Microsoft is reportedly deleting Forza Motorsport reviews.


Highlights of the story

  • Various Reddit users have claimed that Microsoft has allegedly removed their reviews of Motorsport.
  • Users also reported a large difference in the number of reviews as the total number of reviews decreased over time.
  • A look at the game’s store page also confirms this as the number of reviews dropped from 847 to 602 between the 40-minute span.

It seems Microsoft is once again finding itself at the center of controversy as users claim that the company is deleting Forza Motorsport reviews from the Xbox Store. Users from Reddit reported that their reviews of the game are disappearing from the review page on the Xbox Store and the number of reviews is slowly decreasing.

Fortunately, this is not difficult to prove as a consumer. New GAF posted a screenshot of the store page 40 minutes ago showing the total number of reviews. At the time the standard edition of the game had a total of 847 reviews and a 2.6 user score.

Review counts down to 3AM PST, October 11th.

After checking the store page itself, a shocking revelation!

Game review countdown until October 11th at 3:38 AM PST.

The Forza Motorsport review count went from 847 to 602 as of 3:38 AM with an overall score of 2.5. A large portion of the negative reviews on the Xbox seem to point to the game’s poor optimization and lack of polish. Also available on Forza Motorsport. steam With mixed user ratings. Players have described the game’s visuals, mechanics and handling as notable features, but most players have reported very poor performance on PC.

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After a long period of hype and anticipation, it appears that many Forza fans are largely unsatisfied with motorsports. So far there has been no statement from Microsoft or developer Turn 10 on the current state of the game.

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