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Luffy’s Time With Vegapunk vs Everyone Else’s

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1066 “Ohara’s Will” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English on Viz Media.

Dr. Vegapunk is the central figure of one piece Egg head bow. As of Chapter 1066, “Ohara’s Will”, all the Straw Hat Pirates and Jewelry Bonney have received a formal introduction from this scientist. However, they have not had the same experiences with it.

The experiences everyone has had with Vegapunk range from harmless and friendly to cruel and hostile. Luffy might call Vegapunk a nice guy based on his experiences with him, but the rest of his friends might disagree. Depending on how everyone feels about it, he could create a division on how to approach this man in the future.

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What experiences have people had with Vegapunk?

So far, Luffy has only had two major encounters with Vegapunk and his Satellites. His first encounter was with Vegapunk Atlas. He may have knocked out the Straw Hat captain, but it was only because he threw a punch at him thinking it was a hologram. After this, he acted relatively friendly towards Luffy and his friends. The two ended up dating on good terms.

Luffy’s second encounter was with Vegapunk’s original body, the Stella. This time, the doctor came off as a harmless klutz. The atmosphere of this scene was a fun adventure for the group, except perhaps for Bonney. In any case, Luffy has no reason to perceive Vegapunk as a threat.

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The general experience of the other Straw Hat Pirates with Vegapunk is more debatable in terms of positivity. When they met Vegapunk Lillith, she had taken the Thousand Sunny hostage with Vegaforce-01 and even surrounded him with armed sea beasts. It was only because Zoro and Robin could have knocked her down instantly that she backed down.

Later, at Egghead, they were attacked by a Jimbei Seraph sent by Vegapunk Edison. Once again, the Satellite only relented because the Straw Hats turned out to be more than they could handle. It is unknown how far Edison would have taken things if the crew were less capable than they were.

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The Straw Hats finally got a positive encounter with Vegapunk Shaka, the embodiment of Vegapunk’s good side. He gave them useful information about the ancient past and even made Robin cry with happiness talking about Ohara. However, it remains the only exception this group has found so far. This is not to mention how Zoro and Brook stayed on the Sunny, so they don’t even have Shaka as a reference point yet.

Perhaps the most reluctant to Vegapunk is Bonney. This man is the one who turned his father Bartholomew Kuma into a mindless cyborg. With both Atlas and Stella, he reacted angrily upon realizing that they were Vegapunk. The only reason he ventured to Egghead in the first place was to give Vegapunk a piece of his mind, perhaps violently.

Franky also has his own positive interest in this. He is interested in Vegapunk’s inventions and scientific knowledge. That’s why, even after being attacked, he insists on being his friend.

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How will these experiences influence everyone’s perception of Vegapunk?

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These differences in experiences with Vegapunk could create a bit of a schism between these characters. Naturally, Bonney will want to rough up the doctor no matter what. Luffy might try to defend him since he seems to be doing well in his book. Franky could also have a bias in favor of Vegapunk since he is interested in science from him. The rest of the Straw Hats will have to participate in this conversation to share their own experiences. Vegapunk may be a nice guy, but he can also display inhuman cruelty in the name of science.

These three groups will have to have a serious debate about whether Vegapunk is an enemy, or at least can be trusted. The other Straw Hats’ experiences with the doctor and his Satellites are all over the place. Only Bonney has had enough experience with the doctor to know what he’s really capable of, and he can get pretty sick. For now, the best course of action might be to walk cautiously around this man.

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