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Core points of Gamers

Marvel Snap Previews The Power Cosmic Season and New Token Shop

Marvel SNAP announces its next season, The Power Cosmic, along with a series of updates including a new currency for the new Token Shop.

wonder snap dropped an electrifying video to introduce his upcoming season, The Power Cosmic. Coming sometime in December, the update will introduce new cards, variants, and the ability for players to purchase specific cards from the “Token Shop.”

The trailer is hosted by Ben Brode, Director of Development at Second Dinner Studios. The designer walks fans through all the upcoming additions, including the new Silver Surfer card. Arguably the biggest announcement from him is the creation of an in-game token store, along with a new currency, “Collector’s Tokens.” These can be used to purchase specific cards, hopefully easing some fans’ frustration with the current random system. “Thank you very much for playing wonder snap! We’ve had such an amazing launch!” Brode enthuses. “It’s only been a little over a month, but it’s been so much fun!”

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“Starting at collection level 500, you’ll start earning collector tokens,” explains Brode. “And you can take those tokens to the Token Shop, which rotates every eight hours with a card you don’t have from Series 3, and when you see that card, you can spend Collector’s Tokens to buy it outright.” If players currently can’t afford a specific card, Brode and his team have added the ability to pin cards, so they can be saved and purchased later. “We think players are going to love how this speeds up the collecting process and gives them a little more freedom to get the cards they want.”

In addition to introducing the Silver Surfer, who seems to be at the heart of The Power Cosmic’s story, Brode exclaims that a “plenty of new cards” are also on the way with the introduction of the “super rare” Series 4 and the ” ten times”. Rarest” Series 5. In total, there are 16 new cards in these two groups, including Luke Cage, She-Hulk, and Thanos.

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Brode concludes with another surprise that should please fans: 3,000 free collector tokens for anyone who has reached collectible level 500. “That’s enough to buy several Series 3 cards you don’t already have,” Brode states. “I hope you find your new favorite card.” The trailer concludes by confirming The Power Cosmic’s December 2022 release date.

wonder snap is available for free, with optional microtransactions, on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.

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