Microsoft Execs Consider Bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming Through a Browser to PS5



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  • Recent Microsoft v. FTC court documents revealed that company executives were considering bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to the PlayStation 5 through a browser.
  • Executives wondered if it would even work on the PS5, considering the browser is so limited. It was also debated whether Sony would allow it in the first place.
  • The idea was never pursued Microsoft And so far nothing has come of it.

Microsoft v. FTC court document leaks have recently been unveiled. A series of details and internal discussions recently. A new finding shows that Microsoft executives once discussed this. Xbox Cloud Gaming And wanted Bring on the feature PlayStation 5 According to the consoles Tom Warren On Twitter, The Verge senior editor, executives were also wondering if that would happen. Even work On PS5 and if Sony will allow it.

In an inclusive conversation Phil Spencer And Sarah Bond, a Microsoft executive, considered whether an Xcloud subscriber (via XGPU) could Stream the game on PS5. through the browser in the current time frame. He argued that this would not work. Buying an Xbox but still Bring a subscriber. For service “And so ‘anyone’ can still play.

If Sony Supports the necessary browser requirements then we can watch people streaming on PS5. I have no insight into their roadmap. We’ve seen via telemetry that someone has already tried — it crashed because his browser didn’t support the controller the way we expected,” another executive replied.

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Another executive marveled “If Sony will actively block it.” We know that talk never materialized into an idea that was pursued behind the scenes by Microsoft or Sony. Some other leaked conversations have confirmed this. Phil considered buying a Nintendo, It’s called “career moment.The Microsoft CEO also said that last year There was a “disaster situation” for the Xbox.

It’s worth noting that the PlayStation 5 does not. Even supports the browser directly.. It is possible to work around this and use a limited version of the browser, but having our smartphones and other devices lying around is ultimately not worth it. Additionally, PS5 users are sure. Sony will never let Microsoft down. Bringing such a feature to its ecosystem. These were just dialogues that probably never did anything between the actors.

The leaks have revealed many other personal details about Microsoft and the Xbox brand. An email regarding Phil Spencer reacts to PlayStation 5. Also apparently on the scene; Phil was Quite satisfied And the Xbox Series X is confident with higher specs than the PS5. Moreover, we also know that The next generation of consoles – Especially Next generation Xbox consolesIt will start in 2028.according to a further internal document leak.

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