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Mayaumekis Shrine Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, presents Link with challenging Downward Force puzzles to solve. Like other shrines in the game, trying to complete it can be a hassle as you will first find its precise location on the map and then have the necessary abilities to overcome its obstacles. Thankfully, with a simple step-by-step walkthrough, that task becomes easier.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mayaumekis shrine is located in the Hebra Mountains Sky region, below The Wind Temple.
  • To access the Mayaumekis shrine, progress through the “Tulin of Rito Village” quest and follow the giant floating ship.
  • Solving the shrine requires precise timing, using Lift Ships, and battling enemies.
  • Strike a yellow rock to activate it and open the door to progress.
  • Ascend stairs, defeat the Construct, and use Lift Ships to propel yourself upward.
  • Glide from platform to platform, utilizing trampolines and observing floating boats.
  • There is an optional chest containing ten arrows on an upper platform.
  • Shoot an arrow through metal bars to activate another yellow rock and open a trapdoor.
  • Land on the highest floating boat and use its trampoline to reach the Light of Blessing.
  • Complete the shrine and receive your reward.

Mayaumekis Shrine Location

mayaumekis shrine Location
Location of Mayaumekis Shrine – (Image by eXputer)

The Mayaumekis Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is situated within the Hebra Mountains Sky region in the Rising Island Chain. It can be found below The Wind Temple, at a slightly lower altitude and northwest direction, as pointed out in the image above.

  • The specific coordinates to locate the shrine are (-2940, 3059, 0896).
tears of the kingdom mayaumekis shrine
Mayaumekis Shrine Tears of the Kingdom – (Image by eXputer)
  1. You can quickly discover the shrine while progressing through the “Tulin of Rito Village” quest chain.
  2. Upon reaching a cut scene where a voice prompts Tulin and Link to go to the giant floating ship, the shrine becomes accessible.
  3. After the cut scene concludes, ascend the stairs and utilize the trampoline at the top to launch into the air.
  4. Use your paraglider to glide directly from there towards the entrance of the Mayaumekis Shrine Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Solve The Puzzle

The Mayaumekis Shrine Tears of the Kingdom offers a small antechamber and a vast area full of Lift Ships and a single enemy. Navigating this shrine requires precise timing, a few arrows, and the strength of Link’s legs, as he will be propelled into the air multiple times through the Lift Ships.

rock Yellow
Yellow Rock – (Image by eXputer)
  1. You will begin the shrine by finding yourself confined within a room.
  2. Approach the wall with bars and locate a glowing yellow rock positioned beyond it.
  3. Strike the yellow rock to activate it, causing the door to open. You can attempt a charged spin attack or explore alternative methods like using a bow and arrow.
  4. Progress into the next room and ascend the stairs.
  5. Engage in battle with the Construct situated at the top.
  6. Jump on a Lift Ship located in the area to launch yourself upward, passing through the hollow center of a higher level.
  7. Aim to land safely on the expansive square platform through which you were propelled.
  8. Discover another Lift Ship positioned on the same platform. Take advantage of it by jumping once more and initiating a glide.
  9. Watch for a moving floating boat positioned at a short distance.
  10. It should be noticeable during your ascent as it moves in a circular motion.

Obtaining The Chest

mayaumekis shrine Chest
Chest in Mayaumekis Shrine – (Image by eXputer)
  1. Direct your attention towards the circling of the floating boat and locate a chest positioned in the upper corner, visible when looking up.
  2. Jump on the Lift Ship on the current platform to launch yourself into the air. Glide towards the moving boat to receive an additional boost, enabling you to reach the desired height. 
  3. This will allow you to land on the platform where the chest is located. Open the chest to obtain 10 arrows.
  4. Glide back down to the platform where you initially arrived.
yellow rock
2nd Yellow Rock – (Image by eXputer)
  1. Jump on the Lift Ship once more. During your jump, you’ll notice a section of the closest wall blocked off by metal bars. Behind these bars, there is another yellow rock
  2. Activate slow-motion aiming by pulling the bow mid-air, then shoot an arrow through the bars to hit the rock.
  3. Upon successfully hitting the rock, it will emit a greenish-blue light, triggering a cutscene that reveals an opened trap door. If you miss the shot initially, continue bouncing up and down until you achieve the desired hit.
  4. Jump on the Lift Ship once again and glide toward the highest of the three stationary floating boats
  5. Land on this boat and use its trampoline. With the trapdoor now open, you can go to the Light of Blessing, ready for you to collect.
mayaumekis shrine completing
Completing the Mayaumekis Shrine – (Image by eXputer)

Mayaumekis Shrine is a shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom that presents Link with challenging Downward Force puzzles to solve. Read our guide on How To Get & Use Star Fragments, which have tons of uses. They are used as even Fuse Material which can be used to Fuse Weapons.


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