Marvel’s complete Spider-Man 2 trophy list has been leaked online.



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  • Marvel’s entire Spider-Man 2 trophy list has apparently leaked online. The leak came shortly after Insomniac Games unveiled a partial list on Twitter.
  • The Lake includes a total of 42 trophies with 1,320 points. Usually there are platinum trophies, war trophies and more.
  • The Greens of Sand trophy suggests that we could potentially encounter the Sandman in the game.
  • The title is slated to release exclusively for PlayStation 5 on October 20, 2023.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. As the release date approaches, fans are looking for any new tidbits of information they can. Show more details About the game. Insomniac games are already trickling us. But now Full list of trophies but has been leaked online. Exophase siteUnveiling a bunch of hidden parts with potential spoilers for users wanting to delve deeper into the realm of speculation.

Marvel's entire Spider-Man 2 trophy list is now available to read on Exophase.
Marvel’s entire Spider-Man 2 trophy list is now available to read on Exophase.

Note: We recommend proceeding with the rest of the article at your own risk because of potential spoilers that may dampen some of the excitement with first-time entry.

Characteristics of the leak A total of 42 trophies with the A massive 1,320 points who came with him. Usually there is the Platinum trophy, which users can earn after completing every hidden task in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. War trophies And more can be earned after reaching certain levels and doing certain tasks. The entire list appeared on the site shortly after Insomniac Games revealed it. Partial list Trophies to whet the appetite of fans.

We’ve learned a lot of details that were published in the partial trophy list, but nothing worthy of being called a spoiler. However, one of the trophies has caused a lot of speculation in the community. This speculation somehow points to a playable poison. gave developed For the trophy, noted in the leak, players “Defeat 100 enemies with prepared poison abilities.

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While the game has the possibility to play as poison. Consistent with previous rumors., this seems far from reality. The trophy talks about Miles’ special bioelectric powers, as Insomniac Games responded to a curious fan. The trophy Grains of sand It has also led players to speculate that there could be a showdown with Sandman in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Also, there is No trophy for NG+. – New game plus mode Not confirmed For the title so far. NG+ trophies are usually added after launch. Sony Titles, after all. Players are still upset on the forums because PS5 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales version had NG+ trophies before launch.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It is already gold.. About to be released. 20 October 2023Exclusively for PlayStation 5. Despite long rumors of Cancellation of release Middle East, Admission to the area will be available. According to recent developments.

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