Marvel’s Wolverine is reportedly seeking an adult rating



A new report claims that the upcoming game Marvel’s Wolverine being developed by Insomnia will be targeting a mature rating.

Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb recently filed a live broadcast revealing details of Insomniac’s plans for the game that will have Wolverine as the main protagonist.

Grubb claims that Insomniac is really aiming for the Hard R rating. He thinks an M-rated Wolverine could work and is the right character for the job. An M-rated game with him as the focus would be the perfect fit.

The reporter also claims that this version of Wolverine will stand on its own and not tie into previous X-Men movies like Fox’s. He says it will be set before he joins the famous group of mutants, which makes sense. since that moment is when it is most violent.

Another rumor Grubb heard is the game’s possible release window. He claims he heard two different dates for it, one being as early as fall 2024, which he had doubts about since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is planned to release in fall 2023. The other release window is 2025.

However, Grubb is confident that if anyone could release two mainline games in a row, it would be Insomniac Games.

marvel wolverine

Marvel’s Wolverine is in development.



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