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Core points of Gamers

Medieval Dynasty: What to Build First

medieval dynasty is an open world survival and building game that has amassed numerous positive reviews on Steam since its release in September 2021. In order to build their own dynasty in the Middle Ages, players must survive, hunt, build, and eventually create a prosperous city. . Since the game also has RPG elements, there are plenty of skills for players to learn and master.

It can be confusing for new players to know exactly where to start building and what to build after completing your first house. There are specific goals that players need to prioritize to make the game easier in the long run, so here’s a guide on what to build and when.

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Where to place your first house and town

The first thing players need to consider when starting out is how close they are to a body of water and a forest. Water is important in the game for drinking and fishing, and the straw on the shore is useful for crafting. The forests have animals for hunting, as well as trees for logs, which are an important building resource. It’s also helpful to be close enough to another village for supplies and trade, but not too close as players need to make sure they have enough room for future expansion.

Types of buildings and how to build them

Medieval dynasty buildings along a road

There are eight types of buildings in medieval dynasty: Residential, Extraction, Hunting, Agriculture, Livestock, Production, Services and Storage. Residential is self-explanatory: it’s the houses for the player and other villagers. Extraction buildings include the Digging Shed, Herbalist’s Hut, Mine, Well, and Woodshed. For agriculture, there is the barn, the orchard, the field, and the windmill. The hunting buildings include both the fishing lodge and the hunting lodge, and the animal husbandry buildings consist of a pigsty, chicken coop, chicken coop, pen, stable, barn, and apiary. In the Production category, players can build a kitchen, sewing hut, blacksmith, tavern, and workshop. The Builder’s Hut and Market Stall are in the Service category, and under Storage, there are Food Storage and Resource Storage.

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Most of the buildings have the same kind of prerequisites. Players must first have unlocked the building type, Building Tech skill level, and also possess the necessary resources to build. Players can unlock different types of buildings by completing in-game tasks. Many buildings can also be isolated or upgraded, and upgraded buildings don’t have to be repaired as often. However, isolation can only be done if the player also has the Handyman ability.

Players should keep in mind that in order to build, the terrain must be mostly flat and there can be no obstacles in the way. There is a limit on buildings, but this limit can be increased by completing chapters. Players may be surprised that these initial requirements are only for building the building frame, so the rest still needs to be completed.

How to prioritize your buildingsMedieval dynasty farmers working in the fields

In medieval dynastyAs in life, personal shelter is the first priority, so players must start by building a home for themselves. The next priority is storage, and resource storage takes precedence over food storage, as gathering supplies is pointless if there’s nowhere to put them. The next building priority is another house for a villager to move into. From this point on, the options are more based on individual need. For example, build a well if the water supply is not close enough. Or, players may want to build a hunting lodge and hire a villager to work there. A woodshed for collecting sticks could also come in handy, as players can start making things to sell for money.

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