Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Spider-Bots Final Scene Explained


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 just included Across the Spider-Verse’s most epic cameo and then left players hanging with no explanation. One of the main collectibles in Spider-Man 2 are the Spider-Verse Bots. This gives players clues about what’s to come and makes them wonder if the game will explore deeper into the multiversejust like in the movies.

To everyone’s surprise, if players manage to collect all the Spider-Bots, they will not get in-game rewards, but instead will receive a gift. a scene with one of the characters from Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse.

What happens after collecting all the Spider-Bots?

Once players manage to collect the 42 spider robots scattered around the map, Ganke will call Peter or Miles (depending on the character selected), revealing that he successfully decrypted the message, which will lead him to an address for the person responsible for placing the bots in New York.

Upon reaching the marked location, a cutscene will unfold showing a hexagonal portal appearing in the wall, like those used by the Spider-Men of the Spider Society (led by Miguel O’hara) to travel to other universes in Across the Spider. – Verse.

Spider-Bots final scene explained

Beyond the portal, you’ll find Delilah, a character only depicted in the Across the Spider-Verse concept book. Initially, there were plans for her to appear as a waitress in The Bar With No Name, however, her scene was ultimately cut from the film.

Delilah blurts out a sarcastic “we’re all saved” the moment she sees Spider-Man. Peter or Miles, a little bewildered, ask who he is. With a smile, she says that she’s discovered how annoying those rogue Spider-Verse robots can be and she snatches them all away from Spider-Man.

Oddly enough, he throws a curveball with a “We can always count on you to do the right thing.” It’s a strange compliment, especially since he’s serving drinks at a villain’s bar and is part of Team Spot.

As her cameo concludes, Delilah mentions the name Miguel O’Hara. She’s laying down the law: if Miguel shows up looking for those robots, she’s sorry. In her book, she is “those who find, stay.”

The name Delilah is a reference to Miguel O’Hara, the character who plays Spider-Man 2099. Insomniac Peter or Miles not recognizing him is solid proof that Spider-Man 2 took place before the events of Across the Spider-Verse .

The timing of this event raises the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčInsomniac Miles discovering that another version of himself, from a different Spider-Verse, is trying to rescue his father. Therefore, Miguel O’Hara would have to deal with two Miles. This has everyone wondering if there will be a Spider-Verse DLC like the speculated Carnage in The Flame Side story. In essence, the final act establishes a bridge between the world of Insomniac’s Spider-Man titles and the Marvel Universe at large.


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