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Marvel’s ‘Avengers Disassembled’ is Perfect for the MCU

Marvel’s ‘Avengers Disassembly’ story was an incredible tale of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and could serve as a blueprint for reviving the MCU.

Many fans criticize Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as underwhelming and lacking in focus in contrast to the earlier phases that led to the epic two-parter of Avengers: infinity war Y Avengers Endgame. Instead of a web of interconnected feature films spanning nearly a decade, Phase 4 of the MCU consisted mostly of several relatively standalone, character-focused TV series on Disney+. Although there were a handful of films, almost half of them were not well received by critics, including black widow, the eternalsY Thor: Love and Thunder.

The MCU is at its best when it follows a larger narrative with a continuing story that is bolstered by supporting content. Additionally, a general villain from the comic book source material provides additional focus like the Thanos from Infinity Saga. Now, with the Avengers an established and beloved team in the MCU, the best way to breathe new life into the movies is to completely destroy them. “Avengers Disassembled” decimated the Avengers and, in doing so, made them more relevant than ever.

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“Avengers Disassembled” was the beginning of a new era

The Avengers Scarlet Witch Disassembled

Exploding out of the pages of avengers #500-503 (by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch), ‘Disassembly’ was one of the most unexpected and shocking superhero stories of the early 2000s. The story centered on the traumas suffered by the Scarlet Witch who altered radically the reality of Marvel 616 after remembering his lost children he shared with Vision. Wanda eventually recreates her children using hex magic, resulting in her inability to control the spell and falling deeper and deeper into the fabricated world she has created.

As almost some sort of magical shrapnel from the spell Wanda used, he inadvertently attacks the Avengers on multiple fronts, resulting in the deaths of Scott Lang, Jack of Hearts, Hawkeye, and Vision. Captain America, the Wasp, and Captain Britain are hospitalized. Elsewhere, She-Hulk becomes uncontrollable and Avengers Mansion is razed to the ground. Wanda’s magic is so out of control and powerful that she makes Tony Stark look drunk during a UN meeting, after years of sobriety. Ultimately, Wanda is stopped by Doctor Strange, who nearly lost his life in the process. Suffice to say, this heralded a massive changing of the guard for Avengers comic book titles and fundamentally changed the team’s roster going forward.

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The consequences of ‘Avengers Dismantled’ are still important

The death of Marvel Comics' Hawkeye in Avengers Disassembled

Although some aspects of the plot were vaguely mentioned in Wanda Vision on Disney+, the crux of Wanda’s manipulation of reality during the show was Vision’s death during infinity war. This leaves most of the comic’s storyline relatively untouched. And with so many of the pieces of the story in place within the MCU, there’s never been a better time to tell it. strange doctor in the multiverse of madness he left Wanda seemingly dead, but will most likely return in a future project. Additionally, many frequently speculate about Vision’s eventual return since the conclusion of Wanda Vision. In fact, many of history’s biggest protagonists are active in the current MCU.

“Avengers Disassembly” came at a time when the team was in a narratively stagnant place. Writer Brian Michael Bendis told a story about when even the most powerful people allowed a seemingly small problem of one of their own to escalate into an uncontrollable situation. Scarlet Witch’s machinations led to a direct relaunch of the team in new avengers. His manipulation of reality he decimated the mutant population in House of M. You can even point to the vulnerability of the team in later events as the superhero. Civil warSkrull attack on secret invasion, and Norman Osborn’s “Dark Reign,” all stemming from Wanda’s actions. If the already existing pieces within the MCU are to be assembled, dismantling them could be a compelling future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years to come.

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