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The Artist is a new Specialist support class that is soon to be introduced in Lost Ark. For a vast amount of time, fans have called out Smilegate to add new supporting Classes so that they can get more from the game while journeying through Arkesia. The Artist class was first announced earlier in the year but has now been pushed to get released in 2023. Apart from that, there have been ongoing problems regarding the Artist Skins in Lost Ark.

Key Highlights

  • The Artist, set to be released in April 2023, is a Specialist class in Lost Ark.
  • She will work as a supporting character by providing buffs and aid to her allies in Arkesia.
  • The Class was initially announced in the early months of 2022 but was delayed.
  • Amazon has announced that they will make changes to the Artists’ Skins in order to suit Western norms.

Everything We Know About Artist’s Skins In Lost Ark

artist skins in the game
The Artists: Skins (Screenshot by eXputer)

Character Skins are a huge part of Lost Ark. The player’s time, and work are reflected in the skins, even though they are merely cosmetic and don’t alter gameplay. Players using Legendary Skins will automatically demand respect from the rest of the lobby. Hence, having good and rare skins in Lost Ark has been a constant goal of many gamers. 

We know that the Artist class has not been released yet. However, it is understood that the new Class will be accompanied by brand-new skins. As with the other skins, players will need to unlock some of the Artist Skins by going to all kinds of lengths. Usually, skins in Lost Ark can be unlocked by beating bosses, completing missions (especially time-limited events), and even making purchases in the shop.

Despite all that, there has been ongoing news about some changes being made to the skins of the Artists. The character is inspired by an Anime girl. Hence, Amazon has announced that they will make relevant changes to the skins to make it more suitable for Western norms. To be specific, they have claimed that they will make the Artist wear shorts under the skirt and will also alter the length of the pants and tights.

It is to be noted that these are only cosmetic changes and will have no effect on the abilities and in-game performance of the Artist. The appearance is being changed to make the game more family-friendly based on the norms of some countries. The censorship rule is going to be applied to other Classes Skins’ too. Among them, the Artist will be the one that is altered the most.

When Will The Artist Class Be Released?

artist design lost ark
The Artist, as per Lost Ark’s official site (Screengrab by eXputer)

Fans have been impatient and annoyed by the prolonged delay of the Artist Class. The support class was initially announced back in the early months of 2022. However, since then, Smilegate and Amazon have immensely slowed down their progression in the game. Many of the things announced kept getting delayed, and the Artist Skin is the best example of that.

Nonetheless, Lost Ark has now released their roadmap of plans and releases in 2023. According to their roadmap, the Artist Advanced Class will finally hit worldwide servers on April 2023. Unfortunately, the fans did not receive this news that well, as they have been longing for a Support class for ages now. Regardless of that, players can now look forward to multiple other things till then.

Such as the Witcher Collaboration, which is set to be introduced in January 2023. Apart from that, players can also get excited about Rowen Continent (new world quest) and Tulubik Battlefield (new PvP mode).

If you’re still unfamiliar with what the Artist class will bring to the table. Then make sure to read our next section, which holds some vital information about the new Advanced Class in Lost Ark.

Artist Class Overview

artist class lost ark
The Artist (Screenshot by eXputer)

As we mentioned earlier, the Artist is a new Advanced Class that is coming soon to Lost Ark. She is more of a support class, perfectly build to aid and buff her allies. Which means it is not suited as a Solo Class. The Artist uses a Magical Brush through which she creates all kinds of illusions to bamboozle and damage the enemy or support her teammates.

However, her forte lies in “Support,” which means she is not designed to be used as an aggressor on the field. Players can use the Artist’s Brush to inflict damage on the enemies. Additionally, they can also conjure up summons by allowing the Artist to paint them in the game, which in all honesty, sounds pretty cool!

The all-new Specialist class will have two Class identities known as Sunrise and Moonfall. The Artist’s Harmony Meter can be filled up by successfully carrying out attacks and skills on the enemies. After the player fills up the Harmony Meter, the Artist will get 3 Harmony Orbs. Using these Orbs, you can then either choose to use Moonfall or Sunrise ability. Unsurprisingly, both of these abilities are related to offering aid to your teammates in Lost Ark.

If players choose the Moonfall ability, they will be able to fortify a bunch of their teammates instantly by using the Stroke move. On the other hand, in the Sunrise Ability, the Artist will paint a Sun Marble that has the power to heal the HP of any one teammate in your party. All in all, the Artist look like a fun class to use. After using the generic classes for more than a year, the support class will be a breath of fresh air.


Thank you for reading through our brief guide, which covered some updates about the Lost Ark Artist Class Skins. The all-new Class is set to be released in April 2023. Players have been longing for a support class for months. The Artist class will have some cosmetic changes, mainly mere wardrobe changes to fit the Western norms.

Lost Ark has been a hit in the MMO RPG genre since its release back in 2019. Since then, Smilegate has constantly made multiple changes to the game, which has kept players hooked. If you have just started playing Lost Ark, then consider reading our guides about the Best Tips for Leveling Up and Gear Progression. Apart from that, make sure you get familiar with the Buying and Selling mechanism in the game as soon as possible. If you’re unsure about which Class to use, then you can read our take on the Gunslinger, Martial Artist, and Gunner Classes.

Make sure to implement the Best Settings on your PC before running Lost Ark. You can also find possible solutions for Lost Ark Not Loading problems. With that, we reach the end of our article. Thank you for investing your time with us at eXputer. Feel free to stick around for more guides and information about Lost Ark!

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