Lords of the Fallen will have no change to deal with its “artificial difficulty”.


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  • In a recent Q&A live stream, studio head Saul Gascon confirmed that they have no plans to change some of its core aspects. Lord of the Fallen Despite many complaints.
  • These include crowd density and enemy placement, which has become controversial in the game due to its “artificial difficulty”.
  • New Game Plus will also remain the same, but they are considering adding challenge modifiers later in the future. Although not confirmed, these changes may make vestiges optional in NG+.

In a ___ A live stream of the recent Q&A held on Twitchstudio head, Saul Gaskinconfirmed that the devs have no plans to make changes to some core aspects of Lords of the Fallen despite many complaints (thanks, u/supercakefish). Although the devs are considering other complaints from a vocal majority, some elements such as crowd density, enemy placement, and New Game Plus will remain the same with only minor changes.

Some new information provided in today’s live Q&A session
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During the live stream, Gascon was asked many questions, but only a few people seemed interested in the narrative. When asked if crowd density and enemy placement will be adjusted, as this has been a source of concern for many players, Gaskin emphasized that this aspect of the game Intentional game design And the goal is to make players more aware of their surroundings and how they approach each area strategically.

Like the first Souls of Hexwork, several areas with clusters of enemies have become somewhat infamous. This has led to the realization that “Artificial difficulty“We had extensive discussions. Lords of the Fallen Review. But given how deliberate it is, players will need to strategize accordingly when moving through different areas or retreating.

Lots of enemies
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Speaking of running backs, Giessen was asked about any possible adjustments. New Game Plus In Lords of the Fallen, specifically Lack of antiquities This makes fast travel impossible and increases the overall difficulty of the game exponentially. For the uninitiated, vestiges are checkpoints in the game where players can rest and meet other landmarks for fast travel. Basically, these are similar to sites of grace Alden Ring.

According to Gascon, the negative reaction to this feature comes from a vocal minority, and most players prefer the NG+ to have no anti-aliasing. To stick to both sides of the Lords of the Fall community, we can look further. Challenge Modifiers To give players a more tailored experience. This means players can have the option to turn vestiges on or off when jumping to NG+.

Also, the devs seem disinterested in adding initial weapon infusions or the ability to change weapon measurements. They believe that a similar function is possible through salts, and they prefer the flexibility of the current game design. Nevertheless, there are many other features or aspects of Lords of the Fallen that the devs are considering after receiving critical feedback.

Lords of the Fallen Patch Notes v1.1.214.

Gascon confirmed that Perry Mechanics Will get some adjustments in upcoming patches, and it looks like the update in question has gone live at the time of this writing. Periguard protection has been increased to 80% in recent patch notes.. There are more questions and a longer discussion in the live stream, which we recommend you watch if you want to see all the aspects that the devs are currently considering or working on.

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