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Marvel’s Wakanda Just Gave M’Baku His Own Killmonger in L’Krah

It’s safe to say that Killmonger has become one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, mainly due to Michael B. Jordan’s run as a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. the Black Panther the comics never put him in the spotlight as much, despite being King T’Challa’s main enemy, but the movies certainly did. They painted him as a sympathetic villain who just wanted his birthright in a kingdom marred by turmoil.

That’s why fans are now enjoying Killmonger’s cameo in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, enjoying how much he wanted to fight the colonials and the system. Ironically, Killmonger or N’Jadaka as he is known in lore played a role in Ta’Nehisi Coates’ story about the corrupt intergalactic empire of Wakanda that arose out of Earth-616. Now come wakandan #2 (by Evan Narcisse, Adam Serwer, Ibraim Roberson, Natacha Bustos, Jordie Bellaire, and VC’s Joe Sabino), as M’Baku follows that run and keeps an eye on this cosmic realm, he ends up getting his own version of Killmonger.

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Black Panther‘s Killmonger has warped principles

Whereas the Killmonger from the source material was more about greed and power, the MCU was steeped in principle. He didn’t like how T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, killed his father, N’Jobu, thus sparking a civil war. This prompted Killmonger to return home, defeat T’Challa, and stage a coup. He even got some council members to side with him, making it clear that Wakanda was a weapon to be wielded.

In their eyes, bombing the elite, entitled nations would make up for centuries of slavery and oppression. So, Wakanda could reach its full potential at last. Sadly, Killmonger didn’t care who in the nation he had to kill or enslave to achieve this goal, making him just as evil as the people he preached against. That’s why T’Challa finally killed him, but he mourned his cousin because he knew Killmonger only wanted the best for his people.

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wakandan Gives M’Baku an antagonist similar to Black Panther‘s Killmonger

Wakanda gives M'Baku an intergalactic Killmonger on L'Krah

In wakandan #2, M’Baku ends up fighting a similar tyrant who wants to take power away from him. This turns out to be L’Krah, someone whom M’Baku considers a brother after breaking out of his slavery. M’Baku hated being an oppressor, and when he left he thought that L’Krah, the prince of the estate, had turned altruistic, going against King L’Krun’s wicked ways. Well, after L’Krah couldn’t escape, his father instilled in him that sense of privilege, making him think that the throne of the empire belonged to him.

When the regent passed away, a bitter L’Krah rallied his own rebels, the Pride of Ghekre, and allied with other “vibranium princes”. His mission now is to seize the empire and turn it into a symbol of fear and wealth. It’s similar to what Killmonger wanted from the MCU, including the one he fought against M’Baku and T’Challa in this book. Fortunately, M’Baku takes down his former friend and imprisons him, but L’Krah already has attacks all over the place. He is destabilizing the empire, warning M’Baku that Wakanda will not achieve greatness with him. Ultimately, L’Krah is becoming the freedom fighter Killmonger claimed to be, vowing that his personal vendetta will only end with him ruling Planet Bast.

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