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Lost Ark has a few classes to offer to players, both beginner as well as veteran players, and there are classes like Paladin, Berserker, Strike, Sorceress, Shadowhunter, and others. Some of them offer excellent DPS output, while more are to be considered as tankers, and some of them are healer classes. This is where our Lost Ark Bard Support Build comes in, and while people can choose to main as Bards as well, it is very clear that bards are supposed to be used as more support than main DPS. 

Key Highlights

  • The Bard class in Lost Ark is typically used as a supporting character, providing healing and buffing abilities to the rest of the party.
  • One of the key stats for a Bard Support Build is Swiftness, which allows for increased mobility and reduced skill cooldowns, allowing the Bard to cast their abilities faster.
  • Another important stat for a Bard Support Build is Specialization, which boosts the effectiveness of skills.
  • There are three main types of builds for Bard Support: swiftness-based, specialization-based, or a mix of the two. Players can choose the build that best fits their playstyle and the needs of their party.
  • Lost Ark features a variety of skills for the Bard class, including Heavenly Tune, Guardian Tune, Sonic Vibration, Wind of Music, and many more.
  • These skills can provide a variety of benefits to the Bard class, such as damage, healing, buffing, and crowd control abilities.
  • Players can choose which skills to use based on their playstyle and the needs of their party. Players can customize their skills and tripods to create a build that best fits their needs.

Bard Support Build Role in Lost Ark 

When players are deciding to focus on a Support Build, they should know where exactly Bard in Lost ark succeed. When it comes to being in the party, Bards will typically take on the role of a healer, being able to wield their harp in one hand, and being one of the best supports to the main damage dealer. 

They are used for spell-casting normally, and they sing heavenly songs that use magic from the skies to provide potent healing for the DPSes, tankers, and defenders. Another impeccable part of having a Bard class as support is that they will be able to apply buffs to the DPS as well. 

Their damage scales primarily off of Intelligence and focuses mostly on being on the sidelines, while the main Damage dealers take the frontline and obliterate enemies with the useful buffs that have been applied to them by the Bard.

When it comes to self-sustenance, Bards are more than able to handle themselves in a fight, however, their attack power and overall damage output are not all that great, therefore they are typically reserved for being pure supports. Make sure to not miss out on our Lost Ark Glaivier Build!

Stats For Bard Support Build

Lost Ark Stats Prioritization
Character Stats

For support-focused Bards, there are typically two main stats that players will want to focus on. This is so players can get the most out of their builds, and they can build one of the best bards supports anyone has ever seen in Lost Ark


One of the first stats that players will want to prioritize is Swiftness, and this is crucial for the Lost Ark Bard Support Build, purely because of how slow the Bard class is. For any veteran plays, know well the bards have mobility issues, and they are not able to cast their spells and healing buffs with optimal speed. 

To catch up with the speed of their other party members, investment of points into swiftness is crucial so that players can get enhanced mobility, alongside also being able to get a reduction in their skill cooldown. This helps them cast their skills even faster.


Another important stat that players will not want to miss out on is the Specialization that Bards in Lost ark can benefit highly from. Essentially players who decide to invest in Specialization will be able to get a boost in their skills, be it for the increased attack, mobility, or cooldowns. 

Now, players will also focus on three main types of builds when focusing on a Support build for Bards, and that can range from focusing more on a swiftness-based build, specialization-based build, or a mix between the two. 

Skills To Use For Bard Build

When it comes to skills, players will usually enslot 8 main skills, along with 2-3 tripods that they will have leveled up to use in their Lost Ark Bard Support Build. The skills can supply several buffs to the Bard class while also being able to provide tripod level ups that are needed to min-max the build. This Lost Ark Summoner Build is a must-read for players that want to check out the Summoner class!

Heavenly Tune 

Lost Ark Heavenly Tune
Heavenly Tune Skills

One of the first skills that we would like to mention is Heavenly Tune, which is a skill that Bards in Lost Ark should not skip out on. When it is cast, players can unleash a total of 415 damage on their opponents, in a radius that is nearby the main player. For any other party members that are within a 24-meter radius of this skill will have a major upgrade occur to then. 

Essentially what will happen is that their attack speed will be increased by 3.5%. With that, the speed at which players recover their MP will also be enhanced by 12% for a total of 8 seconds. The cooldown for this skill is 30 seconds, and the requirement MP for the skill that will be used in this Lost Ark Bard Support Build is 123. If there are any players that want to experience a more niche class, then read up on our Lost Ark Artillerist Build!

Quick Prep 

As for tripods, firstly, players will want to invest in Quick Prep, since it will provide a skill cooldown reduction for them. Ranging from ranks 1 through 5, this is the order in which the skill cooldown will occur. 3 seconds at rank 1, 3.7 seconds at rank 2, 4.4 seconds at rank 3, and 5.2 seconds at rank 4 while maxing it out will offer the player a 6-second cooldown. 

Tough Tune 

Moving on, the next tripod that players will not want to miss out on is known as Tough Tune, and it can seriously buff up the already overpowered skill that the Bard class in Lost Ark will use. The way it works is that it will offer the Bard an attack speed increase by 8%, which allows the player to unleash attacks faster. 

Intense Tune 

When Intense Tune is summoned forth, players who are using the Bard as a support will be able to experience an attack power enhancement by 15% for all party members, that includes the DPS, tanker, defender, etc. alongside that, there will be a bonus attack power increase by 6% which deems very useful in combat. 

Guardian Tune 

Lost Ark Guardian Tune
Guardian Tune Skills

While we are on the topic of skills that players should adapt in their Lost Ark Bard Support Build, Guardian Tune is yet another broken skill that will make the Bard Class all the more overpowered and helpful while the main DPS is out there killing foes. Players need to be at least level 50 to access this skill. 

Upon casting it and playing the bard’s harp, players will be able to experience that the incoming damage being dealt to them has been reduced by 20%. This skill works in a 24-meter radius from the exact position that it has been cast, and it is important to use it to guarantee survival for the main DPS, such as the Lost Ark Deathblade Build as the Deathblade can be an excellent DPS. 


As for tripods, the first tripod that has been advised to be used in combat is Tenacity. When it is cast, players who are near the tripod will be able to get Push Immunity from enemies that are attempting to launch attacks at them and it helps the players keep their ground while being busy on the battlefield. 

Endless Protection

Now, for Endless Protection, players who are using Bards as supports will gain a shield that will absorb a certain amount of damage based on max HP. for PvE battles, through ranks one to five, there will be an absorption of 15%, 16%, 17%, 18% and 20% as the players decide to level up the skill. 

As for PvP, while the absorption will be a bit on the lower side, it will be still pretty useful. From ranks one through five, players will be able to gain the shield that will absorb damage a total of 7.5% at rank one, 8.0% at rank two, 8.5% at rank three, 9.0% at rank 4, and finally 10.0% at rank 5. 

Sonic Vibration

Lost Ark Sonic Vibration
Sonic Vibration Skill

With Sonic Vibration in hand, players will be able to make the most out of their Lost Ark Bard Support Build, as the skill itself is way too useful in battle. After players cast it, they will be able to cause the enemies to go airborne, while being able to deal a total of 336 damage to them when they are airborne. 

Alongside that, after being airborne for a while, the opponents will fall back to the ground, taking an extra 842 damage. With that, this skill’s effect will remain in the arena for 3 seconds, which will continue to pulse 126 damage a total of 4 times. The stagger rating for the skill is medium-high and has a cooldown of 24 seconds. Don’t miss out on our Lost Ark Berserker Build for future classes to main!


As we mentioned before, the Bard class can benefit from a tripod-like a Tenacity. Its main aim is placed on enhancing the player’s overall Push Immunity, allowing them to withstand any sorts of opponents’ attacks that are launched toward them. With that, they are also able to retaliate back since they don’t get pushed around. 

Brilliant Wave 

Another solid tripod that players should look into is Brilliant Wave, which converts the Lost Ark Bard’s element to Holy. when it is active, anytime players go into the active area of Sonic Vibration, their overall attack power will be enhanced by a total of 15%, while also getting a 6% damage buff for 2 seconds. 

Wide-angle Attack

Lastly, the Lost Ark Bard Support Build can not be complete without having a Wide-Angle Attack by its side. Whenever it is paired with the main skill, the overall active radius of the skill itself will be increased, which allows it to have an overall enlarged effective output, being able to damage more enemies present in the radius.  

Wind of Music 

Lost Ark Wind of Music
Wind of Music Skill

Subsequently, another impeccable skill that will highly benefit Bard supports players in the Wind of Music skill. When it is activated by the player, they will be able to summon forth a gust of wind that is so potent that it will deal a total of 130 damage anytime it approaches the enemies in its overall vicinity. 

After that, it will also gain the ability to continue to spread across and towards the foes, and it will deal a further 196 damage, causing severe knockback, while being able to consistently render opponents useless. The skill’s overall cooldown is 18 seconds, which is not that long considering some will have 30-40 second cooldowns. For a more tank-focused class, read our Lost Ark Gunlancer Build!

Quick Prep 

As for the recommended tripods, we highly suggest that players who want to use the Lost Ark Bard Support Build to its full potential should use Quick Prep. its main function lies in reducing the time it takes the cast the skill after using it once. Through levels one t five, it will offer a 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and then finally a 4-second cooldown reduction at level 5. 

Melody Increase 

The Melody Increase skill offers the players an increased enhancement to their serenade meter, as it will be enhanced by 150% at level one and 168% at rank 2. When the player decides to level it up to rank 3, they will experience an increase to their serenade meter by 187%, 206% at rank 5, and then finally a 225% enhancement at rank 5. 

Wind of Protection 

This specific skill in question will be able to give the player a shield that will absorb damage that is aimed at the player according to a certain percentage of their overall max Health Points. When the skill is leveled, it will increase the damage absorption by 25%, 26%, 27%, 28%, and then 30% at level 5. 

Sound Shock 

Lost Ark Sound Shock
Sound Shock Skill

Moving on, one skill that we can not ignore is Sound Shock, which grants the player the ability to wield their harp in their hands when they are playing as the Bard class and pull at its strings. This will cause the harp to release an orb of light that will reach the opponents and explode in their general location. 

This explosion will cause them to intake a total of 334 damage, which is definitely enough to cause a strong amount of damage, and it can single-handedly deplete a chunk of their HP, deeming this skill crucial for the Lost Ark Bard Support Build.

There is an extremely low cooldown of 6 seconds for Sound Shock. Ranged DPS classes may include the Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build, so don’t miss out on maining it!

Maintained Explosion 

The first tripod that players should check out is known as Maintained Explosion, and it can be cast after Sound Shock has been summoned first. The way it works is that it will leave behind a trail of debris which will continue to deal damage to an enemy that tends to step or cross across the debris. 

Level one will offer the players a 30% damage output increase, while level 2 will increase the output further by 37.5%. With that, level 3 will enhance it up to 45%, while levels 4 and 5 will increase the attack output even more by 52.5% and 60.0% respectively. 

Sacred Shock 

Another tripod that is pretty useful for Bards in Lost Ark is the Sacred Shock, which covers the elemental damage output to it being Holy damage.

After activating Sacred Shock, players will be able to target a few opponents and unleash Sound Shock on the, and it will cause the enemies to take in damage increased by 10% from all party member’s end. 


Lost Ark Soundholic
Soundholic Skill

While talking about blinding skills related to lights, Soundholic also comes to mind, which can be swapped in and out f the Lost Ark Bard Support Build based on the player’s preference.

When the skill is activated, it will unleash a ray of light that is so blinding that it will continue to unleash attacks on enemies for a total of 10 times. 

This will cause them to intake 83 damage, every 0.3 seconds for a total of 3 seconds while being able to grant the player the freedom to switch the direction of the light.

But make sure not to move during having the ray activated. While we are on the topic of classes, why not check our Lost Ark Striker Build guide!

Sound Concentration 

For tripods, players have tons of freedom on which type they would want to choose, however for the Bard support build, the tripod sound concentration is probably the best one. It will increase damage output by 30%, 36%, 48%, 60%, and finally a potent 72% damage output increase at rank 5. 

Sustain Enhancement 

For the second recommended tripod, players can look into equipping the Sustain Enhancement which will offer to increase the duration of Soundholic by 1.5, while also being able to increase the hit amount by 5.

As a side effect, tho levels one through five will increase cooldown by 3.0 seconds, 2.3 seconds, 1.6 seconds, then finally 0.8 seconds at rank four. 

Melody Increase 

For the last tripod, players can go for Melody Increase which can be used by the Bard class whenever they are in combat. Essentially the way it works is that it will simply enhance the serenade meter being gained by the player by 200%, 225%, 250%, 275%, and 300% ranging from level one through five. 

Prelude of Storm 

Lost Ark Prelude of Storm
Prelude of Storm Skill

The next skill that is not a must-have to have in your arsenal is Prelude of Storm, however, it has been quite popularised by veteran Lost Ark players therefore new players who want to look into building a Bard support should consider equipping it. 

Upon casting the skill itself, it will aim to aid the player by allowing them to play a tune that will summon a storm from the heavens that will attack opponents and make them intake a total f 474 damage.

It will also cause them to be stunned, which gives the main DPS a chance to swap in and decimate them. Gunslingers are classes that will absolutely dominate enemies when put on the battlefield. Therefore, you might like our Lost Ark Gunslinger Build!

Quick Prep 

Starting things off strong, we have Quick Prep, which has been mentioned many times before, and it will easily decrease the skill cooldown by shaving off a few seconds from it. From levels one through five, it will reduce it by 2, 2.2, 2.4, 2.7, and 3 seconds. 

Melody Increase 

Another important tripod useful for the Lost Ark Bard Support Build is the Melody Increase, which allows players to attack enemies and gain back a certain amount of their Serenade Meter. Starting with level one, it will gain back by 150%, and then 168%, 187%, 206%, and finally 225% when fully maxed out. 

Powerful Prelude

When Lost Ark Bards use this tripod, they will be able to summon an electrical field that will continue to hurl attacks at foes which will continue to increase as the ranks are leveled.

The damage output will increase by 100% at level one, 111% at level two, 122% at level three, 133% at level four, and, finally, 144% at level 5. 

Rhythm Buckshot

Lost Ark Rhythm Buckshot
Rhythm Buckshot Skill

Last but not least, the Rhythm Buckshot is another skill that could benefit players in combat, especially for support-based Bard classes. When the player activates it, they can take their harp, pull on its strings, and cast forth a musical note that will explode in the face of opponents.

It will then unleash a total of 557 damage. Just like the Bard, the Scrapper is another impeccable class. Therefore, you might find our Lost Ark Scrapper Build interesting!

Melody Increase 

First, the tripod Melody Increase is a must-have for Rhythm Buckshot since it makes the Lost Ark Bard Support Build stronger in combat.

It will increase the way the player gains their Serenade Meter by 30% at level one, 33% at rank 2, 37% at level three, then finally ending it at 41% at level 4 and 45% at level 5. 


This one is on the simpler side since it will just grant players increased immunity to being attacked by enemies and having the Push debuff applied to them. 

Agile Cast 

Lastly, ending things off with the Agile Cast tripod, Bard support mains can use it to increase the casting speed of their healing and buff spells by a total of 20%. They will also experience a crit rate increase of 50%, 57%, 64%, 72%, and finally, 80% at level 5. 

Stats For Bard Support Build

When we’re talking about support bards builds, there are two main stats that you have to work on for the support build to shine how it’s intended to be true. The first stat is Swiftness and Specialization. Now, if you want a Higher Meter Gain, then you can go for this ratio:

  • 70% Specialization +  30% Swiftness
    Stats Overview
    Stats Overview

And for Lower Cooldowns on a Support Bard build, you can go for:

  • 70% Swiftness + 30% Specialization

    Character Stat
    Character Stat

You can choose what will fit your playstyle best for using a Support Bard build, but it is recommended to have a swiftness build due to the bard being a slow unit helps increase their movement speed and lowers cooldown.

Skills To Use For Bard Build

When it comes to having skills on your characters, you can choose up to 8 skill slots to choose from, and add in another thing to add are tripods which you can only have 3 of on one character.

When we talk about the best skills on a support Bard build, these are the skills we are talking about: 

  • Heavenly Tune & Guardian Tune:
    Heavenly Tune Guardian Tune
    These two skills are a must-have on a support Bard build because these two are your only buffing skills.
  • Sonic Vibration:
    Sonic Vibrations

This also comes along as a MUST because when the buffs from Heavenly Tune are on cool down, Sonic Vibration gives you an attack buff as long as Heavenly Tune is on cool down.

  • Wind of Music:
    Wind of Music

This skill is also essential mainly because of the shields it provides for just a little cooldown.

  • Sound Shock:
    Sound Shock

We also highly recommend this skill as it has really good up time on your note brand debuff you can also have other skills which apply debuffs, but it is not recommended.

Now for the last three skills, you are free to choose to your liking, and what you think best will suit you in gameplay; you can experiment with them and then choose.

  • Sound Holic:
    Sound Holic

With a pick rate of 90% due to it outputting the most damage out of any skill, the best tripods for Sound Holic are:

    • Sound Concentration
    • Durability Enhancement
    • Concentrated Saturation
  • Prelude to the storm:
    Prelude to the Storm

This skill is also favored amongst most of the fans, with also an almost 90% pick rate. The best tripods for Prelude To A Storm are:

    • Quick Preparation
    • Increase in Melody
    • Powerful Overture
  • Rhythm buckshot:
    Rhythm Buckshot

This skill also is used by a lot of players amassing a percentage of 65%. The best tripods for this skill are:

    • Increase in Melody
    • Toughness
    • Agile Cast


Runes are something you get more overtime as you progress further and improve in the game, and you can use whatever you have but still, the best runes for each skill are:

  • Wealth Rune:
    Wealth Rune

You can use this rune on Prelude Of Storm and Wind Of Music. This is for building up your meter much faster.

  • Galewind Rune:
    Galewind Rune

You can use this rune on Heavenly Tune, Rhythm Buckshot and Sonic Vibration and this increases your attack speed for these skills.

  • Rage Rune:
    Rage Rune

You can use this rune on Sound Shock for additional movement speed and attack.

  • Quick Recharge Rune:
    Quick Recharge Rune

Use this on Guardian Tune to lower your cool down.

  • Overwhelm Rune:
    Overwhelm Rune

 This rune is perfect for Sound Holic for additional stagger damage.


In terms of gems, for Bards it’s quite simple, you need to focus more on getting cooldown gems for all your skills, including DPS Skills and Main Skills. Cooldown gems for Bard is best because it lowers the cooldown needed for skills and then Bard can have more up time on his skills dealing more damage during a fight.

Bard Build Playstyle in lost Ark 

Let’s finish things off with the overall build playstyle that players would want to adopt for the Lost Ark Bard Support Build.

While having Sound Shock in hand, the bards will be able to apply the Note brand debuff to enemies, alongside having Heavenly Tune which will buff up the other party members. 

Guardian Tune can massively help with the shield and also reduce the amount of damage intaken by players. Wind of Music will be reliably rotated after Guardian Tune simply for protecting against incoming attacks from the enemies’ end. 

Using Sonic Vibration when the Heavenly Tune’s attack has expired can help bring the attack buff back to the main DPS, helping them take out opponents with insane ease. 

Take help from the Swiftness stats to have increased mobility while zooming around the battlefield and use Specialisation to your advantage, and combine it all to absolutely dominate the arena.

With that, we will wrap up our Lost Ark Bard Support Build, let us know what you think! If nothing else works out, there is always our Lost Ark Wardancer build to read!

Build and Photos Credit: Myca

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