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Mighty Nein Reunited Brings Back One of Critical Role’s Most Iconic Foes

An old threat sets its sights in the two-part Mighty Nein in Critical Role reunion special, which picks up months after the action of Campaign 2.

first part of critical roletwo part special The mighty Nein together he reintroduced the threat of Uk’otoa by handing the leviathan the final key to his ascension.

One year and change after the end of his second Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, critical role reunited the Mighty Nein adventure crew in a special that streamed both online and in select Cinemark theaters. The first part spent time updating fans on the lives of the beloved heroes, including Fjord, Jester Lavorre, and Kingsley Tealeaf, aboard the Nein Heroez, where they encountered Uk’otoa. Cornered in the sea by the minions of the leviathan deity, Fjord was persuaded to give up the Sundered Crystal, the third and final key to Uk’otoa’s rise.

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The threat of Uk’otoa

As something of a newcomer, Taliesin Jaffe’s Kingsley was given a rundown of match history with Uk’otoa. Travis Willingham’s former patron of Fjord sought freedom from his prison under the Lucidian Ocean, a goal that Fjord thwarted by clinging to the Sundered Crystal. Prior to the attack and subsequent destruction of the Nein Heroez, fans were treated to the familiar menacing whisper and towering yellow eyes that represent Uk’otoa when facing off against Fjord. Giving up the Sundered Crystal meant that Uk’otoa posed an immediate threat to Exandria and brought an urgent need for the Mighty Nein to regroup.

Fans online and in theaters were excited to see this threat resurface as an impetus to bring Mighty Nein back together. Lost characters like Caduceus Clay and Essek Thelyss figured prominently in Critter’s conversation, however. Defeating Uk’otoa promises to take the critical role they broadcast more than one session, so the second part of the night saw the group preparing for the next meeting.

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In the great landscape of critical role media, the iconic enemy Mighty Nein inspired the company’s first board game. critical role developed uk’otoa through its publishing group Darrington Press, the collaborative board game that takes players on an adventure on the high seas in a reality where Uk’otoa has been released from his oceanic prison. A similar reality may be fast approaching for Mighty Nein in the second part of their two-part reunion special.

As Mighty Nein dispatches the threat of Uk’otoa, critical roleThe current party of adventurers from Campaign Three, Bells Hells, have been on a short hiatus and will return in December.

The race against Uk’otoa will continue for Mighty Nein on Thursday, December 1 at 7 PT on Twitch, YouTube and in select Cinemark theaters.

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