Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Review


I have always been a fan of Peter Parker and his alter ego. In all other forms of Spider-Man media, Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man has always been a remake, deviating from the norms of its source material while maintaining the most important aspects of what makes Spider-Man , Spider-Man. Spider-Man 2 exceeded my expectations even more and that’s what I love about it.

Having Peter Park and Miles Morales in the same game is exciting. Switching between heroes, executing team combos, and watching our heroes grow is memorable.

It may seem like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 reused most of what its predecessors had in terms of gameplay and visuals, but that wasn’t the case. The game offers you fun and engaging battles, a gripping story that will keep you playing for hours, and magnificent world building; Spider-Man 2 is undoubtedly the best PS5 game of this generation.

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The story still takes place in New York, with our protagonists juggling their daily lives and being masked, web-slinging heroes. Pete is a new teacher at Brooklyn Visions and Miles is his student in his class; All is going well until a familiar villain wreaks havoc in midtown Manhattan, showing us New York’s impressively expanded sandbox in Queens and Brooklyn. I have to say that compared to Fisk and Rhino’s boss battles during the prologues of the previous Spider-Man games, Sandman’s boss battle in Spider-Man 2 is my favorite. Being able to show off both Spider-Men’s latest Spidey tech really cheered me up.

While the story follows almost the same path as the first game, the inclusion of Miles as one of the main protagonists of the story poses a new challenge for Insomniac’s storytelling. Harry’s long-awaited return to Pete’s life drives a wedge between Pete and Miles, adding more emotional tension as our daring second Spider-Man still needs his mentor. The narrative slowly relies on Pete more than Miles in the later parts of the game; However, that doesn’t mean that Miles has been left out of the story; No, Miles plays a crucial role in the game’s most climatic moments. It’s still a Peter Park story, but with Miles in the picture. Not to mention, Mary Jane is more involved than ever. You’ll see more of MJ, in some cases as a playable character, giving him the attention he needs as one of the most lovable supporting characters in the game, all thanks to the magnificent performance of the ever-popular Laura Bailey. Spider-Man 2’s story is captivating at best; It kept me holding on to the controller, wanting to know what’s next.

Ever since Insomniac revealed the main villains of Spider-Man 2, I’ve been very excited for Venom, but not very excited for Kraven. Venom has always been my favorite Spidey villain in the cartoons and comics, despite Topher Grace’s embarrassing performance in Sam Raimi’s 2007 film, Spider-Man 3. However, Insomniac’s portrayal of Venom initially She felt strange when it was revealed that it would be Harry Osborn. . In the history of Spider-Man comics, even if you look it up on the Internet, no Spider-Man story featured Harry as the symbiote’s first host. I have always seen Harry as the successor to his father’s Green Goblin character. I loved that the studio created a compelling way to embrace this new direction for Venom by giving us a refreshing take on the character. Kraven, on the other hand, proved to be a worthy adversary who tested the power of our dynamic duo, and his role was a perfect fit to build such a strong arc leading to the end of the game.

I wanted to talk more about the story of Spider-Man 2, but that’s entering heavy spoiler territory. All I can say is that Insomniac took the risk of breaking away from the norms of a typical Spidey plot and delivered an incredible story worthy of a fantastic sequel.

Insomniac made numerous improvements to Spider-Man 2’s core gameplay and progression, making it better structured and much more rewarding than its predecessors. The suit bonuses are gone, and instead the studio added them in the Suit Tech updates. Unlike the first game, I no longer have to worry about picking a suit I don’t like for the added benefit, and I love it. Plus, the game has over 60 Spider-Man suits, including Miles’!

This time around, the skill tree has been completely revamped to cater to the other Spider-Man. This new skill tree ultimately gives both Spider-Men their own abilities to improve upon. It also includes a general skill tree that enables specific skills available to our friendly neighborhood heroes. Pete and Miles have different abilities and combos that give them a well-deserved nuance. Pete can use his Spider Barrage ability with his new Spider Arm technology. While Miles, just like in the standalone version, uses his chain lighting ability to damage enemies. This direction clearly defines the Spider-Men with their unique abilities and abilities, giving them a better distinction than a mere copy of each other.

In addition to the new technology, abilities and progression system, Spider-Man 2’s combat mechanics, while retaining some of its basic fundamentals, have been improved in a way that makes it entertaining and completely engaging. This time, you’re not just dodging incoming attacks by pressing the Circle button when Spidey’s senses activate. Pete and Miles can now block enemy attacks that reduce damage, while executing a perfect parry will knock the enemy back, leaving them vulnerable to a good beating. Skills are now reusable after cooldown and are no longer tied to focus, leaving finishing and healing as the sole purpose of refilling the focus bar. You can’t spam the heal button this time, as you have to wait for the focus bar to fully recharge, which will make you think twice before committing too much, making the entire combat experience in Spider- Man 2 be fun and rewarding.

Combat has never been this fun in a superhero game since Batman Arkham Knight. I have to admit, while I love Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham franchise, and I’m a huge Batman fan, Spider-Man 2’s combat has perfected this formula in every angle I see fit. The boss fights shine the brightest for me, especially in the final act. Venom will surely make you tirelessly press the dodge and parry buttons in most cases. Kraven will take you down aggressively and the Lizard launches attacks that are impossible to stop. They all prove to be formidable adversaries and defeating them gives you that satisfaction after some trial and error. The fluidity of the animation combined with fantastic camera movements and shakes, plus the amount of technology and abilities at your disposal, make the gameplay of Spider-Man 2 the newest benchmark in superhero video games.

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New York is bigger in Spider-Man 2. This time Manhattan won’t just be your playground; Insomniac opened up the eastern part of the city, allowing Pete and Miles to come through and help New Yorkers living in Brooklyn and Queens!

The city is packed with more life and activities to keep you busy, and with the help of the new Web Wing technology, you can navigate the entire sandbox environment with ease and style. It’s always an exciting feeling every time I get on those jet streams to gain that tremendous speed as I glide through the city; It is undeniably fun.

There are a significant amount of side activities you can do in Spider-Man 2 compared to its predecessors. From solving puzzles, Uncle Aaron went exclusively to Miles to Pete helping Wraith take down the cult group called The Flame. I’ve always found myself taking on specific character side quests simply because I wanted more story and to see how our heroes, especially Miles, develop as individuals. Sometimes I want to relax and take pictures of New York landmarks, or if I want to take down some baddies, I find Hunter Blinds and clear Symbiote Nests.

There’s plenty of content to keep you busy with all the fun side activities Spider-Man 2 has to offer, but there’s one side activity I enjoy doing the most: FNSM. Spider-Man isn’t just there to stop criminals; He cares about the little ones that other superheroes don’t. Spider-Man is all about helping the neighborhood, whether it’s posing for a photojournalist or doing a last favor for a dying man’s wish. Spider-Man is there to help everyone, even if he’s just helping a girl get her cat out of a tree. That’s the adorable thing about FNSM missions. They’re touching and joyful, and they’re not always about punching a bad guy in the face; It’s about helping everyone.

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There is no doubt that Insomniac Games never fails to deliver the best games visually. If you look back at Spider-Man on the PS4 in 2018, the attention to detail is incredibly impressive, especially the love they put into Miles Morales on the PS5 in 2020. This time around, Spider-Man 2 excels even more in the visual. , especially when you play on a 75-inch Sony Bravia 4K TV! Every fabric of Spider-Man’s costume is highly detailed, the facial animations look realistic, and the entire city is visually stunning. I can’t count how often I had to press the Options button to enter Photo Mode and capture notable moments and points of view.

What impresses me the most is the technical achievements of Spider-Man 2. The studio brought some things they learned from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to Spider-Man 2. The game had a specific mission that featured almost something similar to the mechanics of Rift from Rift Apart, where Miles was seen impaling Doctor Strange. portals to different areas of the city, showing off the power of the PS5’s SSD. It was excellent and seemed like Insomniac was teasing something for the future.

Insomniac has always made sure its games run in the most stable and optimized state before releasing them, and I can say the same for Spider-Man 2. Frames per second have been consistent throughout my playthrough, especially in its Most demanding graphics presets: Fidelity. Despite a minor bug I found when Pete got stuck on a railroad that I had to restart to the last checkpoint, I didn’t encounter any other bugs.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the culmination of superhero games in decades. Insomniac outdid itself this time, and Spider-Man 2 is what every Spidey fan is looking for. It’s such a spectacular game and an incredible sequel. Spider-Man 2 is not just a technical feat; It’s packed with lovable characters and exciting combat, accompanied by a compelling and emotional story, and has a city full of activities to distract you. Spider-Man 2 deserves the Game of the Year award.

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When a title gets big numbers, it’s a video game worth spending a lifetime on.


Newly refined combat mechanics.

A visual treat!

Epic boss battles.

A captivating and emotional narrative.

Best representation of Peter Parker.

Dazzling variety of costumes for Pete and Miles.


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