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Mark Boal Breaks Down Bringing a Tense Spec Ops Thriller to Apple TV+

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Mark Boal brings his fondness for searing military action and tense political thrillers to Apple TV+ for the new original series. echo 3. Loose adaptation of the 2018 Israeli TV series when heroes fly, echo 3 follows two special operations soldiers, Prince (Michiel Huisman) and Bambi (Luke Evans), who venture into the most dangerous corners of Colombia when Amber Chesborough (Jessica Ann Collins), Prince’s wife and Bambi’s sister, is kidnapped. . In addition to providing this new twist to the story, Boal is serving as a series writer, executive producer, and director on various episodes.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Boal discussed echo 3The biggest issues and praised the cast, including the local cast from the Latin American filming of the show, for their dedication to intensive production. He also explained why he changed the setting of the series to Colombia after writing and producing films set in the Middle East, such as the acclaimed the wounded locker Y zero thirty dark.

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CBR: There is a family focus in echo 3, both the family we are born into and the brothers in arms forged along the way. What was it like to have these issues front and center?

Mark Boal: I think the family thing is something we can all relate to. These themes that we explore throughout the season of trust and honesty and [the] The Price of Dishonesty: The idea was to juxtapose those themes within a really tense, action-packed suspense story. There’s an emotional mix of dopamine hits you get when you’re looking.

You’ve done stories in Pakistan and the Middle East before. What did it have to do with setting up this shadow conflict inside Colombia?

I have set three films within the Middle East. I feel that it would be to our national benefit, if that doesn’t sound too pompous, to consider paying more attention to Latin America. Our southern neighbors are very important to us, and Colombia is an incredibly interesting and beautiful country. Rather than just telling another terrorism story set in the Middle East, it seemed like this could be something that could bring a new vibe to the mix.

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echo 3 amber

What was it like working with your cast, like Luke Evans and Michiel Huisman, to bring this story to life?

I think we have a great cast, but maybe I’m biased on that. Luke Evans, Jessica Ann Collins, Michiel Huisman and many more actors, there is a great cast of Colombian actors and from all over Latin America, they bring the show to life. I think they gave some very honest, and even brave, performances. I am super grateful that they have stepped up for us.

Absolutely. They all put them to the test, and they definitely delivered.

We did, we put them to the test a little bit. [laughs]

Created by Mark Boal, Echo 3 premieres Wednesday, November 23 on Apple TV+, with new episodes released on Wednesdays.

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