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Marvel’s Avengers Drops First Winter Soldier Gameplay Footage

A new Marvel’s Avengers story trailer reveals the first footage of the game featuring the Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes, ahead of its release.

marvel avengers has released the first gameplay video featuring his latest hero to join the roster.

“The Winter Soldier — Lore Trailer” gives fans their first look at the Hydra-brainwashed assassin in action, fighting alongside the Avengers against the AIM thugs. Bucky Barnes includes a diverse set of new moves and abilities, including one that appears to involve an explosive blast when he slams his arm down while glowing red. The trailer shows a lot of his abilities and the backstory comes from the comics, but with a unique style. marvel avengers flair, although it doesn’t specify many of these functions yet.

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Earlier this week, marvel avengers teased fans with an in-depth look at Bucky’s tragic backstory, dating back to his teenage years as Captain America, aka Steve Roger’s World War II sidekick. After an accident leads to his capture by Hyrda, he experiments and becomes a super soldier in his own right, forced to sleep when he’s not in use as his unstoppable assassin called The Winter Soldier. During his captivity, Bucky began an affair with Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow. They were later forced to part ways upon being discovered, but the trailer hints that she comes looking for him afterwards.

The trailer for the game expanded on this, as it notes that it was distraught after the “death” of Steve Rogers after A-Day, the famous disaster that marvel avengers the narrative begins. Maria Hill gives Bucky a new purpose, offering him the chance to locate and rescue the missing Inhumans in order to protect them. However, this is stopped when Monica captures him and reactivates the Winter Soldier using her mind control protocols. In the new story, Black Widow discovers the location of the protocols and team up to remove them and free Bucky from mind control once and for all.

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New heroes for Marvel’s Avengers

marvel avengers officially announced the Winter Soldier as the next hero months after a well-known leaker of the game, Miller, revealed plans for Bucky’s addition to the team. It came as a surprise when developer Crystal Dynamics said he would be joining next, as longstanding and near-confirmed rumors of She-Hulk’s arrival in the game had led many to believe she would be announced first. Some expected her to launch during She-Hulk: LawyerThe first season of Disney+ as a particle promotion, similar to Jane Foster’s Thor when Thor: Love and Thunder it came out in theaters.

marvel avengers is now available for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The Winter Soldier joins the hero roster on November 29 as part of patch 2.7.

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