances of dominating the powerful Piglin armies.
  • But keep in mind that you will also need resources to construct these spawners once you get access to them, so ensure you’re keeping up with your resource-related Improvements as well.

It’s worth noting that there are alternative methods to secure new mob spawners besides unlocking melodies.

  • Players can gather materials and build spawners using the corresponding building improvements.
  • However, the advantage of unlocking melodies lies in the ability to summon specific mobs without requiring materials, providing a tactical edge in battles by allowing players to customize their armies according to the situation.

Best Melodies In Minecraft Legends

The Minecraft Legends melodies can be classified by their different types. There are four different classifications for the melodies that further branch into their own subsections. Here is a general outline of each type of Melody and what they do. Below, we’ve listed the best melodies for each type.

Category Function
Resourcing Melodies Place allay minions near sources of wood, stone, and ore to gather resources within range.
Combat Melodies Place unit spawners, such as zombie or grindstone golem spawners, for combat units.
Player Building Melodies Place structures like walls, arrow towers, or Redstone launchers for defense and offense.
Improvement and Host Melodies Build base upgrades like gather coal improvement or banner improvement for enhanced functionality.

Best Resourcing Melodies

minecraft legends melodies
Allays gathering resources (captured by us)

You’re going to need many resources in Minecraft Legends to build all sorts of structures, mobs, and much more. Here are a few of the most useful resourcing melodies.

  1. Gather Iron Melody
    • Iron is an essential resource in Minecraft Legends used for a variety of structures, units, and upgrades.
    • It is required for the Masonry structure, which upgrades wooden structures to stone ones, and to spawn powerful Grindstone Golems and Mossy Golems, which are essential for taking on tougher enemies.
    • Usually, Iron can be obtained by purchasing the Collect Iron improvement, and it is found in deposits that are most common in the Forest biome and sometimes in the Dry Savannah
    • But having the Allays perform the action for you can make the process much easier.
  2. Gather Redstone Melody
    • Redstone in Minecraft Legends is an important resource that has several uses, including building the Redstone Launcher, spawning zombies into your army, and building a battle drum.
    • It can be found by mining ores using your Allays, and it is usually found in the same types of biomes as Iron (Forest and Dry Savannah).
    • To get Redstone in Minecraft Legends, you can purchase the Collect Redstone improvement at the Well of Fate, which will, of course, unlock the Melody as well.
  3. Cure Netherrack Melody
    • The Cure Netherrack Melody is used to remove the disease caused by Netherrack, which prevents crafting and allows Piglins to thrive.
    • To unlock the Melody, build the Cure Netherrack Improvement at the Well of Fate.
    • Place the Cure Netherrack Allay on non-Netherrack terrain, and it will cure the blighted land as it goes round and round.
    • Curing Netherrack allows building on once-corrupted land and prevents Piglins from thriving.
    • You can also start building on Piglin’s base and claim them as yours.

Best Combat Melodies

Using spawner melodies (screenshot by us)

Fighting is something that you’ll be quite often in Minecraft Legends. Therefore, it is important to acquire the best melodies that you can early on.

  1. Cobblestone Golem Spawner Melody
    • The Cobblestone Golem Spawner in Minecraft Legends allows players to spawn powerful melee units called Cobblestone Golems.
    • To unlock it, construct the Improvement: Cobblestone Golem Spawner at the Well of Fate using 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine.
    • Once built, use the Cobblestone Golem Allay command to spawn golems by placing the spawner near your position.
    • Cobblestone Golems are strong against buildings and enemy units but vulnerable to ranged attacks and not effective against tougher enemies.
    • Regardless, they’ll be useful for bringing down the enemy base and creating openings.
  2. Mossy Golem Spawner Melody
    • The Mossy Golem Spawner in Minecraft Legends is used to spawn Mossy Golems, which are powerful healer units that keep your army alive and remove debuffs.
    • Once you have built the spawner, you will need one Lapis and one Iron to spawn a single Mossy Golem.
    • They are considered one of the best units due to their healing abilities and cost-effectiveness.
  3. First Golem Spawner Melody
    • In Minecraft Legends, First Golem Spawners are used to spawn powerful First Golems that can greatly assist you in battles.
    • There are four types of First Golems: First of Stone, First of Brick, First of Oak, and First of Diorite.
    • To unlock them, you need to build specific improvements and spawners in both multiplayer and campaign modes.
    • Regardless of the type of Golem you spawn, they’ll be much stronger due to the fact that these are Legendary Mobs and can help you turn the tide of any battle.

Best Building Melodies

Building in Minecraft Legends (image by us)

Of course, you’ll need to build many structures in order to gain an advantage over your enemies. These can be related to creating defenses or just structures to get around. Here are some of our suggestions.

  1. Ramp Melody
    • The Ramp Melody in Minecraft Legends builds ramps on Netherrack that automatically adapt to the environment.
    • They can be used as bridges or stairs, adding verticality to bases and aiding exploration.
    • Ramps are versatile and useful for crossing hazardous terrain and infiltrating enemy fortresses.
    • All of these factors make the Melody useful.
  2. Redstone Launcher Melody
    • The Redstone Launcher in Minecraft Legends is a structure that hurls TNT at enemy units or bases, dealing significant damage.
    • To use it, you need to unlock the ability to gather Redstone, collect the necessary resources, and interact with it manually.
    • Despite its long recharge times, it is quite useful for taking down enemy structures from afar.
  3. Masonry Melody
    • Masonry in Minecraft Legends upgrades wooden structures to stone, increasing their durability.
    • It is overall useful for fortifying your defensive structures.
  4. Stun Tower Melody
    • In Minecraft Legends, the Stun Tower is a defensive structure that periodically stuns enemies but does not deal damage.
    • To use it, you need to acquire the Collect Power Towers improvement, find and collect Stun Towers, and gather resources to build them.
    • The Stun Tower Melody is one of the best building melodies, launching enemies away and working well with other ranged defenses.

Best Improvement Melodies

power towers in minecraft legends
All Power Towers in the game that you can automate using Melodies (image by eXputer)

Improvement melodies will help you unlock new resources and structures much faster. Although almost any improvement melody will be quite useful, there are a few that you should try to prioritize.

  1. Power Towers Melody
    • Gives you access to the Power Towers, which are considered the strongest defensive structures in the game.
    • There are three different types of Power Towers, each with its own unique abilities and uses.
  2. Build the Firsts Melody
    • Gives you access to the First Golems, which are the legendary units and the strongest in the game.
    • They will help you overcome almost any battle in the game if used properly.

Bonus Tips

With that, you know everything about Minecraft Legends Melodies. It is a crucial mechanic that automates processes, allowing players to focus on other aspects of the game. These melodies command Allays to carry out tasks such as gathering resources, building structures, and combatting enemies.

Melodies can be unlocked through building Improvements, liberating mobs, or purchasing Collect Improvements. The best melodies are classified into four categories: Resourcing Melodies, Combat Melodies, Player Building Melodies, and Improvement and Host Melodies. The most useful melodies include Gather Iron Melody, Cobblestone Golem Spawner Melody, and Ramp Melody.

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