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Core points of Gamers

Marvel Snap Adds 16 New Cards, Including She-Hulk, Shuri and the Helicarrier

Marvel SNAP announces that 16 new cards are coming to the trading card game, including She-Hulk, Titania, Shuri, Agent Coulson, and Helicarrier.

wonder snap announced the multiple new cards that will be joining the mobile card game in the next update.

Announced via a direct update from, the incoming Series 4 cards are considered rare, with 10 of the new additions making it into their ranks. These include She-Hulk, Titania, Luke Cage, Absorbing Man, Maria Hill, Agent Coulson, Helicarrier, M’Baku, Attuma, and Orka. Their power costs range from one to six with different power levels. Its effects also cover a wide range of playstyles, with some spawning new cards, copying previously used effects, or benefiting from only going in one location.

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Beyond that, players can also look forward to Series 5 cards, which are described as “Ultra Rares” and cost more in the newly opened token shop at 6,000 tokens compared to Series 4 cards at 3,000 tokens. . This lot consists of six cards featuring Galactus, Valkryie, Super Skrull, Shuri, Bast, and Thanos. However, with Thanos added, all six Infinity Stones can also be added to a NAP platform. This brings the total number of new cards to 22. Series 5 cards lean towards higher energy costs, four or more, with a few exceptions in the form of Bast and Infinity Stones, which cost one energy. Thanos has the highest raw power at eight, but the ultra rare cards have powerful deck-defining effects.

Like an everything, wonder snapThe upcoming update of is a response to feedback from players, many of whom have been asking for a way to choose specific cards to add to their decks. This feedback culminated in the Token Shop, a system that allows players to buy the cards they want, and Collector’s Tokens, the resource needed to buy them.

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the current season of NAP is coming to an end with his career Black Panther-Wakanda themed warriors. The next season, The Power Cosmic, arrives sometime in December 2022. In a sneak peek hosted by wonder snap Creative Director Ben Brode discussed the features and cards mentioned above, as well as a gift of 3,000 tokens for anyone who reaches a collection level of 500. It is at this level that the token shop will become available to players.

wonder snap It is free to download on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows, with optional in-game microtransactions.


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