Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Quick Travel Guide


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fast travel is a great feature for players who want to zip around the big city without always swinging on the web. While moving from building to building is a lot of fun, there are times when you may need to get somewhere quickly. This guide will help you unlock and use the fast travel feature, allowing you to jump to different parts of the city in an instant.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s fast travel option is not available from the start. It is a feature that players must earn.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

List of activities to advance the district and unlock fast travel.

To unlock fast travel, players must achieve level 2 district progress for each city zone. To obtain district progress level 2, you must complete side quests and city activities, such as facing crime events that appear randomly during exploration.

The ability to fast travel is directly related to the progress of a city district. The way it works is that you have plenty of city activities at each location. There are three levels of rewards available, with the second being the ability to fast travel to that location. The more things you do in that district, the closer you will be to unlocking that second reward level.

I suggest focusing on the side quests first, such as Prowler Stashes, Hunter Blinds, Photo Ops, and more. Not only do they give more in terms of District Progress, but stopping crime is more unpredictable. You really can’t be sure that the next one will appear in the district you want to access.

How to Fast Travel in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

To fast travel, all you need to do is open the map screen, move the cursor to the district you have access to, and Press and hold the Triangle button. down until the bar at the bottom of the screen fills. The screen will immediately transition to the district as if you had traveled through one of Dr. Strange’s portals. The effect is also pleasant.

That’s all I have for this short guide on fast travel in Spider-Man 2. If you’re thinking it’ll take a while to get to that point, you’re right. It will take some time to unlock a good amount of Fast Travel points. The best you can hope for from the beginning is to have a point on both sides of the river. But it’s fun to explore the city anyway.


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