Lords of the Fallen: How to Parry (Explained)


Parrying has always been one of the central mechanics in action-RPGs and even more so in games like Souls. Parrying in Lords of the Fallen is one. High risk, high reward A move that makes the enemy stagger to their feet and opens them up for a. Reply. This is why learning to parry in Lords of the Fallen is essential if you want to survive the harsh and brutal lands. Mournstad.

Key takeaways

  • Parrying is a key mechanic in Lords of the Fallen that stagger enemies and leave them open to devastating blows.
  • press Block Before the enemy attacks you to successfully stop the attack.
  • Parrying helps. Reduce the difficulty Among the many challenging encounters that await the player in Lords of the Fallen.
  • Dagger The largest is the peri window, while the shield is the smallest.

How to Parry in Lords of the Fallen

To parry an enemy attack, press L1/LT/Shift or block before the enemy hits you in Lords of the Fallen.

The basics of paring are the same here. If you’ve played as Souls before, you won’t have much trouble nailing this mechanic. However, the only difference is that there is a dedicated button for deviation. You need to time your block correctly to trigger the peri-animation.

Here’s an example of me fighting one of the early enemies in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. In the image below, you can see one of the early undead-esque enemy types that limp and attack with one. Wooden church stick.
    Undead Enemy (Catch a Photo by Me)
  2. To forgive them, I pressed on Block button After them half way Through animation.
    Enemy halfway through his attack animation (photo taken by me)
  3. Being too early or too late will result. withered health, Or in simpler terms, damaging the chip.
  4. Parrying does massive currency damage, making many enemies vulnerable to retaliation.
    Ripshot! (Photo taken by me)

Below is another example of me fighting one of Lords of the Fallen’s Wizard-type enemies.

  1. To finish off this enemy type, I waited until he telegraphed his charged attack.
    The enemy monk is telegraphing / charging his knife attack. (catch the picture from me)
  2. In this scenario, I waited until he charged for his knife attack.
  3. As he stumbled, I pressed the block to block his attack.
    Successfully block an attack. (Photo taken by me)

Why Should You Parry?

Why parry in Lords of the Fallen (photo taken by me)

Parry is too risky, A high-reward mechanic that rewards aggressive playstyles and massive damage currency.

Parrying is usually a difficult mechanic, and most players prefer to avoid attacks rather than risk damage, which makes sense for a tough game like Lords of the Fallen. However, many of its toughest challenges can be simplified with just a simple mechanic’s skill. Otherwise, many encounters result in a test of endurance where a simple mistake can be your downfall because sooner or later you’ll screw up a dodge.

So, learning how to parry in Lords of the Fallen is something I highly recommend. Most early enemies have a lot of telegraph attacks, making for a good training ground.

Weapon Parry Windows

Medium Shield (photo taken by me)

Each weapon in Lords of the Fallen has different parry windows. This means that parrying is easier with some weapons while harder with others.

Below is a table that can give you a good idea of ​​the weapon parry windows in Lords of the Fallen:

Type of weapon Perry window
Heavy weapons/shields small
Common weapons medium
Small arms/daggers Great

Shields are the safest weapon to parry as messing up will result in a small chip damage negation of its own damage. Daggers, while dangerous, are the best types of weapons to learn parry with. However, remember that daggers will leave you defenseless even against attacks you are unsure of, so it is important to consider the risk factors of these weapons.

If you want to learn and implement Parry throughout your playthrough, I highly recommend using Daggers.

This concludes my guide on how to parry in Lords of the Fallen. If you want to learn about his different classes, I recommend reading Obed and Irfan’s guide. Best class And The best starting class in Lords of the Fallen. For our thoughts on the game, I recommend reading. Lords of the Fallen Review Through our soul like expert Haris Umar.


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