Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 The Flame Side Story Guide


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 The flame The side story is a series of 4 missions in which Peter Parker responds to a cry for help and ends up encountering an old ally, a pyromaniac cult, and a sinister enemy who has committed many heinous acts.

Read on as we progress through the events of The Flame’s side story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and share some tips on how to complete your goals.

To unlock the Flame side story, you must complete the Healing the world main story mission. This side story is exclusive to Peter Parker.. Chief Clarke will call you and ask for your help to stabilize the building they are working on and rescue the trapped civilians. The mission start area will appear in the central area of ​​the Financial District.

Flame’s side story spans four missions, with the later missions unlocked as you progress through the main story missions. Also check out the links to our full walkthrough on each mission below:

The parallel story of Flame Missions Walkthroughs and objectives

  • Where have you been?
    • Mark caught people for the firefighters.
    • Clear a path and mark people.
    • Maneuver around electricity.
    • follow the voices
    • Fight against intruders
  • everything burns
    • Take down the cultists
    • Find a way to the shelter area.
    • Look for clues to open the door.
    • Go deeper into the building
    • Eliminate the cultists
    • Release the prisoners
    • Take down the cultists
    • Fight your way out of the building.
  • I knew you had it in you
    • Meet Yuri
    • Find a way inside
    • Find an alternative route
    • Take down the cultists
    • Head to the sanctuary
    • Stop Yuri
    • Continue without Yuri
  • It was meant for me
    • Disarm the bombs
    • Defeat the cultists
    • Defeat the remaining cultists.

Where have you been?

Peter is called to help rescuers trapped in a collapsing building, but he also encounters a former ally, Yuri, and runs into an arson cult that worships The Flame.


  • 1000 XP, 2 Hero Tokens, and 200 Tech Pieces

everything burns

Yuri gets a lead on one of the cult’s shelters and asks Peter for help in attacking it.


  • 1200 XP, 4 Hero Tokens, and 250 Tech Pieces

I knew you had it in you

After The Flame tells Yuri to meet her at the abandoned hospital, she decides to accept his invitation despite it being an obvious trap.


  • 2000 XP, 6 Hero Tokens, and 300 Tech Pieces

It was meant for me

After being led into a trap by The Flame, Peter gains new information about the cult’s next plans, which involve blowing up a portion of the city to send a message.


Immediately after the mission’s conclusion, Wraith contacts Peter, stating that she needs some personal time to search for “The Flame”. She shares potential aliases for The Flame, naming Archie Abel, Walter Wachtman, and, notably, Cletus Cassidy. While the first two names are not recognized in Spider-Man’s comic or film history, fans might have caught a clue from a previous mission: a book depicting a red demon reminiscent of Venom, suggesting that The Flame could be Cletus Cassidy. , the future Carnage.

This begs the questions: Will Carnage appear in Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man sequel? Or could we anticipate a DLC expansion with Carnage as the main antagonist? Time will tell.


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