Lords of the Fallen Review – A soul-like clone that isn’t exactly terrible


Lords of the Fallen Review

  • Story and setting
  • Gameplay
  • Visuals and performance


Lords of the Fallen is one of the best Soul-likes we’ve seen in a long time, but some design choices hold it back from true greatness.

  • Manufacturer: Hex works
  • Publisher: CI Games
  • Release date: 13 October 2023
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5
  • Tested: PC


  • Type of weapon
  • A Master Class in Art Design
  • A system of dual circles
  • Complex surfaces.
  • Unique enemy designs

Cons of

  • Artificial difficulty
  • Bad checkpoint system
  • Performance issues

Although it is 2023. Lords of the Fallen The reboot shares its name with the 2014 game of the same name, which are actually two different titles. It’s the successor to the first title, and it’s been stuck in development hell for years.

But it finally broke out of that cycle very recently, and the final release has some of the most creative gameplay mechanics I’ve ever seen in a game. Like a soul title but there are still some major flaws that ruin the overall experience at the moment which will be discussed in detail in the review.

Story and setting

Story and setting. (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Like many others Loves spirits., Lords of the Fallen Begins with an implicit narrative with a defined baseline or goal. Basically, your goal is to overcome the great evil that has destroyed the world of this universe, this story is actually set after the story of the original. Lords of the Fallenwhich was released back in 2014.

A demon is known as a god. Birds Due to the destruction of has finally become restless. Light of light, and now the world is in turmoil. So you wake up as one. The lamp bearerwho must recover these beacons and destroy the demon as he discovers the vast array. A place of mourning.

The story is actually set after the original story of Lords of the Fallen, which was released in 2014.

The scale of this game is huge, with all the levels intricately connected so we created some of the best level designs ever. Like a soul Not made by From Soft. The kingdom has a large variety of locations, further enhanced by stunning visuals paired with stunning art direction.


Gameplay (Image taken by us)

If you are interested. Like a soul Gamers like me, then you will feel right at home with the gameplay. Lords of the Fallen. In addition to some creative gameplay mechanics used in exploration with Double circle The system, Basic Confusion for better or worse, doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Combat is very straightforward, with counterattacks between quick dodges and combos against telegraphed movesets. You also start by choosing one of the many starting classes and then proceed to put levels into stat points that complement your builds and weapons.

Much like the others Spirits Stats like games, equipment load also play a role in your dodging abilities, so you have to manage them when leveling up or trying on new gear. The variety of devices is actually impressive, but the animations for most of them don’t feel flashy enough to say the least. Alden Ring.

The construction variety is also going to be a strong selling point of the game. The level of customization is a welcome addition and adds an incentive to it. New Game Plus. I wasn’t able to test the multiplayer myself due to server issues, but it’s supposed to allow you to play the entire game from start to finish with a friend.

Even the critical attacks and parries don’t have that much weight and the sound design department is lacking as well. Nevertheless, the combat system will not give you any trouble during the gameplay.

My initial build. (Image credit: Exporter)

Dodges are quick and responsive, and attacks don’t feel the shock. But what it junks in is the enemy placement in some levels, which becomes quite annoying.

This translates to an almost artificial difficulty as the game simply matches you against a large group of enemies, sometimes consisting of previously defeated bosses. Even the camera doesn’t hold up well when you’re fighting a large number of enemies at once.

Aside from these issues with the gameplay though, there is one mechanic. Lords of the Fallen Which I think is so creative that it sets the game apart from any other title in the genre. This is a smart use. Magic lampIn both exploration and combat.

The game has two different realms of the world that you can explore. Known as the circle of the living Axisand known as the realm of the dead. Limit. Upon death, you will automatically be transported to the realm of the dead, and dying there will return you to the checkpoint.

Lords of the Fallen has a mechanic that is so creative that it sets the game apart from any other title in the genre. This is a clever use of the magic lamp.

During a boss fight, this transition acts almost like a second chance because you can continue fighting. Limit after death. gave Magic lamp Can also be used to see the realm of the dead when exploring. Axis Without a hitch, the developers have creatively used this mechanic to create the game’s level design.

Some passageways that will be blocked. Axis are actually open Limit. So you can easily use the lamp to cross such blocked areas.

Another creative use of this mechanic I found is that some enemies and bosses are invulnerable to your attacks. Axis. You will have to use the lamp to eliminate their weak points. Limitwhich will allow you to damage enemies. Axis.

Map of Mournstead. (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

Surface design is not complete by just using Magic lampbut different zones of A place of mourning Connect seamlessly too. Additionally, the scale of the game is huge, and stitching all the zones together is actually quite a feat.

Areas you see from afar will become explorable as you progress, and this aspect reminded me of almost Alden Ring. However, there are some flaws in the level design department, consisting of a poor checkpoint system and levels that are so long that you can get lost in them.

The checkpoint system is actually pretty bad because it adds another layer of artificial difficulty. It actually hinders exploration by adding more fatigue. Basically, you’ll get one main checkpoint for an entire zone. You can add two more checkpoints around the area using Vestage seedswhich you can buy or obtain by defeating bosses.

The checkpoint system is actually pretty bad because it adds another layer of artificial difficulty. It actually hinders exploration by adding more fatigue.

Now, if you run out of these badges, you won’t be able to build checkpoints in front of the boss, which will make getting back on the field even more difficult. Additionally, only one badge can be used as a checkpoint during a quest.

So, if you decide to outpost them before a boss fight, you won’t be able to sidetrack to other areas and outpost them there, which also hinders exploration. However, these checkpoints fill up your healing, and the speed at which healing is used during combat is fast, and the time limit during boss fights is really forgiving.

Speaking of boss fights, there are a lot of them. Lords of the Fallen, and each has a striking and almost terrifying design. And while they do provide a bit of fun, there’s a big problem with them that veterans of the genre like myself will notice more than others.

Boss in Lords of the Fallen. (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

They felt very basic in terms of their moves. Sure, the designs are flashy, and the animations for some of the attacks make for a great spectacle, but fighting them wasn’t much of a challenge since the moveset consisted of simple attacks.

This may vary from player to player, but I thought it felt really easy to predict the attacks, and I didn’t really break a sweat. However, it achieves artificial difficulty during exploration by loading a bunch of enemies at you, but that’s another thing.

Visuals and performance

Visuals and performance. (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Lords of the Fallen It’s a visual treat not only in terms of fidelity, but also in the art direction department. Amazing visuals were given since the game is built on. Unreal Engine 5but the developers have managed to paint their locations with a distinct visual art style, which adds to the overall feel of the quest.

All of these stunning visuals and the dual-circle system come at a price. And this price is paid in performance.

I have many different areas. A place of mourning Which can be easily identified just by looking at the visuals. The two realms are also really separate, and the game loads them simultaneously as you explore the world.

But all of these amazing visuals and the dual-circle system come at a price. And this price is paid in performance where the current state of the game is severely lacking. It’s almost unplayable on low-end systems, and frame rate stutters persist even on high-end hardware.


Verdict (photo taken by us)

Lords of the Fallen A great one Like a soul Which introduces a really creative gameplay mechanic. Double circles With combat that feels right at home for fans of the genre.

It has some of the best level design we’ve seen from a Like a soul Not made by From Stoft itself, but it’s held back by its poor checkpoint system and artificially difficult enemy space. The boss designs are also great, but the fights aren’t that hard, and some of the attacks don’t feel very satisfying.

Performance issues currently ruin the experience for everyone, and I would recommend holding off on purchasing until these issues are resolved. Once the game is properly developed I’m sure it will go down as one of the best. Loves spirits.and I’m really excited to see how the studio moves forward with what they’ve learned here.

It has been ours. Lords of the Fallen Review While you’re here, consider checking out some of our other articles.

Why you should play this game.

You should play this game for its great weapon selection and variety and awesome dual circle system. It’s also a very beautiful game, so the visuals themselves will be a selling point for many players looking to explore a beautiful fantasy world.

Why you should not play this game.

You shouldn’t play this game if you’re a die-hard soul fan who values ​​boss fights more than anything else. The rest of the Soulslike DNA is still here, but the boss fights can be a deal breaker, especially for veterans of the genre.

Who is this game for?

This game is for fans of FromSoft titles who appreciate great fantasy worlds, creative level design, and who are looking for their next hit until the Elden Ring DLC ​​comes out in the near future. If you enjoy the Soulslike formula, this will scratch that itch for you.

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