Microsoft Apparently Had No Faith In Redfall; Arkane Lyon Developing A “More Ambitious” Game



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  • As per a French retailer, Microsoft had no faith in Redfall as it was not interested in it, and it wanted to end the development of the game quickly. 
  • The retailer met up with the developers of Arkane Lyon, where he learned the info, and the studio is also reportedly brewing a new “much more ambitious game.”
  • The rumor about a new project matches up with an affirmation by the Deathloop VA Jason. A sequel to the entry appears to be in development since early last year.
  • Both Microsoft and Redfall developers Arkane Austin have not officially denied the new rumors. We suggest taking it with a grain of salt.

It has become increasingly clear that Redfall had a big downfall from everyone’s high expectations, leaving most of the community disappointed. Regardless, the official narrative from Microsoft so far has suggested that it was a well-beloved entry by the devs and the giant conglomerate while in the brewer. However, a French retailer who apparently met up with the Arkane Lyon team suggests an entirely opposite narrative.

The retailer working at Lyon met up with the developers of Dishonored and Deathloop and got a chance to discuss the recent Redfall disaster. As per the employee, Microsoft apparently had no faith in the game and was looking forward to wrapping up the development quickly. This comes as a shocker to the community because the official narrative has not suggested it at all. However, many gamers have believed similar sentiments in the past.

Having the chance to have in my clientele a lot of devs from Arkane Lyon, here is what comes out.
Ms didn’t believe too much in Redfall and seems to have wanted to finish the development quickly.
Arkane Lyon is working on a much more ambitious game
I don’t know more about it,” reads the english translation.

As per the retailer, Arkane Lyon is also reportedly brewing a project behind the curtains. It makes sense because both Arkane Austin and Arkane Lyon are renowned for releasing titles one after the other. It is now the turn of Lyon, and as per the employee, the studio is whipping up a “much more ambitious game” than Redfall. It is worth noting that the studio has developed Dishonored 1, Dishonored 2, Death of the Outsider, and Deathloop.

Some official evidence does support the rumor; the VAs have long confirmed a Deathloop DLC or sequel to be in development. The voice actors for Colt and Julianna, Jason Kelley and Ozioma Akagha, appeared in an interview with Streamily many months ago and slipped out some alluring details regarding the future of the IP. It is likely to be a Deathloop sequel because of a tweet by Jason made all the way back on May 17th, 2022.

Adding more flair to the Redfall rumor, a notable insider Jeffshares the aforementioned sentiments. In the latest Last of the Nintendogs episode (13:40) on YouTube, Jeff said that the leading theory currently suggests that Redfall started brewing before Microsoft took over.

As per Jeff, the company evidently did not like Redfall after joining the scene, leaving Arkane to do its own thing. He alleges that the title should have been shelved instead of giving Arkane freedom over it.

Hence, the rumors appear to have some weight behind them. As per the retailer, Microsoft had no interest in developing Redfall after joining the fray, but nothing official suggests it at all. We recommend taking the rumors with a grain of salt; Microsoft nor Arkane Austin have officially addressed the rumors. However, this view is not as rare in the gaming industry, especially after Redfall was released with horrible bugs, glitches, and poor AI.

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