Meta to stop compatibility with original Oculus Quest VR headsets



Meta will no longer support the original Oculus Quest VR headset. Now it’s the end of the line for the Oculus Quest and the beginning of a new era.

In a new report from the media IGNMany Quest owners have now received emails confirming that no new features will be added this year. Instead, security and software updates will only continue until 2024. After that, the Oculus Quest VR headset will be on its own as Meta breaks ties with them in terms of support.

While gamers can still access apps with Oculus Quest headsets that are compatible with it, there will be a time when they won’t be able to. As of March 5, 2023, social features will not be accessible, which means that you will not be able to visit your own Meta Horizon homes or your friends. They cannot create or join a group after that day.

For a while now, support for this particular VR headset has slowed down. It must have been planned for a while now that support will stop in a couple of months and Meta was slowly letting owners get a feel for the upcoming event.



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