Lost Soul Aside Gameplay Footage Leaks Online from ChinaJoy 2023



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  • Lost Soul Aside’s 10-minute gameplay footage showcased at the ChinaJoy 2023 event has evidently surfaced online. The gameplay showcases the main protagonist Kazer fending off a slew of enemies.
  • The video quality of the leak is cloudy, with reflections of people blocking the screen. And, there here is no sound in the leaked footage. The subtitles featured in the video are also in Chinese only.
  • The game features enthralling visuals and fast-paced combat. The protagonist Kazer can use a plethora of abilities, and the leak also shows him using a chain of aerial combos to deal with the enemies.
  • Lost Soul Aside is set to arrive on PS4, PS5, and PC. However, no release date or window for the entry has been affirmed by the devs so far. Sony Interactive Entertainment is the publisher of the title.

Lost Soul Aside’s gameplay footage showcased at the ChinaJoy event this year has seemingly started leaking online. The 10-minute video capturing random moments from the gameplay was recorded off-screen by the small YouTuber 小林儿 who posted on the site some time ago. The new gameplay confirms that the game has come a long way after its existence initially popped up on the web about seven years ago.

The video quality of the leak is cloudy, with reflections of people blocking the screen. Additionally, there is no sound. But it still manages to capture the beauty of the title. Moreover, the subtitles in the video are in Chinese. The footage shows the Lost Soul Aside protagonist Kazer passing through the desolate ruins of some ancient building while fighting enemies.

Kazer uses abilities and a gorgeous chain of aerial combos to deal with the enemies. The enemies are also just as fast but inevitably fly into the air before being ripped apart by the protagonist. One of the skills gives Kazer the ability to have huge claws on the hands and feet to weaponize his body to deal with the enemies. The main character is also followed by a dragon companion that lends his aid during combat and exploration.

A few cutscenes were also shown in the leak after the protagonist defeats the enemies and heads for what is presumably a boss. The leak then showcases an exhilarating battle during the second half of the video, demonstrating attacks and abilities happening at breakneck speed that are hard to follow with the eyes. It is not surprising that Kazer ends up dying during his first bout in the leaked gameplay.

Lost Soul Aside is already held beloved by fans for its enthralling visuals and fast-paced combat mechanics. The title is reminiscent of Devil May Cry-esque brawls that meet the gorgeous backdrops of Final Fantasy 15 art style with open-world exploration mixed in between. The main character is able to transform his sword into different weapons to fend off the enemies.

The title by Ultizero Games takes place in a fantasy world filled to the brim with science fiction, swords, and superpowers. The community has high hopes for the game since plenty of talented devs have joined hands to complete Lost Soul Aside. For instance, the title features the famous music composer Cody Matthew Johnson who worked on Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake.

The indie entry is in development by Chinese animator Bing Yang, who originally created the concept as a test in 2016 before settling to turn it into a full-fledged project using Unreal Engine 4. It is a part of the PlayStation China Hero Project that aims to support local Chinese developers to break into the international market with their games. Lost Soul Aside has benefited immensely from the initiative.

Lost Soul Aside is slated to arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Regardless, no release date or window for the entry has been confirmed by the devs so far. It will be published under Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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