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The Udirangr Warwolf build is classic. Strength archetype In Lords of the Fallen, favor aggressive melee-based combat weapon. Unlike some hybrid in-game builds, the Warwolf is best suited to focus solely on strength as there are several strength weapons that can easily tear through enemies.

Key takeaways

  • Udirangr Warwolf is one of them. Nine Starting classes In Lords of the Fallen, the focus is on equipping and using. Weapons of Power.
  • The Udirangr Warwolf build has some great features. Loss production And Stunningly There’s potential, but it’s very slow compared to other in-game builds.
  • For an optimal build, players should ideally use a Only riots Build using high-powered weapons and heavy armor.
  • Also, they should do it consistently Level up Strength, Endurance, and Vitality Attributes Up to their respective soft caps.

The best Aderinger Warwolf build in Lords of the Fallen

Here’s a brief overview of the ideal Udirangr Warwolf build you can try in Lords of the Fallen:

Attributes weapon The head TORSO Weapons the legs Ring
– power
– Endurance
– Vitality
– Angel’s Ax (early game)
– Sword of Skin and Teeth (Mid Game and Late Game)
– Ruiner Helm — Armor of Fitzroy – Holy Knight Gauntlets – Fitzroy’s Leggings – Ring of Mine Owner
— Ring of Duty

Recommended attributes

Warwolf prefers high. Loss production And burden In Lords of the Fallen. And while you can level other attributes like Radiance, Inferno, or Agility to get a hybrid archetype, I’d recommend sticking with just one. Very close Strife.

Here is a list of the preferred features for building an Aderinger werewolf in Lords of the Fallen:


  • Strength is Udirangr Warwolf’s primary attribute, allowing you to wield and wield power weapons.
  • Upgrading also increases power. Attack power of your weapons.
  • From my experience, you should regularly level this attribute up to its soft cap – Level 35.
Power attribute (screenshot taken by eXputer)


  • Following strength, endurance is another important attribute for building strength in Lords of the Fallen.
  • It upgrades both of you. Ability And Load the goodslets you equip heavy weapons and gear.
  • You should prioritize stamina during the mid-game and level it up somewhere in between. Level 35 And 40.
Endurance attribute (screenshot via eXputer)


  • Vitality increases your maximum HP, defense stats, and some resistances like bleed, ignite, and poison.
  • While this may be an obvious choice, vitality is especially important for building strength since you won’t be using any. the shield To counter the attacks.
  • With the fact that you’ll be attacking up close, Vitality encourages you to be aggressive during engagements.
  • Level 40 There is a sweet spot for Vitality until you start to see minimal improvements, so I recommend increasing this attribute to that level.
Biological Characteristics (Image obtained via eXputer)

The best weapon

As mentioned, Udirangr Warwolf the class Lords of the Fallen uses primarily strength-based weapons for his build. These weapons are slow and you need to keep high. burden, but in the end the damage output is worth the wait. You can see how good a weapon’s power is by going to your equipment menu and looking at the weapon’s attribute gauge.

Important: From my experience, you should always two-hand your weapons as a Warwolf to do maximum damage.

Early Game – Ax of the Angel

Angel’s Ax Weapon (screenshot via eXputer)

While it may be slower and heavier than early game power weapons, the Angel Ax is the most effective weapon you can use at this stage. Like The main axismost of its movements revolve around a downward slide, which can also be automatic. dodge Some enemy attacks in Lords of the Fallen. You can find the item near it. Forsaken Fan Vestige After animating a statue in Umbral.

Angel’s Ax has the best initial damage of any weapon. Additionally, his attack patterns and swings cover a fairly long range, but the best thing about him is Axe’s insane stun ability.

Late Game – Sword of Skin and Tooth

Sword of Skin and Tooth (screenshot taken by eXputer)

I personally used the skin and tooth sword the most during my early Lords of the Fallen playthroughs, and I find it to be an ideal weapon for an Udirangr Warwolf build. Unlike the angel’s axe, this The great sword Offers a sweet mix of damage, range, and speed. Furthermore, the wind of the sword Combo DoorEspecially on regular attacks, paired with his impressive stun ability, leaving barely any weakness mid-combos.

You can find the following weapons near the hidden wall. Lower Calrath Ale House Vestige.

  1. From the vestige, just drop down to the bottom floor and go out into the loop.
  2. After that, turn left and proceed along the wall. Trapperafter which you must use your Umbrella lamp Find and traverse the hidden path.
  3. The path will eventually lead you to a chest where you will find a Leather and Tooth Sword.
Hidden section near the Alehouse (Image source: eXputer)

Recommended Armor

As an Udirangr Warwolf, you should equip the heaviest weapon in your inventory while making sure you are low Too much weight. However, you can also equip a heavy armor set if you want to keep a constant lookout.

Ruiner Helm

Head: Ruiner Helm (Image credit: eXputer)

The Ruiner Helm is a heavy head that you can farm from the Ruiner in the yard Lower Calrath Ale House Vestige Although this helm may be weak against holy damage, it is unbeatable. Physical damage mitigation Compared to other headpieces in its weight class.

Important: If you’re struggling against a Ruiner, this is a YouTube video In which there are several points to defeat him.

Armor of Fitzroy

Torso: Fitzroy’s Armor (Screenshot by eXputer)

Fitzroy’s Armor is a heavy torso that offers some great stats. Minimize the damage and resistance. Most heavy torso pieces in Lords of the Fallen are often weak against a certain type of attack, but Fitzroy’s torso doesn’t suffer from the same drawback.

Here’s how to get Fitzroy’s armor set, including the torso piece, near the Lower Kilrath Depot Vestige:

  1. Return to the entrance. Lower Calrath And keep following the narrow path towards the back.
  2. Once you’re out in the open, take the path to the right and go straight to reach an abandoned. Watchtower.
Watchtower near Lower Calrath (image via eXputer)
  1. Climb a series of steps and ladders to get to the top of the watchtower.
  2. At the top, you should give a large space Bonfire And next to it is a chest with Fitzroy’s armor set inside.
Fitzroy’s chest atop the watchtower (screenshot by eXputer)

Holy Knight Gauntlets

Weapons: Haloed Knight’s Gauntlets (Image Source: Xporter)

For your weapons, the Hallowed Knight Gauntlets are a premium set of heavy arms in Lords of the Fallen. There is a great balance between them. The weight And Defenseso you won’t have to put tons of power into the endurance.

You can buy from Hallowed Knight Gauntlets. Stormundcaptain of the Fidelis, near Vestage Sky Rest Bridge.

Fitzroy’s Leggings

Legs: Fitzroy’s Leggings (Image source: eXputer)

Finally, Fitzroy’s Leggings are a great choice for lower body protection as they’ve got impressive damage reduction stats in particular. physical And Fire. Similar to the corresponding set, you can find the following leggings on top of the watchtower. Lower Kalrath Depot Vestage

The best rings

For most of my playthroughs, the rings I found were either very situational or not useful for my build. Finally, the Aderringer in Lords of the Fallen was my ideal pair of rings for the Warwolf Early players Because you can see their influence in almost every competition.

Mine Owner’s Ring

Mine Owner’s Ring (Image credit: Exporter)

Mine Owner’s Ring picks you up. Maximum capacity And Capacity regeneration rate, lets you perform long attack strings. In addition, additional stamina regeneration allows you to retreat and continue your attack more consistently, keeping you on the offensive and strengthening enemy posture.

Here’s how you can get the Mine Owner’s Ring in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Starting from Redcorpse Windmilll Vestage, follow the path up, and you should find a the corpse Hanging from the roof of the house
  2. Use the throwing object to target and shoot the corpse, after which you can loot it to get the mine owner’s ring.
The Location of the Hanging Body (Image Source: eXputer)

Ring of Duty

Ring of Duty (Image credit: eXputer)

I’ve highlighted that Stamina and Vitality are the key attributes for power building, which is why Ring of Duty is a top choice. This ring gives you a boost. Vitality And endurancehelping you gain a substantial share of health and weight.

You can buy Ring of Duty from Stormund. 3000 Josh Skyrest on the bridge.

Stormund, captain of Fidelis, on Skyrest Bridge (screenshot taken by EXputer)

My Experience with the Udirangr Warwolf Build

After playing Lords of the Fallen for over 20 hoursI have largely used Udirangr Warwolf as my main build. Fortunately, I’m happy to report that the title has been a breeze so far thanks to the aforementioned gear. The ones I’ve discussed and personally used were relatively easy to find.

My Lords of the Fallen save slot (Image credit: Exporter)

While I’ve tried almost every single power weapon. Angel’s Ax has been my favorite. It feels extremely impressive and satisfying to use, and the owners I encountered it with were easily defeated. For more power, I switched to A sword of skin and teeth After arriving at Alehouse, and I used it for the rest of my game.

This wraps up my extensive guide to building the best Udirangr Warwolf in Lords of the Fallen, covering the items and attributes you should be looking for. As discussed, the Warwolf is an ideal model for aggressive players, so if you suit that playstyle, you should definitely choose him as your starting class.

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