Lords of the Fallen Update Patch v1.1.196 (Xbox, PS5, and Epic)


Hexworks has just released v1.1.196 for Lords of the Fallen, fixing several crashes and a number of bugs and issues for Xbox, PS5, and the Epic Games platform. The patch is now available and was released on October 17, 2023.

This patch (v.1.1.196) is different from the v.1.1.199 patch that was released for PC. It looks like console players will have to wait a bit for the fixes available in PC patch v.1.1.199.

Let’s analyze the new features and improvements of this revolutionary patch:

Update 1.1.196 Reflexes:

  • Stability: Various accident scenarios have been addressed, including accidents involving specific items, enemy AI movements, particle generation, and more.
  • AI settings: The aiming capabilities of certain enemies called “snipers” have been revised.
  • Balance: Status effect resistance rings and runes have been improved. Additionally, the damage of certain weapons has been adjusted.
  • Mission fixes: Fixed an issue with an NPC and an item sold by a merchant moving.
  • Other fixes: Various bugs have been fixed, including those related to attack mechanics, camera issues, and text display in multiple languages.

Version 1.1.196 Detailed Patch Notes


  • We fixed a crash that could occur when the host was holding a specific item.
  • We have resolved a crash that could occur when enemy AI moves sideways while aiming at the player.
  • We fixed a crash that could occur in very specific circumstances when spawning the destructible particles that appear when using a threshold exit point.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when displaying the tendrils connecting the soul and its victim.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when enemies alerted each other to the player’s presence.


  • The aiming ability of the so-called “snipers” in the pilgrim hanger has been revised. Now they have a good chance of missing their shots after 15 meters.


  • After watching players ignore rings and status effect resistance runes, we’ve decided to give them all a notable boost to make them more competitive with other types and make them into some builds.
  • Slightly improved the second hit damage of Grand Swords’ one-handed forward heavyweights to match their slightly slower animation.


  • Fixed an NPC corpse being able to be interacted with before meeting the proper quest requirements.
  • Changed “The Moving Trader” to sell 2 copies of the Slave Hunter’s Dagger, encouraging players to try out the dual-wielding two-knife stance more.

Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue where attacking enemies from behind would sometimes not apply the bonus damage.
  • Some throwables have been reviewed to ensure they do not have collision properties with the camera, as this could create unwanted “zoom-ins.”
  • Fixed text overflow in “Attack Power” for multiple languages: FR, IT, PT-BT and ES.
  • Fixed a broadcast volume in Fief of the Chill Curse to prevent players like Auteru from falling into the void since the map was not yet loaded.

While these Hexworks updates reflect a proactive approach to perfecting Lords of the Fallen, especially addressing bugs and gameplay mechanics, a vocal segment of the community is still waiting for specific improvements. Among their concerns are performance improvements on consoles, with many users reporting issues related to frame rate and stability, including character level resets, losing progressions, and HUD errors. Additionally, anticipation is palpable for the features and fixes found in the PC patch v.1.1.199 that will be ported to the console versions. Given Hexworks’ track record and commitment to community feedback, it is expected that they will continue to close these gaps, ensuring a universally improved gaming experience across all platforms.


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