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Lost Ark Rapport Guide – Best NPCs to construct Rapport with

As you progress in Lost Ark, you’ll meet many NPCs in your journey. Many of those play an instrumental position within the story, whereas others will be befriended by Rapport which is able to trigger them to present you presents. This could go away you questioning what Rapport is and the perfect NPCs to construct Rapport with in Lost Ark.

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How to construct up Rapport in Lost Ark

To construct Rapport with NPCs in Lost Ark, it’s essential to give them Rapport objects. This will enhance their Rapport degree, and the upper it goes, the higher the rewards they gives you. You also can carry out songs or emotes. Sometimes, you will want a sure advantage level rating as effectively.

If you could have a Crystalline Aura lively, you possibly can see precisely what presents, songs, and emotes the NPC prefers. This takes the guesswork out of elevating their Rapport degree and allows you to give attention to the perfect Rapport NPCs.

Best Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark

While there are quite a few rewards you may get by Rapport, there are some NPCs that provide higher rewards. These are Giant’s Hearts, Omnium Stars, Island Souls/Isle Tokens, and to a lesser extent, Gold. Here are our suggestions for the perfect Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark.

NPC Name Rewards Location
Beatrice Giant’s Heart Trixion
Blue-eyed Calvasus Giant’s Heart/Island Soul Hypnos’s Eyes
Sasha Giant’s Heart Origins of Stern
Nineveh Giant’s Heart/Isle Token Whispering Islet/Windy Knoll
Nia Omnium Star Punika
Mari Isle Token Eternity Isle
Krissa Isle Token Sublime Isle/Atalanta Keep
Future Millionaire Zenri Island Soul Liebeheim
Ezrebet Isle Token Sublime Isle/Atalanta Keep

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