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Midoriya’s Actions in Season 6 are Refocusing Him as the Main Hero

Most anime have a central protagonist who is followed by most if not all of their central story. In from my hero academia case, that character is Izuku Midoriya. Although he is considered the chosen one, chosen by the legendary hero All Might to become the greatest hero, Midoriya is just beginning his hero’s journey.

With great potential for his character, fans expected to see a lot from Midoriya, but sadly, the most recent seasons have left the hero-in-training with a lackluster role. Unfortunately, Midoriya fades into the background compared to the other characters around him, but an event followed by his own drive to save the day brings him back to the protagonist’s exciting call-to-action.

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Midoriya’s Path to Heroism

With lovable qualities like unwavering heroism and a kind-hearted personality, Midoriya seemed like a heroic lead worth rooting for. In a fictional society of people with quirks, superhuman abilities one is born with, Midoriya began his quirkless hero’s journey, a rarity in his world. Midoriya dreamed of becoming a pro hero and following in the footsteps of number one hero All Might, but without a quirk, there was little hope for his dream. After rushing to rescue his high school bully from a villain, Midoriya proves his worth as a hero and is recognized by the world’s number one hero, All Might.

The story of the underdog hero Midoriya began the moment All Might declared, “You too can become a hero.” With the mysterious power of All Might’s One For All quirk, Midoriya trains hard to uphold justice and save lives. As much as this serious leading man grows in strength and inspires those around him, there are more moments where he fades into the background, especially in the more recent seasons.

My Hero Academia’s mixed approach left Midoriya missing

Bakugo, Todoroki and Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

As much as Izuku Midoriya has grown since the beginning of my hero academia, his importance to the overall plot has been forgotten since the season 4 finale, when he stopped the villainous Gentle Criminal. Part of his failure to stand out is due to the sheer number of vital characters on both the hero and villain sides of the story; however, even in Seasons 1 and 2, there was a greater balance of the leading man’s role with the rest of the cast. .

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Now, the main character can’t always stay in the spotlight, but since Season 3, Midoriya has been easily overshadowed by the actions of multiple characters like All Might, Mirio, Bakugo, Todoroki, Endeavor, and even various villains. In fact, Season 5 barely shows Midoriya, and while it’s interesting to learn more about All For One, the relentless training arcs are a disappointment for a character with so much promised potential.

Even when season 6 premiered, Midoriya was still taking a backseat as the devastating war between heroes and villains begins. At this point, Midoriya is given the minor role of evacuating the civilians along with her classmates. With so much intense action and drama away from the lead, it seemed like Midoriya would never see action. That is, until the awakening of Tomura Shigaraki.

The Rise of Tomura Shigaraki as All for One

Shigaraki's power in My Hero Academia

While Midoriya has his own training as a hero, Shigaraki has also been increasing in strength and power, going through his own training as a villain. During their first interaction near the end of season 2, they were just students in their own ways with little accomplishment to boast of. From then on, they would not meet again until the current war between heroes and villains, but this is not because they meet on the battlefield. Shigaraki has put a target on Midoriya’s back ever since they first met her, but without the proper strength, the villain never made a move until now.

After his rise to power, defeating and taking control of the Liberation Army, Shigaraki reaches a new level with his quirk, Decay. With all the resources and support of the Liberation Army, Dr. Garaki conducts experiments to give him the power of All For One and improve his physical abilities. It would take time for him to fully achieve, and thanks to the hero Hawk’s spying mission, the heroes would be able to launch a surprise attack before the villains were fully prepared. Unfortunately, all of the heroes’ efforts would go to waste as the experiment would still give Shigaraki more than enough strength to turn the tide of the war in the villains’ favor.

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Shigaraki’s connection to Midoriya

Shigaraki teases Midoriya in My Hero Academia

Both Shigaraki and Midoriya inherited the powers of All For One and One For All respectively, and this inevitably made them enemies. Stepping out of the shadows of their mentors, they are finally reclaiming their status as vital characters as they face off in Season 6. This would never have happened if Shigaraki hadn’t achieved the power of All For One.

By the time Shigaraki reached All For One, Midoriya could feel it. After hearing Shigaraki’s call for One For All through the Heroes’ telecommunications, Midoriya quickly deduces that the villain was after him. Knowing the danger Shigaraki would bring to the civilians Midoriya is responsible for, as well as his closest friends, Midoriya makes a heroic decision.

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Midoriya’s long-awaited call to action

Shigaraki vs. Midoriya in My Hero Academia

Despite the risk of him fighting Shigaraki alone, Midoriya runs to get the villain away from the civilians and his friends, though Bakugo follows him, fully understanding the situation. Though the pro heroes step in to protect Midoriya, this clash-provoking moment between Shigaraki and Midoriya has been building up since Season 2. The primary focus on these two opposing characters is also significant as both have, ironically, had trouble coming together. stand. out of the package.

In the same way that Midoriya is looked down on by others and overshadowed by the exploits of other characters, Shigaraki has had the same problem. The two have come a long way since their first meeting, but now, after their intense training, after all their separate achievements, they find themselves on the battlefield of war again.

Shigaraki’s pursuit of Midoriya, as well as his triumph over the pro heroes, ultimately establishes him as the main villain of the series. Now that he challenges Midoriya with her new abilities, it’s up to the young hero-in-training to finally prove himself worthy of being on equal footing by acting as the main hero. So far, Midoriya’s bold and heroic actions have resulted in the protection of civilians and his friends, making him worthy of the title of hero. However, to achieve the promised status as the World’s Greatest Hero, he must overcome Shigaraki’s challenge.

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