Mass Effect Veteran Mac Walters Leaves BioWare



BioWare’s Mass Effect veteran Mac Walters has left the studio.

Mac Walters has officially publicly confirmed his departure over the weekend. He has been with the company for more than 19 years. He started out as a writer on Jade Empire and then took on a larger role on the original Mass Effect and then as lead writer on the second and third installments of the trilogy.

“With a new year comes new adventures”, Walters said in his LinkedIn account. “As some of you already know, at the end of last year I decided to leave BioWare. These last 19 years have been a life-changing experience, to say the least, and it was very difficult for me to make the decision.”

Walter’s account has now revealed that he is on a career hiatus.

“I have worked with so many wonderful people and have been privileged to be a part of the most amazing teams and projects.” he continued. “It’s hard to understand it all, and I know I’ll reflect on it for years to come.

“Thank you to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with and I wish everyone at BioWare the very best in all they do. It really has been a pleasure.”

mass effect mac walters

The last role of Mac Walters in Bioware

Walters has worked on the upcoming Dragon Age Dreadwolf video game as a production manager. He also became narrative director for Anthem and creative director for Mass Effect Andromeda. Lastly, he was a project manager for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.



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