Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Mission List


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s missions are now more plentiful, with a larger playing field and two Spider-Mans to play with. Brooklyn and Queens have been unlocked, which can only mean that there are more missions to undertake in New York, unlike in previous games. Both Miles and Peter have their work cut out for them, as the city that never sleeps just means crime doesn’t take a vacation. It sure is hard being Spider-Man.

In this article, we list all the missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including main story missions, side stories, and more.

How many missions are there in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 has 31 main story missions. Apart from these, there are:

  • 2 side missions
  • 6 FNSM application requests
  • 8 Marauder’s Cache
  • 4 missions of The Flame
  • 9 EMF experiments
  • 2 missions of the Cultural Museum
  • 11 hunter blinds
  • 4 hunter bases
  • 5 Brooklyn Visions Missions
  • 8 unidentified targets
  • 10 symbiote nests

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Missions

Here are all the missions for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

main story

There are 31 main story missions to progress through the game:

  1. Surface tension
  2. One thing at a time
  3. Show me New York
  4. Roll like we used to
  5. Not on my watch
  6. Compensation
  7. Healing the world
  8. Bad boys on the block
  9. Make your own decisions
  10. master illusionist
  11. A second chance
  12. science buddy
  13. Hunt to live, live to hunt
  14. Fearful
  15. Good man
  16. The flames have been lit
  17. stay positive
  18. own wings
  19. New threads
  20. He chose you
  21. Wake up
  22. I’m the hero here
  23. There is no escape
  24. everything can be broken
  25. Do not be afraid
  26. Problems with Harry
  27. This is not you
  28. Do things right
  29. It’s all connected
  30. Finally free
  31. Together

parallel stories

These are independent side quests with their own story that is not part of the main plot of the game.

  • Grand finale
  • Space for the future

FNSM Application Requests

FNSM App Requests are small side quests where you have to complete requests for the citizens of New York. Unlock the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (FNSM) trophy.

  • find grandfather
  • Rooftop fireworks
  • Photo help
  • Howard
  • graffiti problem
  • Monster in queens

Prowler’s Cache

Prowler Stashes involve finding technology left behind by Prowler. You will have to scan the building with L2 for hidden entrances. Completing all of this will give you the Co-sign trophy.

  • Coin operation
  • Sitting on nosebleeds
  • Marauder in training
  • 2 against 2
  • Waves
  • Braxton’s sheet music
  • Lying low
  • A room with a view

The flame

The Flame are 4 specific side quests for Peter. None of them can be missed, but you must progress through certain story missions before you can unlock the next one. Completing The Flame side story unlocks the Save Lives suit for Peter and also unlocks the crimson hour trophy.

EMF experiments

EMF experiments involve completing different mini-games from certain locations. Unlock the Foundational trophy.

  • Little Tokyo: plant science
  • Port: Plant Sciences
  • Two bridges: plant science
  • Central Park: bee drones
  • Queens Apiary: Bee Drones
  • Prospect Park: Bee Drones
  • Central Park: Energy
  • Emily-May Foundation

Cultural Museum

Short side quests specific to Miles. None of them can be lost and can be found after finishing the game. Unlock the My community trophy.

Hunter blinds

Missions that help you find where the hunter bases are located. Fight the enemies on the rooftop and activate the broken drone to get clues. Clearing all hunter blinds in an area reveals the location of the hunter base.

  • blind aviary
  • blind aviary
  • garden blind
  • garden blind
  • garden blind
  • Motorpool Blind
  • Motorpool Blind
  • Motorpool Blind
  • blind arsenal
  • blind arsenal
  • blind arsenal

Hunter bases

Side missions that require clearing a heavily defended base. Completing all of this unlocks the Search and destroy trophy.

  • motor pool
  • Arsenal
  • Garden
  • Aviary

Visions of Brooklyn

Short side quests specific to Miles. None of them can be lost and can be found after finishing the game. Unlock the Brooklyn Pride trophy.

  • BV Club Fair
  • biggest joke
  • Homecoming
  • Lights Camera action
  • A gift

Unidentified targets

Side missions that require you to follow drones with Webwings until the progress bar reaches 100%. Unlock the data collector trophy.

  • Unidentified target (upper west side)
  • Unidentified target (Upper East Side)
  • Unidentified target (downtown Queens)
  • Unidentified target (Midtown)
  • Unidentified target (financial district)
  • Unidentified target (Chinatown)
  • Unidentified target (Williamsburg)
  • Unidentified target (Midtown)

Symbiote nests

Symbiote Nests are side activities where you must place a sonic blast on the symbiote nests and defend them from waves of enemies until they explode. Unlock the Exterminator trophy.

  • Symbiote Nest (Astora)
  • Symbiote Nest (Upper East Side)
  • Symbiote Nest (Harlem)
  • Symbiote Nest (Harlem)
  • Symbiote Nest (Upper East Side)
  • Symbiote Nest (Chinatown)
  • Symbiote Nest (Williamsburg)
  • Symbiote Nest (Little Odessa)
  • Symbiote Nest (Financial District)
  • Symbiote Nest (upper west side)

These missions should make up your total Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 playtime. Not all missions are necessary to finish the game, only the main story missions are needed to progress.

You can check your mission progress by opening the menu with the Home button and switching to the MISSIONS tab with the L1 and R1 buttons. You’ll see which missions you’ve completed that are also tied to earning all of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trophies.


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