Lords of the Fallen will apparently support DLSS 3, FSR3 and ray tracing at launch.


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  • Lords of the Fallen will apparently support FSR3, DLSS3, and ray tracing at launch, which could make it perform relatively well after release.
  • The game is using the latest build of Unreal Engine 5, which uses Lumen to provide better overall lighting and visuals.
  • DLSS and FSR have changed the gaming landscape, making it easier and more efficient for games to deliver consistent and high frame rates using real-time ray tracing.

Lords of the Fallen appears to support DLSS 3 frame generation, AMD FSR3, and ray tracing at launch. Information comes from a Screenshot that was posted on IconEra.The image that originates from Lyric’s Twitch river Having these qualities off the bat shows positive signs about the state of the game.

Lords of the Fallen is apparently going to support DLSS3, FSR3, and ray tracing at launch.

Additionally, the game is using Unreal engine The latest build of 5, allows it to use Lumen. This will affect the quality of world lighting in Lords of the Fallen, making its world lighting feel more natural and vibrant. With ray tracing available at launch, it will apparently provide a complete graphical experience for players with high quality reflections and overall visual fidelity.

The inclusion of DLSS 3 and FSR3 options at launch increases Lords of the Fallen’s potential for consistent performance levels. An important metric for any game released in this day and age as most titles fail to deliver on this front. While getting support for these features isn’t a decent fix, it might be worth mitigating the impact if problems occur.

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NVIDIA’s DLSS technology optimizes the graphics scene by utilizing AI Super Resolution and the RTX GPU’s Tensor Core. By adding this, video games have been able to provide faster and more consistent frame rates by actively using real-time ray tracing graphics. Similarly, AMD FSR3 uses advanced technology to deliver a fluid gaming experience with high-quality visuals on a wide range of hardware.

Those who have previewed the game have praised its graphics and gameplay. With just two days left for its release, only time will tell if it lives up to the hype.

Lords of the Fallen launches on October 13, 2023. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series Sand PC.

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